Achieving our dreams

Last Update: June 21, 2017

Unfortunately we live in a world where we get told from a young age what we can and can't do. We grow up limited in our understanding, in our belief of what we can achieve.

My wife was born in China, she grew up as a second child and a female in a culture which idolises first born boys. From a young age she was told that she would never amount to anything.

Even after she came to Australia 10 years ago, she was still being told by her family that she would never amount to anything. That the best she could ever hope for was to work as a waitress and possibly find a good husband.

The were right about the second point if I do say so myself.

One of my projects, my mission since first meeting my wife, Bella, was to build up her confidence so she could achieve her goals. So that she had the self-belief to follow her dreams and succeed in life.

Today one of those dreams came true

When I first met Bella she said that one of her dreams was to work with children. She achieved that dream 18 months ago when she got her first job as a childcare educator.

She then set herself a goal of getting her Diploma, something that no-one in her family had previously achieved. She received that qualification today.

To achieve our dreams we have to set ourselves goals which will take us there.

Often we fail to achieve our dreams because we listen to the nay sayers instead of following through on our goals.

However if we set our goals and surround us with supportive people who will provide us with the guidance and the help needed, we can achieve our goals, and the ones we set after them.

I have been a member of WA for almost 3 months now and in that time I have found this one of the most supportive communities I have ever had the pleasure to be involved with. Here we are provided with the training and support to achieve our goals.

I am proud of my wife's achievements, and I know I will achieve my goals here because I have the support of support of you the WA community.

Thank you and have a wonderful day :)


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Happy2Learn Premium
Congratulations to Bella and the whole family. We'll done.
BrendanB1 Premium
Thank you Glenys :)
Carol46 Premium
What a lovely story, Brendan! Congratulations to Bella and every good wish to you both for your combined goals. :)
BrendanB1 Premium
Thank you Carol, by having the right support network we can achieve all our dreams.
Loes Premium
Congrats Bella! Well done! You can make and break a child by feeding them the wrong thoughts
BrendanB1 Premium
Thank you Loes, unfortunately what you say is so true, but with enough support and encouragement it can be overcome.
billyghawaii Premium
Looks like you both are a great team their Brendan. Best wishes and Good Luck
BrendanB1 Premium
Thank you Billy, appreciate your comment :)
pablocortina Premium
Your wife and you will and are succeeding. You found each other!
BrendanB1 Premium
Thanks Pablo, appreciate the support :)