Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? - What Are Your Thoughts?

Last Update: September 10, 2015

People searching for a legit way to make money online from home tend to see a lot of posts about WA and ask, is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it? Now I am not going to say that it is because I want YOU, the Wealthy Affiliate Community, to tell the people online searching for an opportunity if you believe it is.

Soon after this blog gets published it will be indexed into Google and the other search engines for the world to read. I also will be including a link to this blog on my website this week, so that my website visitors can read current up-to-date feedback from you, the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


Removing myself as a contributor and looking at it as a regular member, I feel the Wealthy Affiliate Community is like no other on the internet. It is the most helpful I have ever experienced anywhere! But don’t take my word for it, you people who are not yet members, let the Wealthy Affiliate Community tell you in their own words.


Please help to tell the online world and my website readers who are not yet members, what you think of the Wealthy Affiliate experience. It does not matter if you are a newbie or a veteran, please answer the three questions below honestly.



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Igor13 Premium
Hi Robert!
Here are my answers to your questions:

1) Wealthy Affiliate is worth its costs! Definitely!

2) The community is super fast in answering the questions and in helping others. The answers and help are very accurate, up-to-date and informative. I can only propose to join the community and engage as much as possible! There are answers available to anyone about anything relevant online!

3) WA is a comprehensive, educative, informative, friendly, up-to-date and easy to join the community and the right place to be when it comes to learning and acquiring needed skills and knowledge about making money online and building a sustainable long-term online business.

It is important to say, that WA is not a place for the people who are looking for a "quick-making-money-scheme" without gaining skills and knowledge in the "all-around" field of making money online, because it is not.

Anyone who is willing to get started as a Starter for free or as a Premium Paid member with the goal to start learning, engaging, promoting and to stay persistence will gain success!

in any case, WA is for anybody, the beginner, advanced online marketer and pro marketers!

I am glad to be part of it!

Best regards!
BelieveItYes Premium
1. yes yes yes and yes, totally worth it.. even when i got started and wasn't earning anything I didn't care i was paying... I was just grateful i'd found the community
2. it's super fast. I often get answers to my questions within SECONDS lol... I never worry when I'm stuck or frustrated because I know there'll always be someone, out there, ready to help me out.. it's just awesome! And I love helping back too, it's so great I'd sign up all over again if I could lol
3. Hmmmmmmm well there are tons of things I love about WA, but I'd say the spam free environment, the fact that you feel safe within WA. It's not a scam and the people (including the owners) really want to help. The trainings, tools and everything is awesome but the community and support is just UNIQUE! =)
SongbirdDL Premium
1. Yes, wealthy affiliate is worth the $47.
2. I have had nothing but instant help from members of the Wealthy Affiliate.
3. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to others because you don't walk the journey alone and that saves anyone from the loneliness that comes with trying to do it on your own, besides there is a world of knowledge within WA, all in one, that is unparalleled.
SuzQ Premium
1. Yes, WA is worth the cost of membership. The opportunity is there to save by paying for the year. In a world that takes and takes, to find a community that gives is worth more than that. But the cost fits struggling budgets. My degree that cost thousands isn't as applicable over time and the community was not anywhere near as helpful. WA growns to keep pace with changes.
2. With so many means of getting ones answers to questions, there doesn't seem to be a problem with getting answers, demos, links, and more.
3. Yes, would and do recommend to others. The free cost is like taste testing at a fair to see if you want to purchase the experience of what you tasted. It works. It reduces fear of the unknown. It's inviting.
debzo Premium
1. $47 US is a significant investment for me because I'm working from Australia and our dollar is decidedly crap ATM. I do intend to lower this for myself before next month by joining up on an annual basis, which is a significant reduction. I also have made a rule for myself that I will not buy one single new product until I have taken advantage of everything WA has to offer. So that will actually probably be never :)

2.Lightening fast and I just found out that referrers are notified of their referees questions so if you have a good one it's even faster than that. Honestly I am a technophobe and could not do this without the help I get on WA.

3. See 1 and 2. Also because IM can be a lonely challenge and having a supportive community just makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.
pas1745 Premium
Hello, Robert, First, I want to express how this is a good idea for you to get answers to the questions below.
About the $47.00 membership fee, I pay each month. The membership fee is very reasonable taking consideration to what I am receiving. All types of training and technical support when needed. I am getting free hosting for my websites.
The Wealthy Affiliate Community is very helpful for answering questions promptly. You are very useful in your blogs. Members can save money on images from the blog you did on finding free pictures. The free images have saved me money; I was purchasing images prior to reading your blog. I am trying to go forward with seeing how I can offer help. Many times when I do a blog, I get a lot of comments about other ways things can be done.
I feel that the members should do a blog and explain things by other means. Explaining in their point of views may be clearer to the community here.
Other than being able to join free, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because this is an honest organization where you don't worry about being scammed. There are many programs where you can make commissions here at Wealthy Affiliate. Take care, Prince
PeterShelton Premium
Honestly ? I will ever be thankful for the day that I finally discovered what I had been looking for, Honesty and integrity. I would find it hard to put a true value on the training, the education, the depth of knowledge, the support, the inspiration, the encouragement, that I have found here at Wealthy Affiliate. And, it doesn't stop.
KatieMac Premium
No WA is always evolving and it has to since the internet is to, I agree this is all is says it is and more and it works, have a good weekend
Darwyn Premium
Hey Robert, thanks for this post and the opportunity to give my 2 cents worth on WA.

A message to the masses.
If you are like me and many others who have trawled the net relentlessly to learn something about internet marketing only to find little tit bits of information here and there with huge upsells at the end of it? Those days were finished when I stumbled upon this platform trying to find something real!

1) Yes it is worth it's weight in gold. You could not put a price on the amount of resources there are here. Literally, if you could I reckon it would be in the $10,000's. No joke.

2) The Community? Ahhh The Community. Full of proper, experienced, no-nonsense professionals who will help you with anything at the drop of a hat. It really is a 24hr platform as the members are from all over the world.

3) Would I recommend it to others? No brainer. I already have, to lots of friends and family interesting in going online properly to create or enhance their business in the crazy world of the internet. Even if they were just starting from scratch.

So there you have my 2 cents worth on WA Robert and thanks for asking. ;)

Mark1957 Premium
Hi Rob

1 - There is no question that Wealthy Affiliate is well worth the money...with the amount of training, education and support it's actually worth a lot more so $47 monthly is an absolute bargain.

2 - The Wealthy Affiliate community has a wealth of expert members who are only too happy to give back by being on hand to help anybody who needs it, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

3 - The Free Starter Membership offers the perfect opportunity for anybody to come along and have a look at what's available inside the platform, experience the support of the community and even build themselves two free websites without ever having to spend a cent or even enter any payment details.
It truly is the best platform available on the net for anybody who is interested in building a sustainable and profitable online business. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate without any reservations whatsoever.

NWTDennis Premium
1) Yes, but really makes it worth it is doing an annual membership which discounts the fee to about $30 a month.
2) Very responsive. I especially like the My Questions tab where you can get clarifications. I find that responders tend to be the more advanced members.
3) The best internet business training platform on the web ... honest, sincere, no hype.
boucherda Premium
1. Yes
2. Absolutely - where else would you get help like this.
3. There are so many scams around that it is important to recognise when you have one that isn't - and WA certainly is not. $47 per month is small change for what you get - a complete learning experienceon setting up an online business. Personally I glady pay $47 a month just for the learning experience.
LLiu Premium
My answers to the questions asked, and my honest thoughts as a newbie...

1) Yes it is most definitely worth the $47 per month. I started out for free and when I saw what they had to offer in training, I went to $47 per month. Then I saw the savings, even when it was a little tight for me...I did the yearly, and it was the best thing I ever did. I really feel good about it.

2) When it comes to speed, I was really surprised when I had a question. As soon as I asked a question I had an answer to my question. It was really helpful, because I could continue with my work and did not have to wait for a long time. It gives a person confident's in knowing that some one is there for you, and also it say's allot about there support community.

3) It is the most beneficial program, to achieve your on line business. I don't know of a any program out there that can even come close to what WA has to offer, and to help you learn all that one needs to know, about the affiliate business.

I was impressed with how many ethnic groups there were from all over the world and professionally.
When it came to knowing about the internet business, I new very little. I needed to work from home, because of my particular circumstances, as many of us do. There is nothing that can compare to the Wealthy Affiliate program, and what it has to offer.
It has one of the best support community's I have ever seen. if you have a question, they are there to help you. You are able to work at your own pace.
They teach you of so many ways to make money. They have rules and they stand by them with integrity. I feel very blessed to have found them, and I am sure you will too. They stand by what they say, and that is pretty important to me!
Judy-B Premium
My answers are
1. Yes, and even better when a person goes yearly.
2. I think the community is fast in answering a questions. At least that has been my experience. It always wow's me when I ask a question and five to ten minutes later I have an answer.
3. If a person really wants to learn how to build a business, this is the best place with all the help and lessons, tutorials, and reading others blogs; everything is here. I've tried other places and I was lost and people were rude and didn't care. It's not like that here. Here it's like family and best friends.
Judy :)
TheFatGuy Premium
Answers to the questions
#1. No it is not worth it when you can go full year and get a huge discount for it, better yet if you wait till black Friday deal you can get an even better deal. So I would say sign up for the full year on black Friday weekend.

#2 The community as a whole is slow, there are many individuals who step up to help many, you are among them, others either hold back or let something else hold them up from voicing themselves. I have been guilty of this in the past, see that someone else has given the person in need an answer and not put in my two cents to give them another point of view. Everyone does it different, what works for one may not work for others and therefore it is better to have some options.

#3 I best recommendation of why to join wealthy affiliate is there is not a less expensive way to stay on top of everything going on in the world of internet marketing. You could try to stay on top of it yourself but why do that when for $300 a year I can have the help of 400K doing it with me. That is the beauty of WA, there is so much to learn but you do not have to know it all because there is a plethora of information here.

My answers may not please some, but they are not a cut on the WA community. I have been here for 5+ years and I have no intention of leaving, if even just for the reason stated in #3. I love this community, have made many friends here, but these are my honest answers to the questions you asked.

I am always at your service,

boucherda Premium
What happened to your signature sign off?
TheFatGuy Premium
Sorry got in a hurry and missed it, I added, thanks for the pick up on it. LOL
JohnMks Premium
1: It is worth it!!
2. WA is so fast it is almost unbelivable! Everytime that I have asked a question I get an answer within five minutes! After an hour I have maybe 3-5 answers!
3. I recommend WA to you that wants to learn to make an income online... I will never turn to another (make money online) place again. I am here to stay!
olivingstone Premium
1. Definitely. For $47 a month, you not only get help, advice and moral support, you also get:
- hosting
- the keyword tool
- training
- technical support
- constructive feedback
and so much more.

2. The WA community are the most selfless group of people who share knowledge, experience and sound advice. They genuinely want people to succeed and the support and help is tremendous.

3. Apart from all of the above, you will build your business so much faster and so much better than without WA.
TonyHamilton Premium
Robert, below is my blog from today. A fellow Wealthy Affiliate Friend said that I should share it here as a testimony

Wealthy Affiliate is worth way more than the $47 per month cost & even more worth it when You go yearly for the great discount as I did.

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best community on the internet for help and support and it isn't even close.

I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to new as well as seasoned internet affiliate marketers because the value has to be felt to be realized.

Hello Wealthy Affiliate Friends,

I am back from my Labor Day week off and happy to see everyone here.

We had a great time in Northern Michigan fishing, camping, swimming, kayaking and enjoying nature.

Although we did not have access to modern technology at all up there I was more than happy to see upon my return that my website had generated the best week ever for me.

Not just by a small amount but by an increase of about 45%

My commissions and income had already been growing steadily in the past 6 years but since joining Wealthy Affiliate under 3 months ago my website has been producing even better commissions and referrals and now I am on pace not to just reach my goals but to blow them out of the water and set some much higher goals.

My goals are not just to produce an income for myself but also for any Friends & Family who would also like to earn an income from anywhere in the World with the internet. Helping Friends & Family earn an income from home on the Internet is so rewarding and I love to see others succeed.

Thank You Wealthy Affiliate Friends,

Tony is the original link
Bruns Premium
Hi Tony! That is great news! I am wondering if you may have any tips for me as I am starting new with Wealthy Affiliate?
KatieMac Premium
In response to your questions I would say the $47 a month for membership is well worth the investment, it is an education program that gives excellent training and support.

As for the community their input and assistance to many other have been invaluable, the respond quickly and at times talk us by the hand and walk us through

I have no hesitation in recommending Wealthy Affiliate it is a program of integrity, delivers what it says it does, makes no false claims. I have learned so much here and have achieved stuff that I never thought I could do.. no barriers to age, health, sex or country you live in a true global community of like minded people working together to help each other succeed
RobinTheresa Premium
Yes Wealthy Affiliate is worth the $47 per month membership cost. There are so many services available and the help of a knowledgeable and supportive community makes it well worth the cost.

Many times I have needed help, I post it in the discussion threads the search question box or in the chat room and I usually have an immediate answer on one in a few minutes.

The training Wealthy Affiliate has provided made it possible for me to create a website and given me the knowledge I needed to make it successful. I would not have been able to do this on my own. The support and community have made this a very enjoyable experience.
It is wonderful to be able to gain insights from others creating a successful business. Their willingness to share what works and what is less effective is valuable information and help. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone interested in learning more or wanting to improve an existing website.
Martstervt Premium
1. You can't get an education of this magnitude for $47, other than the U of hard Knocks, And that has a cost as well.
2.Very promt answers to questions and problems.
3. I would recommend WA as an affordable means to achieve you dreams and goals.

Inspiration1 Premium
Question 1: The reality is that in to-day’s time everyone is cautious and suspicious while dealing in the internet. There are obvious reasons for that. Nobody from outside can really imagine the extent of resources one can get by paying $47 per month at Wealthy Affiliate. To achieve success one requires, desire, resources, hard work and persistence. To be very frank anybody who has a desire and can manage only this much of expenditure of $47 per month can get all the resources required to run his own online business. Resources are so much that $47 is ridiculously small amount. If only one can continue with the other two most important requirements of hard work and persistence then sky is the limit. The resources available at Wealthy Affiliate have answers to any kind of problems and difficulties one can possibly face in an online business without any extra expenditure.

Question 2: In my more than two years of presence at Wealthy Affiliate I have never seen that I was not answered to any of my questions or issues and that too so quick. Everyone is ready here to help others. It has become a culture of this place that members are always ready to jump with an answer to any problem raised by any member. Nowhere in the internet, may one possibly find such prompt response.

Question 3: Yes I would definitely recommend others to join Wealthy Affiliate provided they have a desire, they can do hard work and can remain persistent with it. There is a very simple reason for this. We are in the age of internet. For doing any kind of activity whether social work or any kind of business, one will require to have online presence. Without knowledge about the rules of online business it is not sensible to start anything. If one wants to outsource it, initially it may be very costly and blind dependence on others. I therefore, truly understand that by getting training here at Wealthy Affiliate one can start his own business with confidence even while he continues to learn.
wendyk Premium
1. Of course it is! The training here at WA is like no other and the ability to create websites and host them here is the biggest plus of all.
2. You can get help 24/7. I think it is really neat to be chatting with someone who is on the other side of the globe. Pretty cool.
3. I recommend WA to anyone who wants to make money online because the skills I learned here was what helped me finally get results.
Marcus1978 Premium
Okay, I'm going to be totally honest here. It's mostly positive, but I think it's important to be honest so that people get all the facts (as I see them).

1) The training here is more up-to-date than you would probably get in a college course on the same topic. WA is far cheaper than college, and you will learn far more at WA that you can immediately put into practice to get things moving.

Will you earn your membership fee back within the first few months? Probably not. This is a long-term investment, but definitely not as long-term as paying to go to college.

People wishing to work in the "make money online" niche will be able to stay here indefinitely, because promoting WA itself will eventually more than cover your membership fee. People deciding to work in their own chosen niche may get the training done in a month or two and then be able to leave to continue their success on their own. It depends on whether they think that the community and ongoing additional training is worth sticking around for, which I will explain in my next point.

2) I've never met a more supportive bunch of people, especially in the internet marketing world. If you have any problems or questions, you can be sure you will get help or feedback really quickly. HOWEVER, I believe there is a flip-side to all this, because:

This community can also serve as a distraction. If you're not careful, the community at WA does have the potential to become just another time-waster like Facebook. It is set up to encourage you to follow lots of people and engage in live chat. Unless you are self-disciplined, I can see how some people could spend most of their day interacting with others like this rather than working on their website.

But I love how people create their own training here, and also offer their own little nuggets of information and wisdom. It's picking those out among the overal social noise that is the key.

3) I would recommend WA to someone who:
a) Is serious about building an online business.
b) Has self-discipline to work at home without getting too distracted.
c) Is good at writing great website content, or has the potential to get good at it.

I would NOT recommend WA to someone who:
a) Is looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.
b) Lacks self-discipline and time management abilities.
c) Is more interested in chatting to people than working on their business. Although it is great to engage within the community (as I am doing here), if that's what you're mainly here for, just stick with Facebook.
boomergp08 Premium
Kf12 Premium
To be honest, there is no amount of money charge for the training at the wealthy affiliate that is equal to the training that you get.
The value at the wealthy affiliate is worth more $5,000 per training if you compare and contrast the learning and the results the training you get will result at the beginning and later in the long run; you will see that even at $47 per month the training is "ALL" free including all the materials and support from the community.
The method that they use to teach at wealthy affiliate is so simple that a layman can find his way so easy to run a business online with little effort and much support from the institute and the entire community members.
It is amazing at the rate of speed you will get help from the community. Before at the count of 3 you will get tons of response and answer at any level, any niche, every category.
Some will follow you up to make sure that everything is alright.
Wealthy affiliate is something that I recommend to myself, my family and my friends.
I am proud that I own a website where I promote wealthy affiliate because it is the greatest service today on earth designed to empower mankind and an easy way to eradicate poverty and create any easy way of life even for the future generation.
Jackiex4 Premium
Hello Robert,
1) Like anything else, it all comes down to value for money doesn't it?
I have to admit that there have been times when $47 has seemed like a huge amount to pay out but the return on this cost is priceless. Personally, I pay for very few things that give me the value for money that I get from Wealthy Affiliate and its community.

2) Super speedy:)
Live Chat has been my saviour on so many occasions. The help and advice I've received has been relevant and immediate.
If I need a more detailed response then the discussion forum is sometimes just as immediate. The good thing about the discussion forum is the information is available for other members to see and to refer to when needed.

3) All of the above and so much more.
The community is second to none - it is so lovely to be able to call on friends for help, advice or just a chat and a giggle.
The support team have never failed me even when I ask for help on some very trivial or strange problems.
Having Kyle and Carson on hand is a huge bonus. Not only for their expertise but hearing about their trials, tribulations and personal stories gives us (the members) a feeling of belonging an extended family.
Training - enough said really
Jay and his WAbinars are astounding. I have learnt so much from them and go back over them time and time again. He makes me laugh as well:)
In the end, I'd be lost without WA. I've been here over two years and imagine I'll never stop learning or needing help and know this is the place to be.

It's good to see you, Robert. I hope all is well with you.
Take care
scubajoe Premium
Is membership worth it? Personally I would say it is worth a great deal more than $47 a month considering all that is available to members. You're talking here about a state of the art hosting platform combined with years and years of experience from successful marketers all laid out in simple step by step programs for even absolute beginners to understand and follow. You could spend years of your life trying to search the net for even a portion of what is available to you here 24/7. Add to the that the consistent updates, live training and research and info added by members consistently.

As for the community, well what can you say other than remarkable, responsive and caring. A great bunch of people only to willing to help each other realize our dreams. Although we all have different niches and goals there seems to be a common goal of success and self improvement in this field. Whenever a problem may arise for even the most internet savvy of us the community will always respond with positive direction and answers.

I would highly recommend this program for all the above reasons. Added to that I truly believe anyone looking to learn the art of affiliate marketing to enhance the quality of their life and income should take a serious look at this. After all you don't know what you don't know until you are shown and this program will make you aware of so much more and guide you to success in the smoothest fashion.

Ultimately I could never write enough here to truly convey how much you would have to gain here as the positive effects from the courses and the relationship with the community have had a positive flow on affect outside the cyber world for me as I'm sure it has for many other members.
mama2karsten Premium
1) absolutely! 2) fast 3) Because it is an incredible business for learning and support when needed.
sxtrotter Premium
Yes WA is worth the 47 dollars monthly fee and the reason is its resourced rich training and an invested community. Everybody helps! These are also the reasons I would recommend WA to anyone.
NemiraB Premium
Best place to learn, find friends, get help and run business online. Totally worth , especially if is paid yearly membership.
boucherda Premium
1. Absolutely - no question
2. Pretty good. there is always a member online
3. Because it a great learning opportunity.
Quincy17677 Premium
The cost of WA is worth far more than $47 per month for the premium membership. The community of members is friendly, encouraging, empathetic, and readily provides help to others, They are also fun to communicate with. The free cost to join WA gives one an opportunity to explore what WA is all about and how it works. For the free membership, you get a real time opportunity to try it out and see what you can learn in order to become a successful internet marketer. I wouldn't give this up anything.
Christabelle Premium
Definitely YES! Wealthy Affiliate's membership of $47 per month is a bargain price considering all that is available to the members, and well worth every penny!

The community is incredible and there is always someone to help you no matter what hour of the day it is!

There is no other place where you can learn everything you need to know to run a successful online business with the help of successful entrepreneurs from around the world!
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Yes, it is well worth the monthly cost.

Speed varies depending on the question.

I would recommend people who need encouragement and are NOT so much of a Go Getter.
shelley8492 Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth it. Just having the training is worth the cost. Assistance is very quick from other members and from support. I have learned a lot from WA that helped me with my own websites and will allow me to pass that on to others. Everything you need is right here.
DarleneB Premium
1) Wealthy affiliate is well worth the $47.00 per month. I pay yearly as it does save on total cost. I've been here less than a year & have made enough to pay my next years membership & much more. The course itself is worth more than that. There's no way I would have made the same money trying to learn these things on my own.
2) The WA community is fantastic. There has been just a couple of times I've had a problem that no one could help with. I sent a quick message to Kyle & problem solved in no time flat. I've learned so much from members & their tutorials. Once again I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to learn this on my own.
3) If your serious about making extra money from home or a full time income just do it. If problems arise, there's always someone there to help & if they can't the owners will. You're never left in the dark not knowing what to do next.
BillandSue Premium
Thanks Robert,
Excellent and soul searching thoughts. No question for me, WA is worth it. I am in the process of getting our WA website up. I will include these thoughts and questions in our site.
Bill & Sue
dickw Premium
Hi Robert,
I think I've said this before thoughts on WA are that it's like being in school again, but much more concentrated. Here we are learning things that we can take into the market place and offer value in exchange for revenue. We can become the teachers and significantly contribute to the miracle that is free market capitalism.

On the second issue, I have seen nothing that even slightly compares with the Wealthy Affiliate community's response to request for guidance or help of any kind. I was blown away after having dealt with a number of other outfits. Remarkable.

I would recommend it because I thoroughly researched it and am in the program and I am amazed at the breadth and depth of WA and the founders, leaders and the new folks. The teaching and the opportunity to learn are truly admirable......Dick
Happygirl48 Premium
Hi Robert, great interactive Blog! You always come up with the best!
1. You can't beat the tuition fee, it's a very low overhead for all that is included. You don't get pressured into upsells and the cost is what it is there are no surprises!
2. You can't beat this community, there are so many people that truly care and will go way out of their way to help others. They really know the true meaning of Paying it forward!
3.Because it has the best training classes, Tools that you will need to build your websites and you will never feel alone here, there is always someone willing to take you by the hand and lead the way! Kyle and Carson have been doing this for 10 years and there are a lot of success stories. You will not find a better system anywhere on line that will compare to Wealthy Affiliate. And that's all I have to say about that!! Keep smiling, Sharon:) A usual Fantastic and inspiring Blog!
carcol Premium
1) The WA tuition alone is worth the fee. The other training sessions from members whose knowledge is greater than others is an absolute bonus.
2) You post a question and within hours, sometimes minutes, there are people offering help and advice.
3) There are too many pretenders out there on the web offering hollow opportunities that cost people dear with no or little return. This can be really heart breaking for newcomers trying to learn internet marketing.

WEALTHY AFFILIATES IS KING! It does what it says on the can.
dhayman Premium
It's awesome as a resource for training and problem solving. The web hosting and support are excellent.
AlejandraB Premium
There is so good information about WA already in the comments, I agree with all of them

1. Wealthy Affiliate worth its price, content is great, always a great source to learn more each day.

2. Wealthy Affiliate is the best community on the online world, always ready to help each other, 24/7 , no matter what the question or the problem is, there is always willing to help you.

3. Yes I would.
2Al Premium
Hi Robert,
I'm new here, but here's my opinion...
The $47.00 membership fee is worth the price, especially with unlimited websites.
The speed is fast, members willing to share their knowledge to other members.
Lastly, to help others find ways to improve their lives.
jonsey41 Premium
hi boomer,
(1)I would say £30 per month i more than worth it as some peolple can pay that to host a site on other platforms,also peolple pay for keyword planner and we have one built in to use when we want to,also having the site builder being able to host 25 free websites and 25 domain of your own sites really does make it worth it if you have the time to build them...
(2)The speed in which you get help is second to none,ask a queston here at WA and get instant multiple answers/links to training to get you through the next step,we have a ask a question bar which normally comes up with the answer where people have added their own training,also not to forget 24/7 live chat and going back to certain lessons helps to jog your memory on certain aspects of site building/ much to list.
(3)i would reccomend it to others as i started as a complete newbie although i had done some reasearch for two years before joining,wealthy affiliate/kyle`s lessons are easy to understand and now i have two websites i would never have been able to build without this training,i knew about wealthy affiliate for some time before joining but was looking to find something better on the internet with no success as internet is full of scams trying to make people believe they are going to make money fast/easy,we all at WA know that is not the case,here at WA i believe all the work you put in in the beggining will pay off in the end providing you make great websites thru your training,not to forget WA Affiliate program where we get paid well for reffering others to the platform...
Anybody with very basic computer skills can do this if they have the time and drive to do so,i joined a few months ago i have 3 jobs and have managed a lot here inbetween work,im going nowhere soon...
steveo5770 Premium
Here's my input for your 3 questions:

1. I could write an entire article on why it IS worth $47 per month but I'll give quick points.
The training
The Community
The keyword tool

2. You can get help faster than with any other program I've seen or bought .
The trick can be learning who are the most credible sources but you'll figure that out quickly enough.

3. The internet marketing landscape is constantly evolving and you need "up to date" information to stay ahead of the curve. There is no other place that I know of where you can be so well informed of those changes than here at Wealthy Affiliate. That is a big reason for recommending WA in my opinion.
Keane Premium
"Hey Steve, Robert!" I'm going with Steve on this one, Robert. I honestly could not have said it any better myself. Seriously!

I have been around the web for a few years myself and I have NEVER seen anything to even comes close to this place. "I keep asking others to show me what's out there that even compares and yet; everyone always turns up empty handed."

I really appreciate this wonderful establishment (my home) that we call "WA." Even more so, I truly appreciate you guys - Steve, Robert - therefore, thanks for taking the time you two.

"My many respect to you Steve; Robert"
Your #1 FAN & WA Neighbor,
msh2501 Premium
I did not know that you could index these blogs in Google and other search engines. I would like to know how to do it. I didn't know that you could link these posts to your website. Would like to know how to do that.
Answering your questions:
1. Yes, it is. There are no up sales after it.
2. It is fast. There is always an affiliate on line ready to help 24 hours because there are affiliates from all over the world.
3. Yes, I would.

Ken-Pringle Premium
Martha, Click on the little whitish button that says Affiliate above any
post or training and copy your affiliate link and past it in your website.
boomergp08 Premium
Every blog and discussion (except private messages) are automatically indexed into Google and the oher search engines after you publish them.

You cannot link these blogs to your website but you can place a link of this blog on your website.
Harrysastar2 Premium
Hi Robert, can I ask you a question? How many people that you have recommended have left WA unless absolutely necessary for various reasons?
With regard to your questions (1) Yes; (2) Brilliant; (3) Because you won't find anything better on the net.
boomergp08 Premium
I have recommended hundreds but I only know of 4 that have left for various personal reasons, with one coming back.
kmer6 Premium
In my humble opinion I will give my answers to your three questions.

(1) Anything worthwhile cost money, whether it is food, gasoline or shelter. The benefits of membership far outweigh the monthly fee by providing access to many forms of online revenue and the means to best acquire it.
(2) This is what I call the "X" factor, because there are so much more that you can learn by networking with the entrepreneurs withing this community. This country was built by the entrepreneurs of yesterday, as our future will be also.
(3) This gives the people that have lost their dream a direction to go to recover their passion to be all they can be. If I can help people become debt-free I will. If it cost them nothing, even better.
CherylK Premium
There's nothing unique that I can add to these comments. Suffice it to say, joining WA is the best decision I've made in a long time. I love it and am looking forward to much success as I progress through these great lessons and with this amazing supportive community.
EKautz Premium
1) Easily. There is no match at 47 bucks a month where I could receive the training, tools and super helpful community - none!

2) The WA community is very helpful and quick too. I don't think I've waited more than a few minutes to get several answers to my questions. I can also say that I've helped others within one minute of them posting a question or concern.

3) I would recommend WA to others for both of the reasons I stated above. The two free sites is just a perk.

gmegs Premium
Hi Robert !!!

Just let it be known that for nearly 20 years (no exaggeration), I have been searching for the perfect answer to making a decent income online - one that I could completely trust and have confidence in.
I do/have sold on Ebay, but this is what I've really been looking for this whole time - I've been with WA since 2013, and don't intend on leaving!

I found everything I'd been looking for right here.

1) WA is definitely worth $47/mo.
You can quickly regain that back thru affiliate sales, but even without it, it's worth it!

2) As far as speed of the help I receive from the community, it's usually within minutes!

3) I would highly recommend this to others because, simply put:
It is the best affiliate marketing community I have found online - bar none. WA's training is current and thorough. The community aspect can't be rivaled.

WA gives "real people a real chance" to make it online - but it really gives so much more!

Excellent idea Robert - well done!
Loes Premium
Wealthy affiliate is an open educational platform. It contains a complete course to learn all about affiliate marketing. And because it's an open resource, every member is able to add any knowledge they have. Kind of like wikipedia, but then for affiliate marketing and website developing. I feel often as if I am attending a private school, with personal teachers.

It's worth, you ask? There are even experiences here in the community which are priceless.

My daughter just started Highschool (about €1900 for one year), you pay the price, but then, there has to be bought a labcoat, some transscripts, special shoes, a hairnet, a noteblock a... etc.etc.

The price of Wealthy Affiliate Yearly, the complete course, the comperhensive library, and the personal coaching is $359 (= €322) No surprises afterwards, that's the price! That's not even a can of beer a day!

And when you choose to be a monthly member for $47 a month, that's half the price you pay for a dinner in a restaurant.

I recommand Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is interested in the online world. The databank is huge!

And the nicest of all, anyone can try it out for free, even the premium advantages are free the first 7 days, so you know what you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member, but also what you get as a premium member.
ZaZan Premium
I've built a few sites and tried to figure out how to monetize them spending hours and hours in research and usually ending up frustrated.

It's all right here. I'm new here but I am taking complete advantage of this supportive community. Every I get stuck, I just ask a question. It's answered within the hour.

If you go by the old adage time is money, WA is priceless.
Ken-Pringle Premium
I have been an online and offline marketer for
more then 20 years. Still I continue to learn new
things from this amazing program almost daily.

Also as a side note, I personally have been a
member for just over 1 year now and I have
increased my network and my income substantially.

The $47 price point is a very small investment
for all you get from Wealth Affiliate. Both from
the training and the fantastic helpful and caring
community. The support is the best I have found.

You can get help from this community in minutes
any time of the day or night. There are many very
well informed professionals here to guide you.

The free entry is a great incentive to attract people.
Once they see all the benefits it becomes clear.
There is nothing else online that compares.
I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate even without
the free entry point. It is worth so much more.

Ken Pringle TRM
fairo Premium
1. No it is not worth the $47 per month but MORE. At $47 pe month it is $1.6 per day - not enough for a cup of coffee (where I come from) I am afraid - yet the value I get for my other businesses is huge. My brick and mortar business is sitting right here at WA and I, for the first time in years, am in direct control of its internet presence. Similarly are my two other brick and mortar businesses. So the worth of the WA $47 largely depends on the extent to which one allows the 'learning' from here to extend beyond WA. I could go on...
2. The WA community is very responsive - on a scale of 1(poor) to 10 (excellent) I would place it at 9. It is for that reason that my College students will use WA to get their first lessons on websites and related topics - because the monthly fees are so reasonable they will be build into their college fees. I know that no teacher out there can give them the value they will get from the assistance available at WA.
3. I find WA very user friendly and not intimidating. It is a community of learners who are at different levels making it easy for me to find my own level without the feeling of being rushed.
LoveIM Premium
I really don't know how a person could even put a price on the true value of Wealthy Affiliate. The training works! The hosting is top-of-the-line. The vast amount of information on just about any topic related to making money online is ever available, and can easily and quickly be searched to find the answer to your question. All of that is certainly worth far more than $47/month to me. But the community is the delicious icing on the cake! Surprisingly, this is a community made up of more people with ANSWERS than of people with QUESTIONS. And the Wealthy Affiliate culture is such that those people with the answers are genuinely willing to help. This is a culture that has been carefully cultivated by the founders over the past 10 years. Kyle and Carson are heavily INVOLVED in personally answering questions, and they set the tone of honesty and helpfulness which permeates throughout the Wealthy Affiliate community.
LH-CLUB Premium
In the 2 and a half years I was trying to make money online with the programs I bought into, I could never get proper answers to questions, got palmed off, It was like the secret service out there, Nobody wanted to give you a straight answer to anything connected to internet marketing.

Until I found WA, It changed the process of learning and being helped on a daily basis,

1] WA is worth it in my eyes, why, it will save you a hell of a lot of heartache.

2] The help, Grease lighting.

3] The free cost is a great way to introduce people because you can try it out, and if it`s not for you, no harm done, no money lost
mjdimarco Premium
I believe the cost of WA is well worth the benefits. The collegial, helping attitude by the members is excellent; most responses for help or assistance are forthcoming very quickly. I would recommend it above all because it is an open-minded, friendly, learning community for beginning and seasoned entrepreneurial webmasters.
AAfendyk Premium
In addition to $ 47 a month for the success you need to pay for your domain, for membership in Jaaxy: for $ 19 (per month) Pro Edition or the $ 49 (per month) Enterprise edition, etc. Prior to the entry into the community of WA about this does not say.
MoritzS Premium
Jaaxy is optional.
Just use the free keyword tool which has the exact same results.
I do!

You can use the free websites, but a real domain is better of course.
Domains are cheap, though.
TanjaRita Premium
I have never paid for the Jaaxy membership. This is not something you have to do. I use the free keyword took provided as part of the premium membership. You also do not need to pay for a domain name as you can use the free siterubix sites (you get 2). For those that choose to buy their own domain name, this is not very expensive. Mine costs me $11 a year.
Mark1957 Premium
As has been said Anatoliy, Jaaxy is purely optional and WA has it's own, inclusive keyword tool to use anyway.
As far as a domain is concerned, you're right that it costs extra but at about $10 a year ie 83 cents a month, hopefully it won't break anybody's budget.
What I would say is this, if you can introduce 3 people who become premium members and retain 3 premium members at any time during each month, you earn $67.50 and your WA membership and a new domain is paid for!
Good luck
SamiWilliams Premium
I agree with RAiderman. I do not know how you could get this much education, information and suggestions from people who are successful in this business in one spot any other why! What a deal!
Support had been great when called on. AAA+
RonAlderman Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is more than worth the $47.00 pr month cost of membership because of the training you get. If you could find a university that offered this type of training you would spend thousands and thousands of dollars paying for that training. So that in of itself more than makes it worth it.

Wealthy affiliate has members worldwide. So when you need assistance on anything all you have to do is ask. More than likely someone will be up and online answering your question. If you have to ask a question of support, and I have asked several, they are quick to let you know they are working on it and get back to you with a response.

I would recommend Wealth Affiliate because it is the only place I have ever seen that is interested in promoting the success of each member of the community. You do have to work at it to make money but that work can lead to a secure future. It can also lead you to many different connections to make money.