How to Make Money in Niche Marketing - For Newbies

Last Update: Mar 14, 2017


When you want to become an online Affiliate Marketer, choosing a Niche to promote is critical. To explain how to make money in Niche Marketing will help to explain why it is important to select a niche for your affiliate marketing efforts.


Niche marketing is to target a specific and focused segment of the population that has an interest in or need of, a certain kind of product or service. You then take this product or service and promote it through various marketing efforts, internet marketing being the most-easiest and lucrative way.

A niche can be practically anything but remember, you want to target a specific area like toddler toys for boys instead of the broader toddler toys. You do not want your niche to be too broad because there will be too much competition. You want to be an authority in your niche to stand out above the others. This is why you should always pick a niche you closely know.


Once you have your niche selected, it is time to build your website. And as many of you know, here at Wealthy Affiliate that process takes a matter of minutes when using the Site Rubix website builder program. No longer do you need to know how to program or have any techie experience.

The training here at Wealthy Affiliate takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step through the easy process of setting everything up. Then the training has you write content about your selected niche. This is the time where your creativity really comes into play, as you begin the promotion of your niche.

Be prepared to write a lot of content, I am talking about at least a combined total of 15 pages and posts of at least 400 words each. That may sound like a lot at first but if you are truly passionate about your niche, you will not have a shortage of things to write about.


Now that you are chugging along, following Kyle’s awesome training and writing content, you will want to start looking for companies to “Affiliate” with that offer the product or service you are promoting in your niche. Kyle provides various ways in the training to find these companies.

The cool thing about the affiliate program of these various companies, are that they are free to join and you can join as many of them as you want, though I recommend only a few. These companies will first have to inspect your website to make sure you have sufficient content that would represent their offers.

Once they approve your application they will provide you with all kinds of affiliate banner ads and text links, that all have a unique affiliate ID number associated to only you. This is how they can track how many customers you have sent them, and who to send your commission to.


Yes, but it will roughly be at only $1.18 per month more than your $49 per month, Wealthy Affiliate membership. This $1.18 extra per month will pay for your personal domain name. So for just over $50 per month you will get EVERYTHING you will possibly need to learn how and to operate your online business.

Having your own domain brings about more authority, higher Google rankings, and you could potentially make money on it years down the road. How is that you ask? Your own domain name is like owning a piece of internet real estate. If someone really wants your domain name for their new company they could offer you more money for it.


Now is your chance to share with all of us what your selected niche or niches are. In the comments below list the following…

    1)What is your niche or niches?

    2)Why did you choose that niche or niches?

    3)Seeing how really easy it is to build a website here at WA, will you build more?

I will start by listing my 3 niches...

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Recent Comments


Because people have different ideas what's best for them to relieve stress or depression in their daily life. Why not try Wellbeing/Self Help and you can incorporate your walking advice in to that?

Complex things put simply. Well explained and well directed article. Small steps everyday in the well directed path is that all matters to reach success. Thanks for directing in the right path. Thanks for spending time to help others.

You are welcome Swadesh.

First was Alcohol and drug addiction (too broad I know but I DO know a lot about it - many of my pages are more than 2000 words). This was my first but I struggle with google rankings as there are so many other sites on this subject.

Then I chose green living, prompted by an experiment I had done for one of the lessons. I realised after a while I could turn this into a serious site so did so. BUT I used a clickbank product at first which on further investigation turned out to be a scam. So, I had to re-do almost the whole thing using different affiliates with REAL products. Google still seems a bit confused as to what that site is about, but it's getting there.

For whatever reason all my sites do better with bing than google.

Third site is WA bootcamp.

It's so easy to create sites here that I feel sometimes I have already bitten off more than I can chew!

Look forward to your part two. Glyn

Personally I would never have chosen Clickbank because I prefer "real" products instead of digital products.

I worked at a halfway house for alcohol and drug addition, a good topic, but yes it is very broad. I am responding to you to thank you for the tip that your sites do better with bing than google. I google everything, but I will surely try bing, too. Good luck and again, thanks.

I chose the benefits of walking daily. I chose this niche because I love to walk, especially when I feel stressful. I like to help others to overcome there levels of anxiety because we all have a great deal to deal with.....I not sure if the subject is too broad....what is your opinion?

To my opinion, removing stress and anxiety is an adequate niche to deal with. Only talking about walking daily would be too narrow a niche to deal with. Moreover you are going to address a need of others. The need of others is not to walk, the real need is to remove stress and anxiety of which walking is a means to avoid it. You may elaborate other means too. Best wishes.

If walking is your niche then that should be your focus, talking about all of the benefits of walking, not just the reduction of stress and anxiety will need to be discussed. However if you are looking to talk about ways to reduce stress and anxiety, then that should be your niche.

1) advice and information for single moms, renewable green energy, internet marketing
2) Because I was a single mom for 18 years - been there, done that. Fallen and gotten back up more times than I can count. I want to share my experience with the new generation.
Because I researched trends and green energy was very popular.
And the 3rd to help other people who want to build their own online business but don't know where to start.
3) I have a couple other ideas but they will have to wait. I put my other 2 sites to the side so I can focus on my main site - the mom site. It is my passion and I have big plans for it. :)

That is always best to place your focus on one site at a time. All the best to you Angela.

This is useful could have done with it at the start but it is still of help to me even now thank you

You are welcome Cathy. You know the saying, "better late than never." :)

yeah seems to me all round lol thanks again

Now, I have chosen to have WA as my primary niche and I will stick to not get too much extra to think about.
But I have always been a key issue around children and bicycles in traffic.
It is a subject that I have made any political lobbying so it is a very relevant topic for me.
So I have a few other issues I would like to work a little further on, for example, I would like to make a stop smoke campaign with e cigarettes, how much I would like to help really to document whether it is dangerous to stop smoke in this way

I like that e-cigarette idea.

Thank you Robert
I know that New York is not a bike city like Copenhagen is.
I also know it is a real hot potato to get started with but I also know from my political activities that here is a great need for a change in mentality about the topic.
I think now I am at the moment will not be able to take the fights are clearly going to come if I start to get readers to such a website

Thanks Boomer.
1) I started with baseball memorabilia. My second is related to foot pain.
2) I love baseball and thought that memorabilia would be a cool niche, which it is. I've started the second due to recent experiences.
3) Absolutely. Once I get #2 up and running well, I may be like you and move into the money making area ... or find another interesting niche.

I had thought about doing a baseball memorabilia and focusing it on my favorite team, the NY Yankees. Maybe one of these days.

There is certainly a lot out there for the Yankees, of course. I have one post focused on Jeter at I've realized my site is not focused enough.

Great article!
1) Romance and relationships
2) i always had a passion talking about relationships. I keep an open mind and try to give advice that really helps.
3) I want to stick with one for now. If that picks up, then I'll consider making another!

That is very wise of you in regards to #3. You should always focus on one niche at a time and start another one after the previous one has been going for a bit. That's what I did.

1) Natural Health & Wellness, Video Game Testing, and Making Money via Internet Marketing

2) I have been practicing and living the Natural Health lifestyle, especially since I was naturally cured of cancer 15 years ago without the toxic chemo and radiation. I also know how to design & test video games after spending 25 years in the video game design industry. Then after seeing how easy and fun it is to build websites in Affiliate Marketing here at WA, I chose the make money niche as my 3rd niche to help others to make money from home like I am.

3) For now, 3 niche websites is all I am going to do. But in the future I plan to do another one.

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