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March 21, 2020
I just wanted to drop a note on here and say thank you for all the recent follows that I have been seeing. Maybe I am noticing more than I used to notice. I changed a couple of settings on my mail account and things are popping up more often about WA.Thie WA community Support is awesome. Thank you fellow affiliates! Stay Safe and I hope you are able to get a bunch done at home if you are in an area being affected by COVID19. It appears to be world-wide. Some areas are getting hit harder than ot
With the cancellation of all the sporting events in the US and abroad, what will people be doing with their time instead? What will they be watching on the television (or monitor)? What will they do with all the extra time?What will you be doing with your extra TIME?There are a lot of movies out there to watch on the world wide webThere are a lot of shows that can be watched on demand if you know how to find themThe Internet has a lot of options when it comes to streaming live and older content
I just read an article about facebook suing namecheap for allowing the registration of domains that can be used to compromise their brands. There has been a lot of discussion about registering domains with trademark names. It has been tempting to grab domains that probably could generate good traffic and affiliate commissions. It could work out, but more than likely if you build anything on one of these domains, you will be asked to stop using their brand. Its not a good idea to build your busi
Happy Monday WA Friends and Followers,This is a Follow up on Saturday's Post to my WA BlogHappening Again 5 Years AgoI did indeed get paid yesterday. Okay, I didn't actually receive cash, but a transfer to paypal account will spend like cash. It can also be withdrawn from my account. It is awesome to know that even if the 1st of the month falls on Sunday, we still get paid our referral commissions. I am always learning things at WA. Yesterday, while browsing WA member articles and questions, I
Yes, it is Leap Day, but 5 years ago I posted about getting paid on Sunday. WA pays affiliates on the first day of the month. At that time on February 28th, 2015, I had received payments for 20 straight months. Now, 5 years later, I can say that streak continues. It has been 79 straight months (80 tomorrow) of getting paid by Wealthy Affiliate Univeristy for simply referring members to this great community of affiliate marketers. Article from 5 years ago about getting paid on Sunday Thanks agai
February 27, 2020
Did you see a domain sold for $150,000? I just read an article that claims the domain 'bettingtips (dot) com" recently sold for $150,000. In the article, other domains sold for thousands of dollars. One guy paid $2200 for the domain of his last name, "LeCheminant (dot) com". Can you imagine having one of those domains to sell for thousands of dollars? It can happen to you!I have been a member of WA since 2012. I have seen some awesome success stories through the years. There are some members he
Nearly every domain registrar has a whois search where you can input a domain and find out information about that domain. Typically you can find out quickly if someone owns it and where it is currently sitting. I use the whois tool to find out where the domain was registered and try to figure out where the domain is being hosted.Of course, you can register a domain here at WA which provides great support for domains names. domain search on whois
Its been a long time since I was ranked under 200 here at WA. I know its not much but it is fun to be on the list of 200. even 198.Lets Drink Some WINE - Its National Drink Wine Day according to many of my friends on facebook, twitter and instagram.
Have you seen this before?Do you still have links on your website linking to google+ pages that show this content above? I still run across some old websites that I built for friends and old clients that have the social media button in the <follow> sections of their website. You wil notice a lot of pages that have links in the footer or header or maybe sidebar. I am swicthing the link instead of removing it.I have been removing or replacing links for the icons in the websites I still con
Several of my posts and trainings have been getting comments recently. Really cool to see stuff from years ago still getting notice.I have been looking back at posts from over 6 years ago. A lot of tips and advance I gave back then probably needs to be updated.This is one Contribution I posted years ago that is still pretty good info, especially to those that did not now you could do this on Google.Site Command on Google , Yahoo and BingDid you know you could do this on the search engines?