The 2014 Site Rubix Review – Is This Really the Easiest Website Builder?

Last Update: February 16, 2014

Hello Everyone!

This review is for every Starter and Premium member here to participate in that has gone on to build his or her website. I would like each of you to leave your personal review of the Site Rubix website builder that is used exclusively here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below on the following three questions:

    1) When first starting out, did you think that building a website was going to take you longer to accomplish and why?

    2) On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1=Hard and 10=Easy, how would you rate the use of the Site Rubix website builder used here at Wealthy Affiliate?

    3) Now that you have experienced the power of the Site Rubix website builder, would you recommend it to others looking to build a website and why?

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newventure Premium
As a complete newbie, I had no idea how to go about creating a website. I truly had no idea what it would take. Thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate.

The Site Rubix website builder made it a snap. I just had to pick a name for my site and chose a theme. At the click of a button, I had a website. I give it a big 10 rating.

I definitely recommend the Site Rubix website builder. Everything that I needed was included. I didn't need to know any programming language (thank goodness). I just followed the step-by-step instructions provided by WA and was able activate the pre-installed plug-ins without a hitch. I now have a quality website with which I can share my information to others. Cindy
wallwolf Premium
I had no idea how long it would take. Other systems I had tried took a while, were complicated and largely I gave up on them. My biggest project in the past cost me a huge amount, that was built for me.At the time I started, if I was honest, I didn't think I could build a good website.

I'd say that Site Rubix is about a 9 on the scale you are using. Surprisingly easy for the excellent results you can get. Just to keep a bit of perspective on this, last year I spent a month with 1&1. I'd give them a 4.That 4 is purely on their self build complexity...their service would get way less.

I already do recommend Site Rubix. I tend to be very cynical, I don't blame people for being sceptical when told that Site Rubix and WA are as good as they sound. The fact is with the free training on here and Site Rubix combined, I now build websites as good as the one I paid $3000 for.That is from nearly 0 knowledge of Wordpress and less than 0 of understanding when it came to SEO etc.

Jen090 Premium
HI. 1) I didn't really think it would be difficult for me to use it, being under WA's support. HOwever, I never thought it would be that easy when i tried it.
2.) It's a 10 for me being EASY, no frills, no technical issues with me. All I had to do was to follow the steps.
3.) Yes, I would definitely recommend Siterubix, especially for those who never had any experience with online affiliate marketing.
Mikell Premium
1. When I first started out I had no idea how long it would take to build a website. I am two months in and still tweaking but I am very proud of what I have accomplished. This would have been impossible if it were not for the help I received from Wealthy Affiliate.
2. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give the Site Rubix website builder a 10 on ease of use.
3. If you are like I was, I have been tinkering with website building for several years will little positive results. Since using Site Rubix website builder, I now have a site on line that I am very proud of.
womanlu Premium
hello, I did think that it would take a long time. I recently just came out of the dark ages and have come to accept the fact that technology is everywhere and if you want to go somewhere you had better know how. WA somehow has put together an amazing site that can take the most novice of users and make learning a real possibility.
2. 5 in the beginning and then after you start absorbing the info. in the lessons and asking and answering questions, i say 10. It didn't take long and the resources at WA are PHENOMENAL.
3. Absolutely recommend the WA program to learn the "how to's" concerning website building. Everything you need is here at WA. the lessons, the feedback, the technology, the community of others just like yourself, trying to make a way to better your life on the internet.
caio, Cyndi lu
burnzy Premium
1- yes I thought it would have been so much longer than it was. It was so easy a newbie to computers can set it up. I did.
3-yes. See answers 1 and 2! The ease of it and time it took to build a site was remarkable.
IMN Premium
1) I couldn't imagine that I could ever build a website. Everyone I knew who had their own website had hired a professional to build it - for thousands of dollars in some cases.
2) On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the siterubix website builder as 15. It's off-the-chart easy, thanks to the great training here at WA
3) Yes, because if I could build a siterubix website, anyone can! Also, it was fun!
stanh321 Premium I had some experience with this

2.10, good instructions

3.Very much so for free and you get a good professional looking site while you learn and shape the website to your liking,great tools also.
Bill67 Premium
1. Well they said you can do it in 30 Seconds. Having built a Website in 2006 using "Websites for dummies" and Dreamweaver. I was sceptical and surprised how fast it went for me.

2. 10 Plus

3. Yes would highly recommend Site Rubix
jodymiller Premium
1) oh yes. Had no idea what I was doing and thought the tech aspects would be way over my head. Stressed about that.
2) I would say, based on my answer to #1 that it was an 8. I got hung up on a couple of steps, but, all in all, it was much easier than I imagined.
3) Yes, because it's much easier than people who aren't techies might think. It brings the ability to build a website into the hands of everyone.
Hope this helps, Robert!
st2013 Premium
Hi boomergp08, when I first started out, I go according to the instructions given and its not difficult to build a website although it may take a bit longer as we are new.From the scale of 1 to 10, I should say is 9 and its not hard and would definitely recommend to those looking to build a website.
Cathy Ling Premium
1) Yes, because it sounds very technical and I don't have any background in IT.
2) 10
3) Highly recommendable. Easy step-by-step plus other great training/tutorials in WA.
Tracy47 Premium
1) I definitely thought that building a website would be tougher and take longer. I guess I was under that impression because people charge a lot of money to build sites so it must be difficult and time consuming, right? It ended up being a breeze and only taking a day to get it up and running.

2) 10

3) I would recommend it because the training at WA teaches you the "right" way to set up a Site Rubix website. It's great education and very user friendly.
OSherrie Premium
1. When starting out, to be honest I was lost. not a computer literate person, I had to stay focused. As I started taking the training I would say this is just what I needed to get me motivated. The site rubix is very simple using the instructions giving to set it up.
2. At Wealthy Affiliate I would give the site rubix a 9. Some of the transfers could be complicated. Although with the support you receive from the community, It was fairly easy.
3.I would say YES. It has to be the easiest way to get a website set up quickly. And I would recommend it to anyone.
mdvs42 Premium
Hi Robert
Im agreeing with stn67 down there, i'd give it a 6, WP scared me to no end! I avoided it like the plague for the longest time, for me it truly was overwhelming at first and kept me from accomplishing doing things the right way. I personally never used the site rubix because I upgrade immediately to premium but i would imagine its some what the same?
Also it appears the WP has no ending?
stn67 Premium
Hi Robert i will give it 9 its so easy to get started whit but its still wordpress and there are so many tool we have to learn to use the reigth way but as a start its the best
TravelHacker Premium
Hey Robert!

1) Well, yes and no.

Yes, I thought it would take me longer to actually build the website. It's amazing how easy it is to create and how WA gives us all the necessary tools to do so. There is a ton of detail and technical stuff that can always be added, which will obviously take more time, but the basics are easy.

As an example, last year I built a site for a camp in Russia I volunteer at each summer with the hope of raising money. I built it in one day, added content over the course of the week and promptly forgot about it. Because I wasn't continually adding content and promoting the site, it wasn't much of a fundraiser, but... This year as the season for filling out camp staff applications arrived, my inbox started filling with emails from potential staff members who wanted to know more about this camp. They had heard of it, googled it, and my webpage showed up. (The actual camp's website goes by the Russian name...)

No, not really, because building an authority, quality website is an ongoing process that is never finished. As cliche as it sounds, content is king and that is something that one should consistently be adding to any website.

2) 9. Starting to create the website is easy - and this coming from someone who is not technologically on the same level as the rest of my generation :) . Especially with the help of WA, it's a simple step-by-step process and even when there may seem to be a glitch or confusion, the community is always here to help and clarify...

3) Again, yes and no.

Yes; I think it's a great option for a 'practice website' or as a starter site that'll eventually be transferred to a personal domain or if someone is not sure whether internet marketing is something he really wants to get into. It's free and there's nothing any of us like better than free :) .

No; I believe that if one is serious about internet marketing, he should go directly with a private domain. Personally, as a reader, I will always go for a private domain over a siterubix one when offered with a choice of articles. Private domains can be bought for under $14/year, the cost of less than 3 lattes, and is definitely worth the investment.
Shawn Martin Premium
1. Yes, and I was surprised at how easy the builder here is.
2. 10 for sure
3.I promote it daily :)
tntgoodrich Premium
1. At first I thought it was going to faster than I ever thought was possible. But as I began to build I've been running into a lot of technical road blocks. So now I think it's going to take longer.
2. The site rubix, I'd say a 9 if you go with a simple theme. I have a complicated theme on my .com however and that is probably a 2.5 at this point.
3. I definitely would recommend it to others. And I have.
Gordi Premium
1. I thought it would take a web designer to build a website. A friend who had a business paid a thousand $ to have a site built.
2. About 9
3. Absolutely would recommend. It's easy and having a website is essential to reaching a wide audience for any business
TJ7774 Premium
1) I didn't think it could be SO EASY! I was amazed. Coming from someone who is a bit computer illiterate. It was easy to follow and accomplish.
2) I will say 8.5 (if you don't want halfs you can round up). Of course there is always room for improvement, but I was impressed.
3) Most definitely would recommend. It is simple, easy to follow and fast.
SowAndReap Premium
I thought it would take a long time to build a website, it turns out it was easy. I showed my daughter my website and now she wants to build one. I guess she thinks if I can do it, she definitely could do it. lol!
softwind Premium
1. Thought setting up a website would be so complex that it would take a long time to set up. It didn't and that was great!
2. Easy (10)
3. Absolutely would recommend to others because it makes having your own site a real possibility!
qbjack01 Premium
Thanks! I'm sure it's all a matter of learning it better and better.
mikegaudreau Premium
1 - No. I already had worked with Wordpress, Joomla, and a few others until l concluded that Wordpress with the fast installers were the best bet.
2 - 10 easy
3 - Yes. But other hosts provide similar tool such as Bluehost. Sometimes hosting elsewhere makes it easier to leave WA if you need to.
terryellen Premium
1. I have tried other web builders in the past and I found I spent a lot of time getting them set up.
2. It's a 10, very easy and fast. There is support if you do need help.
3. Absolutely
Blessings44 Premium
Hi Robert, here are the answers to your questions,

1) Yes, I had no experience at all, and looking at websites on the net just made it look like a HUGE task that would take a lot of time!

2) 10 EASY!!

3) Yes I would. a) It's free, no hosting costs.
b) Free support
c) The opportunity to monetize your site.
janicebowles Premium
1) I have some experience of setting up WordPress Blogs and I can do them very quickly and I knew the theme I wanted to use. However when I used the Site Rubix Website Builder I was impressed and never seen anything so fast before.
2) It's a 10 no hesitation about it.
3) You bet!
Litsa Premium
1) I too, have had some small experience on building a site, I really think it comes down to choosing the right theme. After changing my enitial one, I found one that I could build very fast and easily.

2)10. As simple as A, B, C.

3) Yes I would recommend it, but to be honest, if I had no assistance I don't know if I would have found it so easy.
Stephanie33 Premium
Before I found Wealthy Affiliate I had already had several false starts. I had purchased many "aids", joined several "programs" and attempted Wordpress with Wordpress tutorials and even studied HTML on the recommendation of one of several IM newsletters to which I subscribed. I owned domain names, bought hosting and several "widgets" not having a clue what any of those things actually were or how to use them. All I got was more confused. When I began my membership with Wealthy Affiliate I was discouraged. I had no confidence that I would succeed at making a webpage at all. The fact that my page was up and running within 5 lessons was nothing short of a miracle. To answer your second question I give it a 10. Easy, easy, easy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this builder to anyone with a desire to have a website. It's a great experience to create and then to run your own website. The internet is an amazing tool to use and it's very encouraging to be able to learn how to use it. It's not the exclusive domain of the techies anymore.
AntoniOom Premium
Hi Robert. These are my comments on your questions.
1) What do you mean with : taking longer to accomplish?
longer than you thought it would take? longer than you expected it to realise? longer than the lessons are suggesting you to take?
My answer is that the expectation you have strongly correpondends with the time you (can) spend on getting acquainted with all new items etc.
2) I rate it at 10 and this is due to the perfect explanation and step by step building structure.
3) Yes, i certenly advice others - interested in building a website - to have a look and try out the possibilioties WAU can offer.
Regards Antonius
egonsarv Premium
1. I had built websites before but using HTML and website building software like Dreamweaver, etc. I had not used Wordpress before so I it was impressive that it was that easy and fast.

2. I would rate 8 as it was really easy but if you had never used it before, it was still a little bit confusing first to figure out what next :)

3. Now I would recommend. Why:

3.1 It is free;
3.2 Easy to build and quite a few themes available;
3.3 you get ad-free website (different from Wix com)
3.4 With Siterubix you join Wealthy Affiliate community and so have an access to it's training resources, help and support. So you don't get only a free website but also all the resources to build it in a proper way.
nomda ploom Premium
answering to say that I can't answer- I missed out SR and went straight to wordpress some 4 years ago.
IMO, there is another market for SR in that it is best used a proving ground and confidence builder...Andy
KatieMac Premium
1. When I started out thought it would take me longer, I have no real knowledge of on line business and am not proficient in I.T.
2. would give it a 10
3.I would recommend it, the training is easy to follow, you can go at your own pace, there is always someone to help when your stuck and there is ongoing training from the community as well as WA.
heart2hearts Premium
1) really easy to use rubix site because of clear instructions and tutoriels .
2)10 even i had for myself difficulties to pût everything in practice .
3) i reommend it to others because an easy way to start online business. Once again step by step n clear indications, help from others very Quick when I was needing . And many more . The only thing to be not stuck in alway follow the goals and keep firmly obstinate in action. Thanks !
masirois Premium
1) When I started out (not that long ago) I thought I'd need a whole training course just to build a website. All the coding and interfaces that go on in the background, are virtually invisible with Site Rubix. Just pick a name and a theme and you're in business. I had no idea the 3 little steps in Site Rubix are things I could do in my sleep....
2) I'd rate this an ease rank of 10, unless your ideal domain name is already taken, and then it drops to 9 only because coming up with a site name is already taxing. I own my domain now, but it's hard to have to keep trying out new names when you're starting out.
3) I would recommend it as a starting place to building a site. If you're new you should have a "sandbox" site where you can play - try things out and learn how things work. Once you have a stronger focus, I would say buy your domain and build the site through Site Rubix builder, host it at WA and kick back. This might be the easiest thing you ever do on your website! Enjoy it :)
georama Premium
1. Never ever thought that I can build my website on my own but I did on trial n error basis.
3. Yes definitely if a dud like me can do it will be much easier and pleasing for others.
posinfo Premium
1) It has taken me longer than I thought. The number of options and plugins and features that are available have been a bit overwhelming.

2. 7 I do not have a technical background and found some aspects of the process a bit daunting. However there have been parts of website building that just clicked into place. I think that learning any new skill that is worthwhile will present some challenges.

3. I would definitely recommend it and would urge people who are new to this area to not expect to build Rome in a day. However it can be done if you put in some time and effort.
M W Mihalicz Premium
1. It took about as long as I thought it would. The fact that it was instantly on the internet surprised me. It said "Just another WordPress site" but it was out there. The fact that it was out there live made me want to get it looking presentable pronto.

2. 9. The hardest part for me was choosing a WordPress theme. I recall that was a little overwhelming but not really hard. Just hard to decide.

3. I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to take a whirl at creating a website just because of its simplicity in getting it on-line and WordPress is quite user friendly.
JCDelight007 Premium
1. I have never built a website before so I thought it would take longer.
2. 8
3. yes
forsthomas Premium
1. I thought that it would be abit difficult ´cause I´ve used some chracked programs Before which was not so easy to use.
2. 8 ´cause for me it´s most the English language who troubles me sometimes.
3. I would sure recommend it to others it is easy even for a Swed like me ;)
Pearlie Premium
I . I really thought it would take a much longer time to build a website seeing I have no experience in this area
2. I would give it a 10 seems very easy for a beginner like me.
3. I would recommend it to everyone looking to build a site.Its easy and you get some good templates.
KatieMac Premium
I thought it would take me longer as I have absolutely no experience in this area.
2. 8
3. yes I would
macey321 Premium
1) Didn't know what to think. I thought it was a scam of some kind. Where I was going to be left trying to figure out what to do to build a website.
2) I would rate this as a #10. Seemed very simple. And I enjoyed it.
3) I would recommend this Site-Rubix website to any one wanting a free web site and an easy site to build. It couldn't be easer............Frank
dembler Premium
1) I use to customer build websites for a living
2) I give it a 8 only because as a programmer I would like to customize the templates however it is very easy for the beginner
3) I would recommend it cause it is easy to use and has a lot of nice templates
mackiejw Premium
Hello Robert, here is my 5 cents worth

1) When starting out I really did not have any expectancy about building a website. About 8 years ago, a friend and I tried to build a website using one of the "free site builders", but gave up soon because we both were working full time and had not time to really learn the know how.
I thought it would be a rather long process.

2) I was surprised how easy and fast it is to create the frame work for a good looking site. I give it an 8-point rating.

3) Yes, I recommend Site Rubix which builds a WordPress website in less than 3 minutes. But this is not the only reason. More important is the excellent training provided to WA members, even to those that decide to take advantage of the "free membership" option, to build out their free site.rubix websites, i.e. mastering the use of sub menus, categories, blog roll vs pages and much more).

I am a Premium Member with 2 .com domains and still use site.rubix to maintain ONE site for test purposes only. You know, trying different things without having to risk messing something up.

boomergp08 Premium
Yes, I too maintain 1 free site rubix website for testing purposes only for my other .com domains.
qbjack01 Premium
1. Longer. I never knew how to even start before.
2. 8
3. Yes. WordPress is a software that we need to learn no matter what. The support factor within WA makes the difference. Remember...if this was easy, everyone would be doing it!!!
Bill67 Premium
1. I thought it would take me longer to build my Web Site. A few years ago(2006). I built a Web Site using Dreamweaver. Seems like it took over 2 weeks to get everything set up with 13 hr days and a lot of Frustration.
2. 10 If you have ever tried to build a Web Site before on your own you would also pick 10.
3. Yes I would highly recommend Site Rubix. The free step-by-step instructions make it so easy for the first time builders. Those that have built Web Sites before will also like the Site Rubix. I find some of the Themes frustrating to work with. But overall still will give it a 10.
Wardlib Premium
1. No as I tried other building websites, normally they must be user friendly so quick to figure out
2. 8
3. Would recommend, user friendly and free
tweet76 Premium
I don't have a lot of experience building a website , but I did think it was going to be a little harder than it actually was . It was very easy to build a website and transfer my domain . I would give it a 9 .
marifehirst Premium
I used site rubix when i first create my website. I don't have any background about it, what I did was following the video tutorial. After I purchase my own domain I just move my website from site rubix to my own domain. I will definitely recommend it to others especially to newbies who don't have any background of making website. I'll give it a 9.
terryellen Premium
I'll give it a 9, would like to see spell checker in the kitchne sink
KellisAngel Premium
Hi, I have had previous experience with creating and editing my salon websites using the Drupal system so I already knew that the basic layout of pages, content, etc, wouldn't take long therefore I knew that this wouldn't take too long, The great thing about a content managed website is that you have full control over every aspect of your content, whether that be theme, colours, page content, layout etc. There are a lot of free website builders out there, but the majority of them will only give you a fraction of the template choices that you have available within Site Rubix, also you tend to find that there is not as much flexibility on editing these templates. For this reason & for ease of use, I would give a score of 9 overall and yes I would recommend this website builder to others. Very straight forward to use & lots of additional extras.. :-)
jimisbell Premium
At first I was a little apprehensive, but soon got the jist of everything and all went rather well. Didn't have a time frame in mind.
I would rate it a high 8 for ease of use.
Yes I would definitely recommend Site Rubix website builder to anyone willing to put in a little effort and utilize what is offered.
Great Tool!!!!..........Jim
Tanti1969 Premium
1. Same for me
2. 8 - Easy
3. Yes, it is free.
pwilliams568 Premium
Hi Robert
1) I thought it would take a lot longer mainly due to my lack of knowledge
2) Definitely a 9.5, just the odd thing I didn't understand but sorted out in no time with the fantastic help here
3) Yes, because it's simple and FREE

Hope things are on the up for you. Regards, Paul
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Paul and yes, things with the family are getting better.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Robert.

1) no - but I've been building web sites and applications for a long time

2) 8 - it's WordPress - once you get to know it, it's easy - but there is a learning curve, which if you give it time - you'll master. There are other "drag/drop" builders out there, that are themed for your niche already (ie. colours, page layouts, pictures etc) and also come with lots of stock images. So in that respect, to beginners, other site builders can appear better - but those builders also have their limitations.

3) Yes I would - there are thousands of themes out there, thousands of plugins - if you spend a little time looking, you can make your website look/feel and have whatever functionality you could ever want.

All the best, Mark
stn67 Premium
I havent spend a minute whit site rubix jet i was so exitet that i join wa an create a domain but i think i will create a review and maby start build my danish page whit it before i create my domain
divadejunk Premium
I've built other Word Press websites before and the Site Rubix website builder was much easier. The most difficult part was choosing a theme. I'll give it a 9 and I would definitely recommend it to others because of the excellent tutorials.
DC574 Premium
Not totally related but has anyone tried Adobe Muse and does it integrate with Wordpress. Is it worth combining or changing?
Warner43 Premium
I have no experience with Adobe Muse but I read a review written by a professional webdisigner: His conclusion: "...if you're unfamiliar with Adobe products - I would staying away. It's too difficult
He mentions other disadvantages: Missing Key Features. Blogs you have to host somewhere else . Hosting your blog off website is bad for the SEO benefits of a blog. If a professional web-disigner says this, I would advise you not to use Adobe Muse.
If you follow tte lessons here and make use of al the advise and training, you are able to become step by step a "professional webdesigner" yourself . Much easier and last but not least much cheaper :)
I think that "the power of the Rubix website builder" is unique!
Together with all the experience with this builder here and so on., and so on.........
Warner43 Premium
I found an answer to your question if A.M. does integrate with WP:
"On wordpress website they are saying it's possible by adding a php code into a current PHP page... but muse only does HTML"
DC574 Premium
Thanks Warner, I am fairly competent with Wordpress as far as design and function I was just wondering if there was anything that could be added or enhanced with Muse as I am familiar with Adobe products and the integration of the likes of photoshop etc. I was just thinking about future uses for my Portfolio where I will be using many different Adobe products on my Diploma course.
Warner43 Premium
Sorry, I didn't know you were familiar with Adobe products. I understand now that you need it for your portfolio.
Perhaps you can try to find experts here ,who can help you?
May be that experts succeed in integrating it with Wordpress. It could be that there is experience with it in the WA community.
nomda ploom Premium
not used as I have a different process to build site...., but anything which helps newbies get to grips with the process and feel a sense of achievement to boost them along the route is fine.
It is not what things do, but what and how they make you feel...
JenniUK Premium
I've used other website builders before that we're easier to use but just don't look as good and obviously don't have all the WA training and step by step tutorials. I've found siterubix easy enough and very worth learning to use.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a 9

I would definitely recommend it to others because even if you've never built a website before, the step by step videos are fantastic and the sites you can create look amazing.
Trialynn Premium
I already had bluehost when I came, and have not used Site Rubix.
Ayrean Premium
When first starting out I was already excited about the program so the thought of if the website would be hard to build or take a long time to do. I pretty much live on this site now so I am finding my way around.

On a scale I WOULD GIVE IT 8, there are still so things I haven't figured out yet.

After my personal experience, yes I would recommend the Site Rubix website builder, it's the quickest way to gain an overstanding of what a site consist of.