The 2014 Site Rubix Review – Is This Really the Easiest Website Builder?

Last Update: February 16, 2014

Hello Everyone!

This review is for every Starter and Premium member here to participate in that has gone on to build his or her website. I would like each of you to leave your personal review of the Site Rubix website builder that is used exclusively here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below on the following three questions:

    1) When first starting out, did you think that building a website was going to take you longer to accomplish and why?

    2) On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1=Hard and 10=Easy, how would you rate the use of the Site Rubix website builder used here at Wealthy Affiliate?

    3) Now that you have experienced the power of the Site Rubix website builder, would you recommend it to others looking to build a website and why?

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DC574 Premium
Not totally related but has anyone tried Adobe Muse and does it integrate with Wordpress. Is it worth combining or changing?
Warner43 Premium
I have no experience with Adobe Muse but I read a review written by a professional webdisigner: His conclusion: "...if you're unfamiliar with Adobe products - I would staying away. It's too difficult
He mentions other disadvantages: Missing Key Features. Blogs you have to host somewhere else . Hosting your blog off website is bad for the SEO benefits of a blog. If a professional web-disigner says this, I would advise you not to use Adobe Muse.
If you follow tte lessons here and make use of al the advise and training, you are able to become step by step a "professional webdesigner" yourself . Much easier and last but not least much cheaper :)
I think that "the power of the Rubix website builder" is unique!
Together with all the experience with this builder here and so on., and so on.........
Warner43 Premium
I found an answer to your question if A.M. does integrate with WP:
"On wordpress website they are saying it's possible by adding a php code into a current PHP page... but muse only does HTML"
DC574 Premium
Thanks Warner, I am fairly competent with Wordpress as far as design and function I was just wondering if there was anything that could be added or enhanced with Muse as I am familiar with Adobe products and the integration of the likes of photoshop etc. I was just thinking about future uses for my Portfolio where I will be using many different Adobe products on my Diploma course.
Warner43 Premium
Sorry, I didn't know you were familiar with Adobe products. I understand now that you need it for your portfolio.
Perhaps you can try to find experts here ,who can help you?
May be that experts succeed in integrating it with Wordpress. It could be that there is experience with it in the WA community.
nomda ploom Premium
not used as I have a different process to build site...., but anything which helps newbies get to grips with the process and feel a sense of achievement to boost them along the route is fine.
It is not what things do, but what and how they make you feel...
JenniUK Premium
I've used other website builders before that we're easier to use but just don't look as good and obviously don't have all the WA training and step by step tutorials. I've found siterubix easy enough and very worth learning to use.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a 9

I would definitely recommend it to others because even if you've never built a website before, the step by step videos are fantastic and the sites you can create look amazing.
Trialynn Premium
I already had bluehost when I came, and have not used Site Rubix.
Ayrean Premium
When first starting out I was already excited about the program so the thought of if the website would be hard to build or take a long time to do. I pretty much live on this site now so I am finding my way around.

On a scale I WOULD GIVE IT 8, there are still so things I haven't figured out yet.

After my personal experience, yes I would recommend the Site Rubix website builder, it's the quickest way to gain an overstanding of what a site consist of.