Blogging is a Surefire Way to Build Passive Multiple Streams of Income

Last Update: Jan 28, 2023

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Blogging is a Surefire Way to Build Passive Multiple Streams of Income

Today, we know that website blogging is popular on the Internet. Search engines crawl thousands and thousands of new blogs every day. For many people starting their blogs, it's important to educate yourself before you create a website blog to build passive multiple streams of income.

Bloggers are independent entrepreneurs who choose many roles to market and create their blog content to grow their audience. They write about their passions, which range from traveling, camping, hiking, fishing, photography, cooking, candy making, gardening tips, and making money online niches.

In this blog post, I look at why blogging is a surefire way to build passive multiple streams of income, how blogging every day will improve your writing abilities, and hone your skills in other areas that can make you more money to live a life surrounded by your passions.

Is Blogging a Surefire Way to Build a Passive Income?

Yes, blogging is a surefire great way to make money online, but it is not an easy direction. It can be lucrative if you nurture your blog daily. Those who make money from a blog don't just type their blog post every day and make a quick buck tomorrow. They pour every blood and sweat to work hard every day to write content that their readers will want to read.

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Everyone here on this WA platform tells you that it will take some time to build up your blogging niche portfolio. That is true. Most people want instant gratification and are looking for a fast way to make instant cash now.

Some people want me to write a blog post to share a surefire secret to earn money fast. Sorry! There is no such thing. People tell you that making money online is a secret. It is not a secret; it is just a gimmick to get you to buy an expensive e-course.

It is not realistic for you to think that you can make money right away by blogging a few articles. Bloggers know that they must prepare for the fact that it may take many months or a few years before they see any significant six to seven-figure income multiple streams of income from their blogs.

Let's discover what bloggers do every day.

What do Bloggers Do Every day?

Blogging every day is a great way to improve your writing abilities. It will help you spot gaps in your knowledge, give you something to refer to when you need inspiration or help with your writing and provide an outlet for sharing ideas and opinions with others.

The more we write, the better we get at it! Writing every day also gives us practice using titles and headlines that grab attention. We want to get people interested in reading our content and sharing it which will help boost traffic significantly over time. Writing also helps you develop creativity and consistency in your writing.

You'll also be able to communicate your ideas more clearly and concisely, which is important for a successful blog post or article. You will learn how to get right down to business and say what you need without wasting time on unnecessary details or using filler words.

Bloggers work hard at making sure their content is unique enough so people will want to read what they have written. Bloggers figure out a creative way to shoot their photos that are not part of the free images. They post daily or weekly videos on YouTube, create podcasts, and post on social media. Some of you are using Pinterest boards with images from your travels or recipes or cooking from your kitchen experiments.

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Blogging Enhances You to Hone on Your Skills

Blogging is a great way to make money, whether you're doing it for yourself or on behalf of brands that are willing to pay you.

You can blog about anything you are passionate about. Ah, yes even things you don't know much about! Blogging can be an excellent way to learn more about something new or find out how other people are making money online.

Blogging about your passions or your interest in a particular niche can help you figure out the need for assessing the following:

  • Assists you identify your passions.
  • Teaches you what you want to do with your life.
  • Provides a way for you to market and cater to your audience.
  • Develop new skills in starting a career in writing.
  • Using lead-generation tools to market yourself where people can find and hire you for freelance work to earn extra income in writing or copy writing.

Blogging is fun and keeps you motivated and allows you to develop many endless possibilities to earn a passive income.

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Starters, Premium, and Premium Plus Members Can Start Blogging with Low Investment

Blogging is a great way to build a passive income with multiple streams of income. You can start blogging with absolutely no experience. Wealthy Affiliate platform offers you a way to blog on your website on a low investment per month or annually.

WA offers you:

  • Two blogs. Your Website Blog on WordPress. Your WA Blog to share your success stories and accomplishments with your online business
  • A free theme that fits all niches (one of my favorites is called Generate Press Lite or Schema Lite which I use on my blog)
  • Your domain name and hosting service are included as a member of this platform
  • A variety of free plugins are available for you to use.
  • The training courses OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Jay’s Friday night training for Premium and Premium Plus members
  • Premium Plus Expert classes
  • Questions to ask
  • Niche finder tool
  • Keyword tool Jaaxy and Alphabet X for Premium Plus members
  • And many more...

Photo: If promote the Wealthy Affiliate program, these are the possible earnings that you get from bringing your referrals to this platform.

What are the Other Benefits of Blogging

Blogging on your website is also a great way to meet people with similar interests who are willing to share their knowledge with you. For example, if your blog focuses on your projects then other bloggers might offer their advice on how they built their projects or tell you about any mistakes they made along the way so that yours turns out better than theirs did and vice versa.

The champion part of all: blogging pays you money through your affiliate links and ad networks.

How do I get Started Now?

First. Follow the lessons, to get Started

Getting Rolling

Second. Find a topic that interests you. You will be writing informational articles in my other blog post. I explain why it’s important for a new blogger to write informational articles at the beginning to help your website get recognized in the search engine.

Should I Write an Informational Post or a Transactional Post as a Newbie?

Third, you don't have to be an expert right now. You can work your way up to building your site that will eventually look like you are an expert. Even if, you do not have any experience with writing. It is much easier to start with something writing something small like a blog 600 to 750 words blog post on your passion. Let’s say you like gardening so much. You can share what pot or soil you used that was helpful to make your garden bloom.

Four, you can use your social media accounts and also your Facebook to update people about something interesting that happened today. From there, slowly build up your audience until they're ready for more in-depth articles about topics related to their interests (and maybe even some sponsored posts from brands looking for writers).

Posting on social media and creating YouTube videos to embed on your site will lead visitors to want to keep coming back to your blog post. They will buy from you whatever you offer once you build up your experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

Photo: social media apps on mobile for promoting your blog posts

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has inspired you to start blogging. If you are not sure still not sure. Please think about what kind of content you would like to see on the internet and then make it happen. Action is the best way to get started.

Please continue to write about different informational topics that every day for at least 30 minutes. Try commenting on other website blogs. This will help you to gain more followers this way.

Your goal should be getting enough readers so that people will pay attention to your blog post once you get ranked in the search engine. This is the best way to build your blog site from the ground up to start earning a passive income stream,


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Brenda, you have packed a lot of information into this post.

As much as I value WA, I had never really taken the time to consider all the benefits that we can gain from blogging.

I hope that you comment, “the more we write, the better we get at it” is true. I’m still very slow.

Hi Sondra, it is ParthaB from the UK who taught me to write every day. He gave me a great tip.

Set your timer to do 20 minutes of keyword search, and 20 minutes the next day scouring Quora or other places people are asking questions and want answers.

Find out what they are missing. Write a crafty headline, write an introduction, put in the titles then in each title write helpful content paragraphs, points, add images videos or infographics then conclusion, or final thoughts each day for 20 minutes.

I found myself writing at least 3 to 4 articles every day. Yes, the more you practice the better you will get then it becomes habitual and much easier now.


This is another thought-provoking, informational blog post that I like, share, and most importantly Bookmark. My affiliate marketing library repertoire is growing by leaps and bounds. And I love it.

The more I hunger for knowledge, the hungrier I get.
Pour it on, Brenda, my friend 😊
The links are awesomeness!


Hi Rachele. Links are definitely important. I save them too. Not only that but I can use my WA blog post as an affiliate link for my website resource training page.

Wonderful thought about WA blog posts.

SondraM, Used the exclamation that came to mind as I read this Fantastic post, Brenda. Normally I would save this article to review later for when I am ready to write one like it. Unfortunately, I recognize my dark side rising to the temptation to just copy and paste, to...well, you know what I am saying.

I won't do it! I will write until the day that the inspiration hits and I can write my own article to rival this one.

Still...I must say...😲 WOW! 😲

Blessed Be


JD, that is my pet peeve. You already know I hate that dark side of your "temptation" to copy and paste" your comment to me on every post, "great post, I save it to review for later." I am glad you did something different today. See, you can do it. This blog post example is what you write as an informational article blog post for your audience. This is what Jay (magistudios) teaches. I look forward to the day when you can write your own article- I know you can do it! Go for it!

When I save something for later Brenda, It is never with the intent to plagiarize, it is for reference only.

However, this article was too good, and the dark side raised its ugly head. I will never use ANY information directly from articles I have saved without giving credit to the true author.

Please believe this.

Blessed Be

That is super good! You had me 😱 scared for a moment. LOL. Whew. Alright.

I apologize, Brenda. I am an aspiring author and I would not want anyone to plagiarize my work. And, close on the heels of that worry is that I inadvertently plagiarize someone else's work. I work hard not to do that.

But, Your article is truly Fantastic. I was seeing that in the future my writing something like this, But then the temptation started to whisper in my ear. So I shut it down and let it be known so that others could help keep me straight.

If I ever do write this kind of article (I probably will), and If I reference your article or anyone else', then I will ask those people to review it before publishing so that they can tell me if I need to change anything. So that their intellectual property is safe.

I hope this eases your mind, Brenda.

Blessed Be

JD, yes it sure does. I am relieved! I am cool, calm, and collected. Have a great day.

You too, Brenda. :)

Great points on blogging Brenda. Blogging has many benefits, even in reverse and this is what I mean.

A person can already have a business that is not online, whether it's brick and mortar or door to door.

Creating a blog can help spread the word about their business and possibly take it to the next level.

Yes, that's absolutely true that any business can blog about their products and services to the customers that they serve offline to online. As you said they can scale up.

Hi Brenda,
Super post!

This post is really nicely written, the whole sense and concept is good. It can even go on, well done Brenda!

Slavka 👋

Slavka, Yes, you are correct. the article could go on and on. At some point, I had to stop. Smile!



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