Update and Content Restructuring for Bing and Yahoo!

Last Update: January 12, 2019

So, a little update on the happenings on my end. A few of you are aware that I was having some issues with speed for the mobile version of my site. It was absolutely horrible. I did not put much thought into mobile speed before coming across some training on here by @Smartketeer. When I did my speed scan I got a score of 5/100! That is practically like not having a mobile presence at all, lol.

Anyway, a HUGE shout out to Smartketeer! I used only two of the methods he has in his training in order to crank up my mobile speed.

1.) Resizing images

I license the majority of my images from Adobe Stock. Upon downloading these images I would immediately plug them into my content. That was a mistake! The images I had on my site ranged in size from 12 MB all the way up to 36 MB!

I removed every one of my images from my site (about 40), resized them on my desktop with the smallest option of 0.25 MB and plugged them back into my content. Doing this did not effect the quality of my images at all. I then performed another speed check. My new score was 65/100. I went from 5/100 to 65/100! But that still isn't fast enough.

2.) Installed a lazy loader plugin

After activating the lazy loader I did another speed scan. New score, 97/100! Nuff' said!

Content Restructuring

It took me almost a month to check if any of my pages were in the results of Bing and Yahoo. They were not. I finally manually submitted my urls in Bing Webmaster tools and got indexed pretty quickly. I also Finally submitted my site map to Google and Bing.

Previously I spoke about 1 article I was using to guage my progress in Google. I will first say that all the training and the guidance here is working. My post has climbed the rankings within the "quoted" search results.

  • Rank 2, Page 1 out of 9,390 results.

That tells me that my efforts are working because I watched that page continuosly climb in the rankings over around 9 days now. The problem is that who actually searches in quotes other than people like us when we are doing research?

The unquoted search of my keyword brings back 2,450,000,000 results! Yeah, BILLION! I have no idea where I rank among that mess. With that being said, let's look at BING!

Searching my keywords in BING returns 551,000 results. Keep in mind that this is unquoted results. Not the 2.4 Billion pages of junk in Google. My results in Bing are:

  • Rank 3, Page 1 out of 551,000 "unquoted" results.

Upon seeing this, I dug into Bing's SEO best practices and I have come to a decision to restructure just "ONE" of my posts to better fit what they look for when ranking content.

The unquoted search of my keywords I am restructuring for results is 265,000,000 results in Bing and 1,010,000,000 in google.

Average monthly searches for this keyword in Google is just over 7,000.

Average monthly searches for this keyword in Bing is just over 20,000.

Since through my little experiment with my one post yielded 1st page results in Bing for an uquoted search I will be restructing one post to test if I can get ranked among the 265 million as easily as I did that one.

I know, I know! I have already been told to focus on Google because of the percentage of searches in the mothership far out weighs the searches in Bing and Yahoo. Yeah, I get that.

BUT, if it is easier to rank in Bing to get in front of 20,000 potential visitors versus being harder to rank in the big G for a potential of 7,000 visitors, the choice to me is clear!

Before I end this, understand that I am not JUST focusing on Bing and forgetting about Google. That just wouldn't make sense. I am catering more to the Content Optimization that Bing looks for WHILE still playing nice and pleasing the Google Mothership!

Thanks for reading.

Please do share your thoughts on this subject.

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YanFellow Premium
Great news!

Yes, images are probably the greates problem in site speed so well done you and Smartketeer!

smartketeer Premium
There you go!

97/100 sounds better :)
BMTruelove Premium
Lol, no doubt. Thanks for all your training and responding to my PM.
smartketeer Premium
Happy to help :)
Terand Premium
Hi Brandon, thank you for the sharing! No comment at the moment but I’ve bookmarked it! Thank you and have a great weekend! :o)
Freisia Premium
Thank you for sharing this valuable info. I can see I am going to have to get busy tweaking my sites and submitting sitemaps to Bing and Yahoo.
BMTruelove Premium
Definitely. Google actually indexed a couple of my posts very quickly without me Fetching and before I submitted my sitemap. It took manual submission for Bing. Though they didn't find anything on my site on their own, after manually submitting to Bing the indexing was almost instant.