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June 21, 2017
Unfortunately we live in a world where we get told from a young age what we can and can't do. We grow up limited in our understanding, in our belief of what we can achieve.My wife was born in China, she grew up as a second child and a female in a culture which idolises first born boys. From a young age she was told that she would never amount to anything.Even after she came to Australia 10 years ago, she was still being told by her family that she would never amount to anything. That the best
We are all hear to make money through affiliate marketing. To make money someone has to buy the products or services we are referring.Have you taken the time to work out who your ideal customer is?Over the last month, I have been struggling to write content for my blog. Why? I had some great low hanging keywords to use. I have a huge list of topics to write on (last count 60 odd topics and growing). Should have been easy but I couldn't put pen to paper.....Now I was having no problem writin
So my day started disastrously. I received a call from a client who I had been working with two weeks now and had yesterday got the finance approved for the house he is buying.He was calling to say that he had been talking directly with the bank and they had approved him on the spot. Two weeks work and I had lost my client.You could say that his call had put me in a despondent mood. It is amazing when we get bad news how quickly our mind can go into a negative state.I was questioning myself,
One of the benefits of being your own boss, is that you can take time to spend with those who matter most. Today I am taking time out of my day to take my son to his swimming lessons. What does your day look like today?
One of the regular comments that Kyle makes during his training is to Pay it forward. To help others within the community, whether that be by commenting on their posts or providing feedback on their sites, before asking for comments or feedback on your own work.There are so many ways that we can help the community by Paying it forward:Commenting on each others postsProviding critical feedback on each others sitesWriting blog posts about our achievenments and what we have learntAnswering questi
I came across this quote recently, which I found very profoundWhat reminded me of this quote was an incident this afternoon.I had the opportunity today to pick up my wife and son, from the childcare centre where she works and he attends. It was only mid afternoon, so we took the opportunity to get out weekly shopping done early.As we were shopping JJ, our son did not stop talking. About his day, telling us stories he made up or just pointing out the numbers at the end of each isle. JJ is not
Decided to change it up a little today and get away from the desk.Set up beside the water feature at a local shopping centre and kept on redesigning the homepage on my website.It was refreshing to set up and work somewhere different for a change. Where were you working from today? Was it from your home office, a local coffee shop or under a tree at the beach?Let us know in the comments below :)
I just had a massive weekend. Got a lot done, some massive wins and a heart stopping moment or two (more on that later).First up I completed Certification Course 3 - Yay for me. Well sort of, I am still waiting on approval by google for AdSense. After consulting with the WA brains trust, and hearing stories of months with no response I decided to move on.If or when google approves me, I'll come back and do a trial. But at this stage I am more comfortable with not having AdSense on my site.S
So I was checking google analytics today, as I do each day and was pleased to see the increase in traffic to my site.26 new visitors yesterday, I was ecstatic. So I thought I better check a few more of the stats.26 new users coming direct... Did this mean that I was being found through google search.... No, after referring to the fountain of knowledge that is google I learnt that:It could be that someone typed a domain name into their browser or used a bookmark to directly access your site, an
I recently posed the question "Do you respond to comments on your posts?" to the Wealthy Affiliates brains trust.Now I was not very clear with my question, while I was thinking about responding to comments made on posts on your personal website(s), a number of the WA members who responded to the question assumed it was about posts here on WA.In the end it does not matter whether we are talking about our personal websites or the WA blogs, there was a common theme in the responses I received.Why