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Smile Your On Candid Camera

Some of you may be old enough to remember this

It first aired in August 1948 and many say it was the first reality show. People like watching people on video.

There were some real funny practical jokes on there.

Videos catch people's attention.

I know people that say they do not like to read but have found very few that say they will not watch a video.

Video in Internet Marketing is here to stay. If you want to make things happen for you faster then you need to start making videos.

Here are a few statistics about Videos.

  • 75% of marketers claim that videos produces more conversions then text.
  • The average consumer watches 200+ videos a month. When I first heard that I did not think it was right. But then I thought about television, each show is a video, each commercial is a video and that is without mentioning YouTube videos so that figure may be low.
  • 60% of senior executives said that if video and text were both available they would watch the video
  • Consumers are 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad then a standard banner ad.
  • On social media a video has 1200% more shares over text and images combined.
  • On of the major tracking companies says that a Call-To-Action in a video produces 380% more clicks then a Call-To-Action in a sidebar.
  • Videos increase conversions/sales around 70%
  • Sites with videos get 41% more traffic from search engines then sites without video.
  • Having a video on a landing page can increase the conversions by 80%
  • On Google a video is 45 times more likely to be on the first page.

And the list goes on.

For those of you that are saying I can't be on camera I have good news. There are plenty of ways to make videos using slides like in PowerPoint. There are free programs you can use to make slide videos.

There are inexpensive programs where you can make animated videos.

You can even hire people on Fiverr to do a video for you.

Okay it is time to start making videos.

If I can do a video I know you can.

Once I started doing them I got where I really like them because I can make a few notes and then set there and record a video in a couple of minutes when it would take me much longer to write it out.

It is time to make a video, no excuses.

You do not need special equipment.

A good phone or your computer webcam is a start if you are going to record yourself.

If you use slides or animation to make a video you do not even need that.

Here is an example of a short video I made today using a free program and my computers webcam.

When you get your first video made let me know in a private message I would love to see it.

Onward and Upward

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I didn’t know about the statistics in the bullet statements about making videos. People are visual and Want to b shown. I want to start making videos myself once I overcome the technical aspects of it.

Once you do it you find there are not that many technical aspects

Hi Bo. Great article,I know you're right in that video is the way to go, but I must be old school in that I still prefer to read.Lol

Dont tell anyone but I would much rather read but I do like being able to talk for five minutes over writing for an hour

Yes, I guess that 's true enough.

Glad to see you Bo. I don't have a webcam, but have wanted to make videos. I will check out some of the programs.
Thanks for the training.

You can get a good one on amazon for less than $20

Hi Bo
What free program did you use please?

Screencast by tech Smith

Hi Bo and thank you- Will go check it out

Great information. Thank you for sharing

Your welcome

Thanks Bo.


Your welcome Derek

Awww good memories with Alen Funt!
You are so correct, thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Your welcome

Great Show they do not make a show like that anymore

No they dont I used to love watching it

I have been watching all old show learning when I get my production company going I am going back to that, I think that way I love to watch Last man standing it's like the old shows

Hi Bo,
I do remember Candid Camera. Times have definitely changed that’s for sure. These statistics make it pretty clear that I should think about switching from blogger to vlogger.
Thanks for sharing!

A combination of both seems to work better

A very informative post, thanks Bo. I need to increase my use of video, Best Alan

I have had good results from doing that

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