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August 26, 2021
Hello WA family! It's been two whole weeks since I've done a blog post here - or anywhere for that matter! Yikes! My 61st WA blog post and it's not exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Definitely not living up to Prince Partha's Potions. Carving 20, 30 or 50 minutes to write content over the last few weeks would have been possible if there were 36 hours in a day! No excuses I know...but between the job that pays the bills, Zoom and Teams meetings, and the contract from my online business, it was
August 09, 2021
Yaaawwwwnnnn!!!!! As you drag yourself out of bed and automatically reach for your phone to check your messages. Sadly, it's a routine for so many of us. For others, as our eyes open, we give thanks for another day, close our eyes for another five minutes waiting for the alarm to ring again...then drag ourselves out of bed!It's Monday WA people! The start of another work week for most of us! Work at our day jobs (for those of us with the 9 to 5, Mon-Fri gig), and another work day in the WA work
Have you ever wondered when the trend in self improvement products and services began? When did the need for self improvement become such a thing? Have we become ‘less than’ humans, so much so that we continually need self improvement? Let’s take a look at where things stand in the self improvement space. A history lesson in self improvementLong before Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to win friends and influence people‘ became the self improvement bible of the 20th Cent
Today, I opened up Jay Shetty's weekly email and it's headline read, "Believe in bright things". In essence, it was a message to maintain positive thoughts and focus on things that bring you light, love and joy. These days, that has become a challenge with so much negativity and chaos in our communities and in the world. Precisely the reason we need to do our best to flip the script and focus on good, on love, on healing. The world needs it like never before!When you believe in something positi
Hello WA family! It's been a minute. Happy Sunday (or Monday depending on the neck of the woods you find yourself!). I'm certain, many if not most of you would have heard the expression in my headline, 'Bloom where you are planted'. The Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622) is credited with the quote.On the journey of life, all of us would find ourselves in the midst of storms - unpleasant, uncomfortable and sometimes downright horrendous situations. When we're in the midst of th
So what exactly has the jury ruled on this ranking with Google/Bing/Yahoo thing? On the newly designed Wealthy Affiliate home page, there is an entire section dedicated to the best 'ranking stories'.from affiliate members. In fact, as a WA newbie, getting your site indexed and ranked on Google is tantamount to winning the lottery! Blog posts by affiliates announcing that their content has been indexed by Google have amassed hundreds of likes and comments and create a buzz into which newbies get
My reason for signing upIf you're anything like me, your introduction to affiliate marketing would have pretty much come out of the blue. With little to barely any knowledge of the concept, I signed on because I wanted something more. I had no clue what that "something" was, but when pitched the opportunity to create a business that I could call my own, I knew I wanted to give it a shot. I had no idea what the business would be, I only knew I wanted to supplement my existing income and possibly
It's been 16 months since I've been working remotely. I have a job! I'm grateful.It's been 8 months since I joined the WA family. I've virtually met hundreds of awesome people from around the globe, built my own website and launched a dream I didn't even know I had! I'm thankful. It's been 365 days since my 50th birthday. I've lived to tell the tale of the good days and the not so good days. Still....I'm blessed. Changing the Script. Changing the Narrative. Changing Period. #workinprogress #giv
You know that feeling you get when no matter how much you try, you still can't check all the boxes on your daily WA 'To Do' list? You've read how many blogs, comments, new followers and support that some affiliates get done in a day and you wonder 'what am I not doing right?'I'm here to tell you, yes YOU newbie or YOU seasoned affiliate who might be struggling with: keeping up with trainingfinding your niche figuring out SEO building your websitedeciding on whether to use social media in your m
In or Out?In one of my recent blog posts 'Is traditional marketing on its way out', I raised the question that digital transformation has heavily impacted the world of traditional marketing and could that spell the end of the age old newspaper, tv and radio advertising that we've known and loved for decades? As we all know, Covid-19 threw a major curve ball to retail face-to-face shopping resulting in mass closures of thousands of physical stores in a series of on/off lockdowns across the globe