Got a Dragon!

Last Update: Nov 19, 2016


Yes, I got a Dragon!

The type of Dragon I am referring to is Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance. I just got it yesterday. Actually, I am currently using it. The reason I bought this was because my hands have the tendency to cramp up. And I type slower than I speak. A lot slower. Because of this, I would forget what I was typing, forget to put in ideas that had occurred to me while I was typing, and other various things.

For me, this is actually a lot easier than typing. I got the Premium version 13.

I am not affiliated with Nuance. This post is only about showing you that there is a faster way to write.

Oh, the Windows speech recognition software that comes on your computer, I don't recommend it. It is frustrating to use.

One last thing:

I got it on sale through Amazon!

I got the Windows version. It has improved over the last two decades. The Mac version is still way behind and quite buggy (forum complaints!).

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Congratulations on your Amazon sale! keep on it, thanks for sharing a good blog

I was honestly surprised that it was on sale. Been waiting for years for this chance. Couldn't pass it up.

Sounds like a great way to write. Must be very fast.
Have fun

It is! Really fun too!

Thanks for sharing, Brendie.

You're welcome!

Never heard of it, Brendie, but is sure does sound interesting!

This company has been around for years. So has Dragon. The Windows version has improved over the last two decades. The Mac version is still way behind.

I'll investigate. thank you Brendie!

You're welcome! I got it on sale at Amazon. You can also go to their actual site called Nuance.

A sure fire way to lift the productivity stakes Brendie keep us up to date with how you get on.

I am reading a short book on how to use it for writing. Pretty basic stuff. The author can write up 5,000 words a day with this.

H*** smoke!

That's awesome!

Yup! Holy smokes, Batman!

It is my goal to hit at least 3,000 words per day by February 2017.

You're getting me hooked on this......☺

I like this idea, Brendie.

So do I! It's a lot better than Windows Voice Recognition. No comparison really.

Hi Brendie I wasnt aware of that. I have to check it out. Whatever works for you is great. Thanks for sharing. All the best.

I've known about Dragon NaturallySpeaking for years but didn't take the leap until last night. Didn't like the Windows Recognition Software.
I got it on sale at Amazon. But, you can also go to the Nuance site too. It's their product.

Fantastic, hope it works well

Having fun with it!

So basically, I could dictate, and it would transform to the words?
I'm a slow typer.
Is it very expensive?

The version I got is on sale for $99 plus tax (download version) Premium v. 13. Got it through Amazon. It is usually about twice the amount I paid. There is a newer version but it's $300. That one may be on sale. Or you can go to Nuance site. I don't recommend the Home version, not as much on it.
Yes, you can dictate and Dragon transforms it to words. The more you use it the more it adjusts to your voice. I have the Windows version which is great. The Mac version is still behind.

Thank you very much!
Something I have to check out.......

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