3rd Milestone Reached: $100 a month

Last Update: June 12, 2015

It is true when they say that things go up tremendously at one point. For the last 5 months I have been getting only around $10 a month, and that was because I didn't really sell anything.

To be honest, I am still not really selling anything, only writing about things that are in no shape or form connected to reviews or amazon.

I just added some affiliate banners and a simple landing page to my website, and it does the trick. Got $150 this month, wohoo! People are right when they say you should not focus on selling stuff. I do plan to write reviews but since a device I am constantly writing about isn't even out yet (comes out next year) I have a chance to focus on getting traffic.

And what kind of a lesson I learned from this? As cliche as it sound, do not give up. It literally took me 8 months to reach this, and I don't regret a single day, apart from the days when I didn't do anything.

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Judy-B Premium
That's great. Congratulations. :)
Loes Premium
Doing great:)
Christabelle Premium
Congratulations! :)
dazwilk Premium
Well done. You now have a passive income and are on your way to financial freedom. and soon that $150 will become $1500.
Keep it going.
Rich908 Premium
Congrats its a great feeing
Boyka Premium
Ye, it's awesome!