Short retreat of sorts

Last Update: October 20, 2014

Yes, I took a few days off not visiting and being very active in WA. My niche is improvisation in music and not this past weekend, but the Saturday of the past weekend, I spent a full day interacting with others doing this at a workshop. I'm a regular there, some folks were graduating, moving on, going out and spreading the techniques of the organization into their communities.

This ritual, this graduation, is meaningful. The graduation is a performance that can contain audience participation, and most in the audience are active improvisors. Then after performing they get their certificates and it is an open floor where any member can give share their feelings on anyone graduating. The key is participating.

We do something like this at WA. We are all in the process of building a business through our websites and what we offer. While we may not have a graduating ritual, we acknowledge accomplishments on many levels. We support each other.

And there are times where we have to focus on our own work, and some of that may be using strategic support. In the music program there was specific tasks to be accomplished, just like we have here at WA. And there were people to help, graduates, staff, others on the same level, more senior people in the program. We have that here, admins, ambassadors, top 20, top 100, top 200, premium members, all available to provide support.

My going away from WA was more going away from the computer and just being in that environment that fuels the enthusiasm, inspires, being immersed in my niche. So some immersion in one's niche and getting away from WA is fine. Your rank will sink a bit but that's part of ebb and flow.

Flow on.


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kholmes Premium
Oh the ups and problem, keep up the great work. :))
Debbi26 Premium
Being immersed in your niche is important. You must stay up to date and continue to be inspired or there's no sense in doing it.
bmusic Premium
mlshands Premium
We all need a break from time to time. You throw all of your time and energy into creating your site and then can reach burn out quickly. By taking breaks, you allow yourself time to relax and focus on other areas of your life that may have been neglected.
danbarth87 Premium
Flow on!
You did a great job on this piece, Ben
CarlaIves Premium
Sounds like a nice retreat Ben. We all need a break every now and then. I think it recharges your batteries.