Chemotherapy Killed My Sister - The Gloves Come Off Now

Last Update: Mar 4, 2017


Today, Friday March 3, 2017, my sister Sandra at the age of 67 died. Though she could not eat, sleep or talk in her final hours I was able to say my last words to her over the phone. My sister was battling Stage 4 cancer for 22 years. Most people with this last and deadly stage only last for maybe 7 years.

The reason she defied the odds and didn’t suffer many of the negative effects of chemotherapy like hair loss, weight loss and skin color loss, was because she was doing some of the things that cured me of cancer back in 2000. YES, THERE IS A CURE FOR CANCER AND WE ALL HAVE IT IN US RIGHT NOW!


I created a website, though it is far from finished, a little more than a year ago. It is called The Free Cancer Cure. If you scroll down to the bottom on my WA profile you will see the link on the right under my profile picture where it says Follow Me On.

This website is not an affiliate website. It is strictly for delivering the truth about cancer which has been deliberately hidden from society. This website does not only have factual information that I share from my own personal experience and research, but it also contains videos of cancer doctors providing proof.

This is going to be a website that is full of life saving information, and unlike other websites of a similar nature, it will not have any affiliate ads. I will not and do not want to make money from this site. All I want is for people to learn the truth and save theirs or a loved one’s life. That is worth more than money.

Now that my sister is gone, the gloves come off. I will be speaking much more about the lies people are fed by a cancer industry that does not want a cure to be known for it would mean an end to the enormous amount of money it makes every year.


Do you seriously believe that there is not a cure for cancer? If you do than you must believe in the Easter Bunny too. Do you seriously think that we have the knowledge to travel through space, collide and split atoms, but don’t have a cure for something as simple as a holistic disease known as cancer? Did you know…

FACT = Every person on this planet, including you, produce thousands of cancer cells in our bodies every single day. These cells are then detected by our healthy enough immune system and are killed off by the T, B and NK cells. – HINT, the cure for cancer is a healthy non-compromised immune system.

FACT = In the early 1990s a study was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology stating that chemotherapy will only work 3 percent of the time it is applied. A whopping 97 percent of the time it DOES NOT WORK!

One might wonder, if chemotherapy does not work, then why is it often the first recommendation by oncologists? Answer…FACT = Because chemotherapeutic drugs are the only class of drugs that prescribing doctors get a direct financial kickback for using. Yes, it is all about the money.

FACT = Cancer rarely kills anyone unless the tumor is in the brain or obstructing an important artery supplying blood flow to the brain. The majority of people who die of cancer die from the carcinogenic treatments for cancer. Both chemotherapy and radiation cause secondary cancers.

Have you ever wondered how or why cancer can spread to other parts of the body? FACT = About 1 percent of cancer tumors are made up of cancer stem cells which cannot be killed by chemotherapy or radiation. Both of these standard cancer treatments actually make the stem cells more active.

FACT = The majority of oncologists that know this truth have stated in a survey that they would not choose chemotherapy or radiation for the treatment of cancer should they or one of their family members be diagnosed with cancer.

FACT = Processed sugar, like those in candy, cookies, cakes and other foods, feed the growth of cancer cells. Only the sugar derived from the consumption of fruits and vegetables will not feed cancer. Normal cells use oxygen to survive. Cancer cells use sugar fermentation to survive.


These are just some of the many facts that I share on my cancer cure website. I do this by not just providing written content but by also having leading cancer doctors and researchers who are successfully treating and curing cancer, share these facts through video interviews.

Every page and post on my website has and will have at least one video from a doctor within it. This website will probably be the most video intensive website ever. I do not want my website readers to just take my word for the facts, I want them to hear it from the doctors and researchers themselves.

Now that my sister is gone – I will be dedicating this website to her and my dad – I am now more determined to educating people about the cure for cancer that we already have within us. I am sick and tired of knowing and seeing people suffering and then dying from a disease that has always had a cure.

If you just apply some common sense after realizing that we all make cancer cells every day and they are killed off every day without us being diagnosed with cancer, HELLOOO, the cure is within us all right now. This is how I was cured. I supercharged my immune system with a specific supplement that you can buy on Amazon and I changed my diet.

Cancer is a natural process of human metabolism and it can be prevented and cured should you be diagnosed. There are far worse diseases and disorders than cancer. And I am now on a mission to spread the truth with all those who are willing to take off their ear plugs and blinders.

Thank You.


Recent Comments


Sorry to hear of your loss. She did battle on for so long, that's amazing. My sister from diagnosis to death was 17 months.

She's in a better place now and will continue to watch and love you from above.

You're doing a great thing with your cancer site. You will help a lot of people.

I am sorry for your loss. Both my parents have been diagnosis with cancer so any insight you have I would love to be able to share it with them. My mom has been on chemo for the last 2 years nonstop. My father has had radiation but I look forward to spending a lot of time on your website. Can you pm me your website?

I am Sorry.
The doctor tries the best they can.
Cancer is hard to cue.Chemotherapy has many side effects.
The choice is hard to choose. Helping people is the GOAL.

In the history, The girl lost her baby from fever. She go to see
Buddha for helping her son to reveal.

TheBuddha said to her to find the seed of Cabbage to use in ceremony. But those seeds need to found from the no one ever death home.

She tries to found but can't because of no home no death.

My condolences in the loss of your sister. I am glad that she was able to survive for 22 years. I went through my own battle with triple negative breast cancer just 2 years ago. At first, I was not going to even go through the treatments. But after much thought, I was just too scared not to! My doctor assured me that I would survive. However, I lost 100 lbs. the first 4 months because I could not eat at all, and threw up constantly from all of the drugs. I spent 9 long months in bed because I was so deathly sick. I started drinking protein shakes and taking supplements, and was finally able to keep down the drinks. Without them, I would have died. I had a very harrowing experience.

I actually started my website to help others that go through cancer. I do not want anyone to go through what I went through!

My husband and I have discussed many times the profitability of cancer drugs/chemotherapy. My bills were over $400,000 for my treatments!!! So we know you are telling the truth! I wish you all the best in bringing the truth to the forefront. I am not brave enough to buck the system. However, if I ever get this again, I may go a different route. I am hoping to prevent its return by taking Turmeric. I have done tons of research on this supplement, and I am really impressed with the results. I also have been taking it through my whole ordeal and to this day.

I wish you all the best. I am glad you beat cancer! Cancer is a tough ordeal to go through. My heart just breaks for all of the babies/children/teens that have to deal with this. Many do not survive. Maybe together, you and I can help with our information. Anyway, I hope so. Take Care. Connie

I will help you as much as I can with information.

Starting tomorrow Sunday we are moving to Brisbane to the cancer lodge for two months while my wife has treatment.

I have 160 health blogs and will be on the computer 7 days a week.

Team work will help your cause so everyone a call to arms.

Thanks for your time.

My condolences for your losses Robert and I must say that I agree with you 100%...Cancer is a business, and how better to make more money than to perpetuate myths and false hope through some of the treatments the system pushes?

I have lost more than a few family members to cancer and also have had members survive cancer for a number of years...One had cancer 4 times...The last one he did not survive...BUt...

His age? 84...Two times it was skin cancer, one time it was prostate cancer, and finally brain cancer...The first time he was diagnosed was when he was in his early 60s!

What made the difference was his diet and lifestyle...He stuck to mainly whole grain foods, natural sugars, no smoking, and no alcohol. He ate fresh foods, lots of leafy green veggies, etc.

He also took supplements of one kind or another over these years. He remained sharp as a tack right up to the end, and during those years between the first time cancer and the last, traveled extensively throughout North America...

Eventually, they settled from all that travel (he was my mon's second husband) in a house I had in Florida and I would stop in often to see how they were doing (I live in Germany) and while there do my other business...

I have always been an advocate of eating a sensible diet and while in the military nutrition was a focus (I also used to run marathons - oh how things change hehe)...These two lived that...

They also had a couple of dogs they dragged all over with them...I think there is something to be said about having a pet that you have some responsibility to take care of...

Moving on in a slightly different direction...have you heard of 'Blue Zones' Robert?

Do some research on these..Lots of really good information on why people live longer in certain regions of the world...Adopting one or more habits practiced in these zones can help anyone almost...

Cheers and all the best....

Dave ...

I am sorry about your sister. My sister died just 1 year ago Feb. 20 th. She had a bad Heart and other things.Her Death brought the rest of us kids back together again. I really miss her. It does not seem a year has gone by. I will be saying a prayer for you and your family.God loves us all and know she is in a better place with the Lord. There is nothing I could say that wood begin to ease your sorrow. Hang in there my friend. We here at WA love you.

I am sorry about your sister. My sister died just 1 year ago Feb. 20 th. She had a bad Heart and other things.Her Death brought the rest of us kids back together again. I really miss her. It does not seem a year has gone by. I will be saying a prayer for you and your family.God loves us all and know she is in a better place with the Lord. There is nothing I could say that wood begin to ease your sorrow. Hang in there my friend. We here at WA love you.


My sister had leiomyosarcoma of the uterus(a rare and aggressive uterine cancer - Stage 2). There was a divided opinion about further treatment after surgery. Initially, they suggested nothing. Then, a few experts advised going for BOTH radiation and chemo as a preventive measure.

It was a hell lot of pain, side effects, and complications. She almost died of intestinal blockage last year, will be operated for a hernia, and also has a heart ailment now.

Hope and pray everything goes well in the future.

So sorry about the loss of your sister, but it sounds like she was a fighter. I honestly wish cancer could be eradicated by all natural cures.

At this time I have no choice, but to go in for a second cancer resection surgery on March 17. I have still two teens in the house so really have no option, but to live. I would love to read about a cancer cure.

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