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How Am I Doing With Super Wealthy Affiliate?For some of us, success comes quickly and for others we have to wait for our time to come. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, my success is taking time. Of course, I am no where near the place I would like to be, but I am grateful that a light is shining. That is certainly a glimmer of hope.Since starting in the Super Wealthy Affiliate Group, I got a surprise 3 days ago with a payment from one of my biggest affiliates (not WA). This brought joy to my hear
Hi WA Community,Despite the fact that some of us are great writers, others do struggle to get the point across to our audience. We all agree that it is important to speak to our audience in every post. Of course, some words can get repetitive. I came across this very helpful Sentence Starters list with transition words. For sure these can inject interest in our writing. Even though it is a long list, you can just go through quickly and select the most appealing ones. Sentence Starters are
Nobody denies that Wealthy affiliate is filled with information to learn everyday. By the time I am finished here, I can actually be an expert at what I am doing. Assuredly, there is a lot to take in. One of the tasks for this month is to test creating a custom banner using I am still learning to use canva, and hope to master it one day.I have tried creating a few testers, and would like to share one here. Comments are welcome for improvement.Carol
March 08, 2018
Hi WA Community,One of the writing tasks that SWAG members have for this month is to: “Create Captivating Titles” for our keywords. This is indeed an eye opener for me, so I went digging. I think someone shared a website here some time ago, but I did not bookmark it. However, I had to go researching again and found this great title generator: find it very interesting, so in case you are not yet writing captivating titles for your po
March 08, 2018
WA has badges and more badges! Lots of badges! There are even Dedication Badges and I got a surprise with one today. That means that I have attained a certain level in my membership here at WA. What? I am moving “onward and upward!” I hope no one is missing out on what we can reap from this platform. To my WA community, how can I express my gratitude to you? You have definitely injected life on this platform, and has pushed me to move onward. I certainly look forward to seein
Whew! What a month! SWAG is keeping me on my toes and oh, how I am glad for the opportunity. Of course, my greatest accomplishment is writing 12 posts within the month, and over 20,000 words. That is a big deal for me indeed. I need to participate more on this platform though, like being more active in chat, and help more people each day within WA. I must say I made the effort, but I can do more and so I have to step up. My greatest challenge however is to get friends and family to join
February 23, 2018
SWAG has certainly taken me to a new high with my writing. To put it another way, for each post I write, my aim is at least 1000 words. You see, when I first started writing on my mini website, I settled for the minimum of 500 words. For sure, that was enough for me and I just wanted to move on to the next post. After getting a feedback, from a WA member, the suggestion was that I should try and write more for some of my posts. Looking back at my shorter posts, I realized that I really nee
February 14, 2018
I am so pleased with my keyword research tool. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate top class keyword research tool, Jaaxy. One of the assignments with the Super Wealthy Affiliate Group (SWAG) is to research keywords for our niche. (50 of them). Jaaxy has made it so easy. In case you are not using Jaaxy, give it a try. Rest assured that it is worth it. Ever since I have been with WA, that is what I have been using and it has helped tremendously with my posts getting indexed quickly in Google. Do
February 09, 2018
I got real pumped up when I saw Kyle's offering of SWAG. My heart started to race the more I thought about it. In fact, my plan was to start Affiliate Bootcamp. When I got the good news that I was accepted for SWAG, my heart skipped a beat. In my mind, I know that I want this mentoring so much, the first ever. Even though it is quite a challenge, I find it very interesting. Learning about Branding is has stuck on me, so I am working to establish my Brand. Are you all thinking about your Br
February 08, 2018
Happy Wealthy Affiliate MemberI must have been the happiest member of Wealthy Affiliate when I saw that I earned commissions in December 2017 and January 2018 from Amazon. Of course it took me nine months before I realized this dream and I am hoping for continued growth. For me, this has cemented Kyle’s training when he said that you can earn in any niche. No Longer SkepticalWhen I started out in March of 2017, I was quite skeptical about choosing the