Why Did Pinterest Statistics Failed to Improve My Online Presence

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Hi Everyone!

Today, I want to share my rant and severe disappointment with Pinterest statistics and how it does not benefit my online presence on that platform.

My efforts are falling flat despite pouring hours and hours into creating pins. Now, after the past 90 days. All it showed was how many times my Pins were shown organically, but that's it.

This sucks to the bone. Pinterest stats are useless and confusing. They don't help me gain any online visibility. It's a joke. That's my rant for today!

I will show you my Pinterest statistics and how they failed to improve my online presence. I will also explore why understanding trends and demographics is crucial for success on this visual platform.

Why Did Pinterest Statistics Fail to Improve My Online Presence

Why did it fail? I have no clue as to why. I do not understand a thing about that media SEO platform. I have done everything I could do, yet I get impressions but no clicks to my website. ZERO traffic.

What a joke! All these people do is look at the pins, so many are bombarded with organic pins shown in their marketplace. There are too many of them, and mine do not stand out no matter how hard I try; it's not good enough.

Pinterest is an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their products or services through visually engaging images. With a large user base and countless opportunities for discovering inspiration and fresh ideas, it presents an excellent chance for me to promote my online business visually using pins.

But sadly, despite my high hopes, Pinterest statistics did not have the desired impact on my online presence. The numbers were there – impressions, but they didn't translate into increased traffic or sales for my business.

I investigated my real-time statistics and did not understand why this disconnect existed.

  • Was it because I needed to target the right audience?
  • Or my content wasn't resonating with Pinterest users?

It became clear that analyzing trends and demographics specific to my niche was vital to figuring out why that platform did not fit my target audience and niche.

Digging further into these insights allowed me to identify patterns and preferences within my target audience.

See My Real-Time Statistics and How It Impacts My Online Business

One of the most exciting aspects of using Pinterest for my online business is seeing real-time statistics and how they impact my overall presence.

It's like having a window into the minds of my target audience, allowing me to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

When I log into my Pinterest analytics dashboard, I'm greeted with a wealth of information. Seeing these statistics in real time has been eye-opening. The instant feedback clearly shows that I am not performing well at all!

Screenshot for the last 90 days

There are only four outbound clicks in 90 days; this proves that they just clicked; they probably clicked then left. This sucks. It hurts!

Just like Partha says, people like to stay on their platform; they do not want to go somewhere else to get information, so they remain on Pinterest looking at PINS after PINS, and time goes by, hours and hours scrolling over different pins in the marketplace.

Screenshot for the last 30 days

As you can see, there are many impressions but 0 outbound clicks in 30 days; the trajectory here proves I got no traffic to my website from Pinterest. It shows zero,

Analyzing the Trends and Demographics of Pinterest For My Niche

Analyzing the trends and demographics of Pinterest for my niche has been an eye-opening experience. It's fascinating to see how this platform can provide valuable insights into the preferences and behaviors of my target audience.

Let's look at the trends and demographics specific to Pinterest about my target audience and niche market.

As you can see, most are females aged 18-34; my age group is 60 and above (I am the last of the Baby Boomer generation), and Baby Boomers are less than 5% on Pinterest.

So, who is my target audience? It's not this group. My target audience is older people with stable incomes and families who do not want a 9-5 job and want to be a part-time entrepreneur or a side hustle.

I am fully aware that promoting WA should be applied to a target audience from all age groups, meaning anyone. Even teens can join this platform with their parent's consent or if they live independently and can provide for themselves.

Industry Trends Related to My Niche

Now, let's look at the industry I am in that shows the trends related to entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs, passive income, making money online, and others associated with working from anywhere.

Now, let's look at the industry I am in that shows the trends related to entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship, passive income, making money online, and others associated with working from anywhere.

As you can see, my niche market is tiny here. I do see many pins like mine. Every business, especially those that promote the "make money online" campaign, is vying for the same thing I am doing. They want people to go to their website and buy something. It's the same as me. There are too many of them, and it's not a great place to market this niche as I see its small number. The interest peaks just after the New Year, and the trends have decreased. Bye bye.

So, what's the point for me to continue? None. I should stop wasting my time on this platform. I spent 90 days getting nowhere fast. Besides, all these different pins have no interest to me. I have zero interest in engaging with other business owners who are my competitors. That seems stupid to do, I'll scratch your back, if you do mine". Urgh. I'm not the brown noser type.

My Final Thoughts:

What Have I Learned? The key takeaway is that my numbers mean the platform does not fit "my target audience nor my niche." Notably, all my pins are simply IMPRESSIONS- the number of times my pins were shown. But does that mean these people went to my website, read my post, and signed up? NOPE,

Pinterest statistics may provide insights into user demographics, trends, and engagement levels. However, they do not guarantee immediate improvement in your online business or get visitors and sales. All they show is an understanding of user behavior. They should not be seen as the sole measure of success.


PS. If you want to share your thoughts, please do. Perhaps I am not seeing what others will see, so I am open to constructive criticism and feedback on these Pinterest statistics.

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Recent Comments


Can you share your Pinterest account with me (either here, or privately), so I can take a detailed look at what exactly you're doing with your pins, because something isn't right here.

In regard to what you said:

SCREENSHOT 1 AND 2: Unless I can see what you're actually doing with your pins, there is nothing that we can conclude from these stats. My best guess is that your pins just need tweaking, and they'll start ranking, but, like I said before, I need to see them to be able to do a deep dive.

You're sorting by the wrong thing - don't sort by Affinity, sort by % Of Audience (see screenshot 1 below). That's going to give you a better idea of what you're audience is into.

Also, when it comes to your target age/audience, well, it takes time to get them to your account - We didn't plan on targeting that age, but with a few keywords we found, a large percentage of our audience is now in that age (see screenshot 2).

Most social media platforms are going to naturally have the highest percentage of people coming from Gen-Z. So, once again, I wouldn't really worry about those stats. At least not yet.

All this is showing you is that Pinterest (among other things) is a Seasonal search engine - so treat it as such.

The most common reason people see slump within their traffic and impressions is usually because they (without realized it) are ranking for seasonal keyword. There are going to be seasonal trends that come and go that you'll get traffic from. That's just part of life.

And last but not least, I personally wouldn't focus too much on your overall rankings - I would look at what specific pins are doing well. For example, (screenshot 3) we recently had a Pin ranking for Yoga Stretches for Seniors that is doing well. I wouldn't have known this if I had just looked at my overall stats. But now that I know that I'm ranking (very well) for this keyword, I may try to target it in different ways to get more traffic/traction.

Anyways, if you (or anyone reading this) wants me to look at their Pinterest account(s), then just shoot me a PM with the link, and I'd be more than happy to take a look.

Hi Andy, thanks for the offer. None of what you listed in your image matches my niche. I have tweaked my Pins many times to try to fit the "travel industry, finance niche, and entrepreneur niche and make money from home or anywhere.." Many of my pins that have been shown many times are the travel niche, and I have used the travel and photography niche to show people that they can create a hobby niche by blogging using WA hubs. My keywords promote WA; that's all I do. The screenshots you show do not match the niche I am in. They match yours. I will let my scheduled pin run out at the end of this month.

At this point, there is no need to continue. Catering to that market on Pinterest has fewer seniors( my age, the baby boomers). So I'm sorry, I can't continue with it because it does not fit my type of audience.

I won't list a yoga pin when my blog post focuses on building and growing an online business in entrepreneurship.

I'm moving on focusing only on the one thing that I need to do, which is to grow my online blog website. I got thin content on there.

It is a joke since I spent hours and hours creating pins. It took me two days to create a whole month of scheduled pins. I do not have time to do all this. I don't even give a hoot about it. The purpose of pinning in my mind means nothing, it doesn't pay me a damn thing.

Spending hours and hours was just absolutely meaningless; it didn't give me cash, and it didn't lead people to my website. All they do is look at it, but no clicks, no outbound clicks, or even bother to go to my website, it's unlikely that they ever will go there. Impressions don't give me a paycheck. Understand? So my final decision is that I am done with that crappy place.

Hey Brenda,

I think you missed my point - my point wasn't that my niche is relatable to your, my point specifically was that you can rank for things regarding the boomer generation.

My other point was that based on what I can tell, the problem isn't your niche, it's probably going to be the design of your pins, pin titles, pin descriptions, etc. So if you want help, then you would have to share the name of your Pinterest account with me.

If you don't want to do that, that's okay, but I'm just here trying to help - my wife and I run multiple Pinterest accounts in multiple niches on Pinterest (My wife is in the process of creating a course around this very topic) - you're welcome to ask Yusuf or Frank about the help we gave each of them recently.

If you want to leave Pinterest, that's perfectly fine - I just think that you don't have the right reason behind why you should leave (because I believe that you're doing something wrong, not because there isn't a market for it on there).

But to each their own. Best of luck to whichever platform you do choose to follow!

I do not believe I am doing anything wrong. I followed what Partha and Diane told me to do I followed precisely. If I am missing the point, then it is a big deal. Who cares? It doesn't bring me a paycheck, and hasn't done so in 90 days. Yipee, Yahoo! Bravo to you. It works for you. Congratulations, but I will not spend hours and hours creating pins; I see no purpose in them. ZERO. If you want to know what my Pins look like, you can find them in the marketplace. It's all the same thing: promoting how to blog, make money online, and earn passive income; it's all there on the marketplace. A lot of my pins are similar to everyone else. Diane said to use pastels. I tried that, and then she told me to use a dark theme, BOLD Letters, and I tried that too. She told me to try this and that. Now you are telling me I'm doing it all wrong, yeah, right, same old thing. I'm always a screw-up, doing things wrong and right, and nothing new under the sun. I am an old school marketer, I stick to old fashion marketing which is face to face marketing that has been the best for me when I was in the sales business. I do not have time to mess around with that platform trying this and that been there done that and it's just time-consuming. I do not have time for this period! that's it. Stop leaving me alone about it. I don't want to hear any more crap about this.

Hey Brenda,

I in no way was saying that you were a screw-up, so I apologize if you took it that way. I was just trying to help you out. I won't ask you about it any more.



Unlucky Brenda. For me personally I haven't gotten that much outbound click either, but I have gotten a lot more engagement, people are clicking on my pins, I have worked with this account actively for like 30 days.

And I got like 2.4k impressions, and maybe 15 pin clicks, and 1 outbound click. I see that we are in the same niche as well, so people don't want to learn about money anymore, lol!

But even if Pinterest isn't giving you any outbound clicks, but I think that it can help to build a brand. But that is what I think, at least.

Hahaha! Thats a great word “ unlucky Brenda.” Yes well that place is a joke. Unlucky Brenda says so. It doesn't really bring traffic to my website. Its just impressions how many times my pins are shown thats it. I honestly dont think Pins built a brand. It does nothing for me for 90 days. Im done with it its too time consuming to do.

I hear you, I just think that if I would visit a website, and they are on social media like Pinterest would kinda give that feeling like it is a good website, a real brand.

But if you don't want to, nobody is stopping you. :)

Hi Brenda,
I also didn't have much luck with Pinterest but in December my numbers were growing a bit. Now totally declined.
I'm in one group where a professional blogger sells pinterest course and many people see very good results. I didnt buy it.
However I heard that recently the numbers were going down for many bloggers. Probably Pinterest update.
True is that it is better for some niches like food bloggers do well on Pinterest.
Wishing you good luck. 🍀

Hi Nat, thanks for sharing your experiences. I need the luck of the Irish ☘️. Well, its just too time consuming to do and I’ve lost so much time by building pins and scheduling them. You can only schedule up to 100 pins thats it. They limit. You can do up to 25 a day but for me thats too time consuming its taking me away from “writing content” on my website. Spending so much hours and hours working on Pins dont pay me nothing. Its just not wroth it. Yes you are right many reported traffic going down but other niches are doing well there. As seen by the trends its the market catering to young women that are into stuff that has nothing to do with the make money online or entrepreneurship. I am better off just focusing on building my website content. Thats one thing that I need to stay super focused on thats it.

Yes, I agree. 👍

Hi Brenda,
I am still really new at this but my take so far is that there are so many ways to get traffic that it is impossible to do all of them, from what i can tell the best thing to do is find the platforms that work best for you and your niche. I made 1 comment on Reddit a couple of weeks ago and it led to more visits to my site over the next 3 days than my blog generated (not a lot anyway but was a start :-)). This really surprised me but made me realize that some platforms are better for different audiences, unfortunately I think the only way to find out is to experiment with them one at a time. Sounds like your experiment with Pinterest might be finished but I wouldn't be too down about it as at least you know now and it sounds like you did some great work.
I would pick another platform now and do a similar experiment to see how that works for you, even if it is a platform you don't usually like you might be surprised that a lot of other people in your target audience do.
I plan to do some work on Pinterest at some point this year but not in the MMO niche, I am going to do it for my other site and looking at your stats it will be interesting to see how it goes.
Thanks for the info as it is good of you to share, a lot of people only share what works so you never get to see what didn't work
Thanks for that

exactly what I have been saying Pete, people need to go where there niche is and check out the keywords they are going to use for their blog posts, google it, and see which social media mentions it. Then have AI rephrase your post or short message for that exact social media channel and stop posting on others.
In my case, it is defenitely Pinterest, Facebook and Reddit and some youtube, this can be totally different for other niches.
Interesting responses on my blog post here!: Lizzy
PS if reddit is giving you some traffic already with just one response , I would defenitely try it out for at least 3-4 months

That’s an outstanding strategy, Pete! 👍👍😎

Frank 🎸

Thanks, Pete for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it and yes I have given that consideration about others but timing is a big factor. I need to just stay laser focused only on my website thats the place where I need to grow my content. Everything else like social media steals me away from it all. i found it to be too consuming to spend hours and hours on sm platform. Its crazy that people stay there all day long. I couldn't do that. I have zero interest in spending time on any sm platform that does nothing. I’ve checked out Reddit and I dont like that place. Quora is the same just questions and answers that all, people consume brief short answers. That does not bring you money either. My articles are ranking in Google so I know it’s working and traffic is coming back also articles ranking in Bing and Yahoo. So I need to build more content. That needs to be my goal just as ParthaB taught us! 😀

Hi Brenda

Partha is now saying what I have also been saying: Content is NO longer king; domain authority is.

That's why a site like mine with a DA of 23 has to use other methods besides blogging to bring in traffic.

So, finding what works best for our niche in combination with blogging is a good ranking strategy, in my opinion. 😎

Frank 🎸

I find your conclusions in the last paragraph strange. The same applies to Google Analytics, what else to expect? "All they show is an understanding of user behavior". You have learned that people do not click and you do not get traffic. This is it.

There are a couple of people here who apparently have success with Pinterest. Did not see their numbers so cannot be sure.

But from my many years at Pinterest, it is a waste of time. The percentage of people coming to the site is very small. People do not go to Pinterest to buy. So this is a bad audience in general. Without Google we are doomed.

I'll take this 'bad audience" and growing every day ;-) It really depends heavily on the niche. If someone when I started out,saying this to me, my site would have been totally dead by now, please don't assume that this is a general thing for everyone!

Hi, I think I was clear in saying that this was my own experience.

yes, sorry you did.

No problem. Also, when I mentioned people who have success with P, I had you in mind as one of them.

But I must add, your click rate is only around 1%, not really great, though much better than what others report, me included.

GREAT analytics, Lizzy! 👍👍

Have an excellent weekend! 😎
Frank 🎸

I agree with you about your thoughts about Pinterst and Google Analytics. I feel the same way as you do about GA4. I dont even go there much. Dont forget there is Bing and Yahoo. I’ve gotten clicks from Bing and Google.

My website is still thin content. I spent so much time creating and posting pins in hopes it will help with traffic but 90 days of doing this was a waste. I completely agree.

Others said its for the long haul. I know you have shared your frustration with Big G. I completely understand. You are right they mess up with the SERPs and awarded content to social media. I completely understand that doom feeling as I felt it too. I can relate to that.

I love writing. Someone suggested I try Medium. Its not from any members here. Its from someone on Medium. I am a paid member of Medium. I took their new year’s discount paid it yearly.

I read content on Medium everyday. i enjoyed those articles there. Again, reading content there are also time consuming and time wasting as it takes me away from truly growing my website.

I have to discipline myself to be more focused like ParthaB teaches. I know his stuff works because Im doing it. Just need to do more writing that I am passionate about and stop wasting time on other sm platform that doesnt bring me money.

My problem is time. I teach classes related to sign language and Deaf culture plus editing for another Deaf member here.

Then trying to write on my website and doing social media. Its like I am being pulled into too many directions.

Tim in his video on his WA blog has said that we need to stay focused on one thing. Thats so true.

Are you doing ok on your other site that you mentioned? I hope its better for you.

To your last sentence, no, all my sites are dead.

Google might realize that what they are doing currently is absurd, they must have clever people there.

GA4 is so ugly that I have no desire to go there.

Regarding Pinterest, I have separate accounts, for all sites, thousands of pins, more or less useless.

Bing and Yahoo have never worked for me. The amount of traffic from there in all these 9 years has always been on the same level as traffic from Pinterest, this means negligible.

As for being pulled in various directions, perhaps you are too eager to accept what people are claiming. Even if it is true what they are saying, things that work for them will not necessarily work for you. There is no way to replicate anybody's success. Better ignore and focus on what works for you. My guess is that currently nothing works, but see my second sentence above.

I see that people are becoming crazy about Medium, hard to understand the logic, why wasting time on somebody's site.

Medium has the audience there. Also, they pay you. One Medium blogger stated they quit blogging on WordPress because they kept getting hit and losing traffic due to Google algorithm changes and all those back-to-back updates that took place for many years. That person now makes much money on Medium, much more than they ever did while blogging on WordPress. Medium does allow affiliate links, and you can create an email list for a newsletter like Christine has done. ParthaB got hit, yet he's still blogging there on his Men's exercise website. He monetizes with ads on the best ad network, Mediavine. Medium has a great audience. It's human stories that they look for. My problem is the lack of time, and it's just too hard.

As you say, my being pulled into too many directions isn't good. I only have one time for one thing, which is to create content. Now, I need to decide to stay on my blogging website. I know it's working because I've ranked for the keywords. I need to continue. My keywords are unique, following ParthaB's title style and using the green answer snippet. I know it works for me and others. I need to focus on that. I know I will eventually get hit every time Google has an update. Everyone gets hits when G has updates. They are rewarding parasite SEO, which is all those social media platforms. You're right. People stay there to absorb content. They don't go anywhere else to a website.

Hi Brenda

I’ve started to blog on Medium. Currently, I have a free account because I’m just doing it for the No Follow backlinks and to get my medium article on Google page one by taking advantage of their high DA.

It only takes me about 15 or 20 minutes to make a Medium article from a summary of something on my guitar site using AI, complete with images and anchor text pointing to my website article.

Every little bit helps.😎

Frank 🎸

Hi Brenda, yes I have been reading what people write about Medium, but this is not going to be my way. Medium is just a site, and as such it can get crashed by Google just like my sites and sites of other people.

As for blogging, I did not say I stopped blogging, I keep going as usual, but dealing with Google has become impossible recently.

I know about Mediavine, have it in no less than 3 sites, and this has been so for years. There is no ads monetization when you lose traffic from Google, this is the end of the road.

Hi Jovo

Medium won't get crashed by Google. It has a DA of 95! 😎

Frank 🎸

With Google never say never. This is a hard lesson I have learned.

But whatever, only your statistics should tell you if you are wasting your time or not.

If you assume that those online tools give an accurate info, which is questionable because they sometimes give big differences, what they do is just an informed guessing, then Pinterest, Bing, and Yahoo have roughly the same authority, and they have never worked for me. There is no way to know why this is so for the latter two. They used to have more than 1000 rating criteria. I know because long ago I had a training here about ranking in their search engine.

Best practice is to use analytics and statistics as a guide.

They are useful for predicting upcoming trends.

All the Best 😎
Frank 🎸

I get what you are saying. I do relate. It's true never know. One day it be gone. Companies do fold. It happens.

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