Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts: Wealthy Affiliate Works

Last Update: April 06, 2018

How Am I Doing With Super Wealthy Affiliate?

For some of us, success comes quickly and for others we have to wait for our time to come. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, my success is taking time. Of course, I am no where near the place I would like to be, but I am grateful that a light is shining. That is certainly a glimmer of hope.

Since starting in the Super Wealthy Affiliate Group, I got a surprise 3 days ago with a payment from one of my biggest affiliates (not WA). This brought joy to my heart and immediately eliminated any fears I had about these affiliates. In addition, my sales on Amazon are increasing with my first website.

To date I have not done much reviews with the super affiliate challenge. The focus of this success post is answering a question. Of course the answer given is a detailed one in a little over 2500 words.

Wow! I least expected success so early. Considering that I am deep into Kyle’s mentoring, trying to take in as much as possible, I shouldn’t expect less. Admittedly though, I am very slow, so I still have a few tasks to complete for this month. I am encouraged however knowing that the tortoise won the race.

For one thing, I am behind with comments, and I am not active enough here on a daily basis. Ouch! I have one more post to do and about 10 comments to go. For sure, I will catch up.

For those who have not yet seen a glimmer of light, you can: Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts: Wealthy Affiliate Works. The right timing will come and the light will shine.


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LeeMcQuay Premium
Great post Carol.
Everyone has there time to shine, in there own time. It all depends on us. How well we understand the training, how much time we have to put into our site and how well we write our content etc.
As long as we stick with it, we will see the light.
Best Of Luck In All You Do
Lee Ann
JerryMcCoy Premium
good post
Laurel0887 Premium
I love the idea of the tortoise and the hare........a lot of us, I think can identify!
Keep plugging along, I'm sure, with your attitude, you will succeed!
Keep in touch.......

Best wishes for success,

carolbinger Premium
Hi Laurel,
Thanks for your input. I certainly love the tortoise approach.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
All we can do is our best. The tortoise did his best and look at the outcome for him. That is what I always keep in my mind.

Tried and true

carolbinger Premium
So very true Elaine, just take it at your own pace.
Rae-1965 Premium
I really liked your post. I feel the same way sometimes, things aren't moving fast enough and then I realize it's all in God's timing and my success will come when the time is right. So just keep plugging along and you'll get there.

Rae Anne
carolbinger Premium
That's right Rae Anne, the right time will certainly come.