Do you act like you want it?

Last Update: December 08, 2021

So you had a dream.

Or maybe you didn't really - just a desire to do something other than the routine 9-5.

Someone said you had talent and needed to do something with it.

You saw a gap in the supply of consumer products/services, and thought, "why not?!"

Whatever your reason for signing up to Wealthy Affiliate doesn't really matter. The fact're here!

Now what?

There are many WA veterans in the community who have walked the talk and continue to fight the good fight, selfless with their advice, chasing new dreams and sharing their experiences.

There are newbies who approach this new experience like a 'deer in highlights' - unsure of the next steps and challenged to navigate the new learning, applying the knowledge and getting their businesses off the ground.

Whether you find yourself in either of those categories, or somewhere in the middle - the crux of the matter made the decision to be here for a reason.

  • Do you act like your dream can become a reality?
  • Do you block out the naysayers who push doubt into your mind about really making your dream come true?
  • Do you put in the hours into building your business in order to get to where you aim to be?
  • Do you truly believe that you can have a successful business?
  • Do you act like you want it?

Ponder that for a bit.

Wishing you all the very best on your journey to business success!

Dream big!

Believe in yourself!

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Jessiefido Premium Plus
Great read as always Maria!

After a little pondering...🤔🤔

I would love to be able to answer 'yes' to all your questions here, but feel I would be lying a little to myself if I did!

Outside influences do seem to get to me on a regular basis, but it is down to me to not let them affect me as they regularly do!

Have a wonderful day my dear friend, love the new fairy as well by the way!:-))
Brongsugah Premium
So happy that I could get you to ponder just a bit...😁 I'm like a pendulum sometimes trying to remain committed but like you, I do get caught up and influenced otherwise. Work in progress for all of us I imagine.

Happy Frisatsu when it comes. I'm hoping my fairy can work some magic! 😊😊
Jessiefido Premium Plus
A work in progress indeed Maria, but as long as we don't give up and do what we can daily we will get there one day!

Have a fantastic Frisatsu yourself my friend and when your fairy has worked some magic for you, kindly send her in my direction!!🤗🤗
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Absolutely spot on Maria, love this! Reminded of this Andy Stanley quote:

"Direction, not intention determines your destination."

And how true that is! You can have all the ideas, plans and to-do lists you want, it's only the act of actually getting stuff done that's going to get you results.

Thanks for the timely reminder! :)
Brongsugah Premium
I'm adding that quote to my list of inspiration and motivation! Thanks for that Simon. It perfectly encapsulates my thoughts and my new-found approach to life in general. Much appreciated.
Christorv Premium Plus
Still acting as much as I can like I want it. AND it is good so far. Action, Action, Action - instead of just dreaming and giving up somewhere down the line

To Success 💪🔥
Brongsugah Premium
Love it Chris! That's the attitude that gets things done!

To Success!!! 🥂
Bridges Premium
I like that signature line, Maria.
Of course, we all are responsible for the outcome of our dream.
Brongsugah Premium
Thanks a lot Archie. I'm sprinkling some fairy dust as I go along 😁 I couldn't agree with you more - our success depends upon us. Best wishes.

ElodieF4321 Premium
Yes I act like I want it, I go after it with al fervency, and determination. Then one day boom something comes and knock the wind out of you, it takes time to recuperate and bring you back on stream against all odds.

The moral is never quit.
Brongsugah Premium
You're so right Elodie. While we'd always love for the paths to success to be straight - they rarely are and we've just got to take the mountains with the valleys. Get back up, dust ourselves off and keep on at it. And that applies to everything in life, in my opinion. Best wishes.