Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Outage - Is it affecting you?

Last Update: Oct 4, 2021

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In most parts of the world, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp are experiencing outages or partial system crashes.

Are you being affected?

I can not get to any of the sites on my desktop. I can access some things on my apps, but not eveything.

Imagine the companies that have moved to facebook workplace.

Kyle sends me an eamil when one of my domains no longer points to wa servers.

Who do you think is responsible for the dns issues they are having?

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Definitely having issues here. But I've also noticed that some parts of WA aren't functioning correctly. I couldn't ask for a site comment earlier because there was nowhere to select the particular post you wanted the comment on. Jim

First I have heard about this with WA. I haven't been using all the tools here this week. I haven't had issues with my websites that I have noticed

Big companies like this have outages more frequently than you think, often times impacting on a handful of customers. In this case, it looks like global issues.

Nobody is immune to this, not even vast companies with 10,000's of technical employees.

I'm reading their dns entries were removed from the directory?

Interesting event. Did some poking around to make sure it was not an issue with my machine. My phone apps show the same issue.

Maybe a hack.
Maybe someone tripped over the wrong power cord.
I don't think FB is making a statement. Too big of a revenue hit, I would think.

Stock Market Manipulation

I suppose you know that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsAp are all owned by one company. Facebook.

Have you watched the news about the Government scrutiny the Facebook organization is getting regarding the ornery practices it uses towards its users?

My guess is they shut down their platforms to make a point. That the good they do outweighs the bad. This is being debated strongly right now.

I also wrote a blog about this situation that you may wish to read.



Thanks Edwin.
I have been reading many articles in the last 2 hours about it

Apparently a whistleblower was to give evidence today, according to our news this evening in the UK. Whether that had anything to do with it, no one knows.

They already have too much power, IMHO, Edwin!


I agree Jeff. There is also the possibility it was shut down to stop the news about the Pandora papers spreading. A lot of prominent people in there.

That is certainly one good possibility, Linda! Nice to see you and I hope that all is well in your world!


Good to see you too Jeff. All is great in my world thank you. I'm working hard on my websites when I can. The real world keeps taking over so not much time on here.
Hope all is well in your world too.

Thanks, Linda! It is going as good as it can be right now, though I am optimistic for the future!

I'm glad you are hanging in there! Continual small steps will get you there!


That sounds very cautious Jeff.

I intend to keep going, the trickle has started and eventually will turn into a flood, lol.

I tend to be a bit more cautious right now, Linda with the state that our country, and in fact, the world, is in right now!

Keep succeeding!


Makes sense.

I hope you had a wonderful day, Linda!


Yeah, here in Serbia the same case. No Fb, Ig, and Whatsup

Kind of Cray - I feel for some people that rely on fb for their livelihood. Glad I am not one of them

Yeah, me too. But the point is that ''they'' don't care about people, I am sure something political is behind this...

Me too, Bo! I don't use them for anything!


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