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Hi all, I’m Bruce and I’ve been looking into Online business opportunities for a while now. I’m looking forward to seeing what Wealthy





How do you avoid plagiarism when writing content?

How do you avoid plagiarism when writing content?

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I am in the midst of writing content for Lesson 2 and am realizing its a little more challenging than I thought. I wish I knew everything about my content, but I don't (probab

Hi Bruce!
When I am researching a topic for a new post, I usually open several tabs to sites that offer the best, most comprehensive, and understandable info.
When you research this way, you yourself are learning about the topic. After YOU have learned about it, you can put it in your own words to convey to your audience.

Hi Sue, thank you so much for helping with my question. That’s some great advice. Another good way to keep the focus off of one source and keep the ideas summarized. This will be very helpful. It also affirms the comments made by others.

So, if you don’t mind answering one more question. I have also been wondering how to properly cite a quote or product review if I feel that would helpful. Do i simply write their name or screen name and the website where I found it? I remember citing research material in high school but this is totally new. If you have any good suggestions or tips I would greatly appreciate it. This has all been so helpful. Thanks again!

Great question, Thanks Bruce

Thanks Pete! I originally wrote this question to help me figure out how to start writing content. My guess is that there are a lot more people like me who simply feel overwhelmed with how to do it right. I am so thankful for some really great advice from my friends below. I hope others can see their comments and it will be helpful to them too. Thanks again!

Have a great day!

You have received good advices.
I make it also. I look maybe 1 or 2 articles and
it helps me to form an opinion and launches
the general idea of my article.

I wish you a good work!

Thanks Ingrid, excellent advice! I hope to get some research and writing done tomorrow. All these comments are so helpful. I feel a lot more confident going into it.

I agree with George research about two to three different sites to do with your niche and pick out about 3-4 things they all agree on and make those your points and then flesh out using your own analysis or agreement with what they say. You don't always have to agree but make sure you can back it up.

Thank you llaisaane for the confirmation with George and for your own insight. This is soooo helpful! Makes me want to start writing. I should have been asking this question a lot sooner.

Good to do research on your niche product(s) and then write from off the top of your head like a conversation explaining the product. I believe this will keep it "original"

That's a great response George! Simple, yet keeps you from hanging onto exact wording from someone else's post.

Could this work the same way with reviewing a product? I could simply take all the reviews from several sources and sum them up in a general statement in my own words. Does this sound right?

Man Im pretty new- but i believe thats about right- good way to get started I believe and then let some people review your work!

Thanks again for the feedback. Solid answers and very helpful! I went to your site and noticed you had some great questions that you were asking about content as well. I think its great that you've only been doing this a couple months and you're already out there answering questions. Awesome! Keep it up!

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What does, enter two or more tags mean on a new blog post?

What does, enter two or more tags mean on a new blog post?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Today I created my first WA post and it was very exciting. Check it out!
However, I wasn’t sure what it meant at the end by adding two or more “tags” be

Thanks for taking he time that answer my question. That makes total sense. I just needed someone to confirm it.
Thanks again,

Any time

Tags are like categories/descriptions. They’re used when someone is searching for something in the search field up top. For example, I created a training for setting up your WA email on Microsoft Outlook. I added tags for email, Outlook and so on.

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