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December 08, 2021
So you had a dream. Or maybe you didn't really - just a desire to do something other than the routine 9-5.Someone said you had talent and needed to do something with it. You saw a gap in the supply of consumer products/services, and thought, "why not?!" Whatever your reason for signing up to Wealthy Affiliate doesn't really matter. The fact're here!Now what? There are many WA veterans in the community who have walked the talk and continue to fight the good fight, selfless with their ad
December 01, 2021
As I sit in my home office, I look out my east window. I can see brilliant blue skies and puffy white clouds and in the foreground, the palm fronds of my neighbour's towering coconut tree swaying with the wind. Through my open windows, a cool wind whistles and howls like a yawning giant, and my drapes dance as the breeze softly pushes against them.After many hours of torrential rain, the skies have cleared and the earth has begun to dry as the heat of the day beats down and the temperature make
By now, if you haven't read or heard about the United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) or COP26, then it's likely planet earth is not on your list of priorities. There are 17 SDGs developed by the UN, all aimed at transforming our world as we know it now into a healthy, ethical and empowered population by 2030 - nine years from now. Ambitious? Yes! Impossible? It depends on where you sit, or stand or live. The 17 SDGs are: GOAL 1: No Poverty.GOAL 2: Zero Hunger.GOAL 3: Good Heal
Many people have the misconception that wisdom and knowledge are the same thing and can be used interchangeably. However, this is not the case. We gain knowledge from the moment we're old enough to understand the facts about something. For example, how many of your know that a tomato is a fruit? But, would you include it in a fruit salad? That's where the application of knowledge comes in. That application is called Wisdom. The ability to assimilate knowledge and apply it in context to make the
I received my one-year dedication badge earlier this week and when it popped up on my screen, I was in disbelief that an entire year had already gone by since I signed on to Wealthy Affiliate. So much has happened since I first heard about WA. Thanks to my mentor Hugh for the introduction and the encouragement to get on board. I knew absolutely zero about affiliate marketing before this. The one thing I did know was that I wanted more. More than my day job. More ways to use the talent and skill
As I came on to WA for the first time today after another busy work day, I was struck by two of the very first blogs I read - both of which announced the passing of loved ones of members of the affiliate community. After reading them, the fragility of life dawned on me and moreso now more than ever, as we continue to live with the Covid-19 virus - a plague that has added another dimension to the other illnesses that we've lived with for so long - diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma...
Hello WA guys and gals! I see the community is still going strong, so I guess you managed to keep things running without me! 😁It's been several weeks since I've been active on the WA platform due to other commitments that I'm happy to say were a result of business generated by my website. I've managed to complete the scripts, presentations, course assessments and learning guides for two three-hour courses for a learning academy targeting professionals across industry and sector. I neede
August 26, 2021
Hello WA family! It's been two whole weeks since I've done a blog post here - or anywhere for that matter! Yikes! My 61st WA blog post and it's not exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Definitely not living up to Prince Partha's Potions. Carving 20, 30 or 50 minutes to write content over the last few weeks would have been possible if there were 36 hours in a day! No excuses I know...but between the job that pays the bills, Zoom and Teams meetings, and the contract from my online business, it was
August 09, 2021
Yaaawwwwnnnn!!!!! As you drag yourself out of bed and automatically reach for your phone to check your messages. Sadly, it's a routine for so many of us. For others, as our eyes open, we give thanks for another day, close our eyes for another five minutes waiting for the alarm to ring again...then drag ourselves out of bed!It's Monday WA people! The start of another work week for most of us! Work at our day jobs (for those of us with the 9 to 5, Mon-Fri gig), and another work day in the WA work
Have you ever wondered when the trend in self improvement products and services began? When did the need for self improvement become such a thing? Have we become ‘less than’ humans, so much so that we continually need self improvement? Let’s take a look at where things stand in the self improvement space. A history lesson in self improvementLong before Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to win friends and influence people‘ became the self improvement bible of the 20th Cent