First Day With Traffic over 300!

Last Update: March 09, 2015

Hey WA,

Just wanted to quickly share some success and show proof that if you follow the training and put in the hard work you will see success.

I've been posting everyday now since November and really had not seen the results I was looking for. Traffic had increased each month, but not like I was hoping posting every day would help!

But March has been a different story!

In February I averaged about 240 visitors per day, Since the start of March I've average 280 and had my first two days of more than 300 visitors!

Income is following the trend of traffic by increasing a bit every month, but I know if I continue to work hard I will be where I want to be by the end of the year!

Hopefully by the end of the year I can be posting about 500 visitors a day!

It just goes to show that the training here at WA does work and if you apply what you learn and work your butt off you can see success online

Thanks for your time,


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Defiant6 Premium
Awesome to hear brokwebb! I actually do follow your website and I'm part of your email list for your weekly newsletter. I love it! I'm slowly starting to see some successes myself. I've been posting A LOT more, I'd say anywhere from 3 to 4 posts a week, had my very first post ranked on the first page of Google at the top position now, and starting to get some comments here and there. Still have yet to make my first sale, but look forward to the day it comes.

You are certainly correct that if you work hard and follow the training, successes will start to roll in. There's ALWAYS more to learn and so much information so don't be afraid to do the training again just to make sure you've picked up and understand the really essential parts. Again, very happy to hear about your success and look forward to more to come from you!
Lazyblogger Premium
Yes indeed, this post will definitely put a lot of members in a positive state of mind, thanks Brok.
rufat Premium
jasontw111 Premium
Wow thats huge figures, that should start some money rolling in, well done
AntoniOom Premium
Hi Brok. Congrats on your achievements. Regards Antonius