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So, a little update on the happenings on my end. A few of you are aware that I was having some issues with speed for the mobile version of my site. It was absolutely horrible. I did not put much thought into mobile speed before coming across some training on here by @Smartketeer. When I did my speed scan I got a score of 5/100! That is practically like not having a mobile presence at all, lol.Anyway, a HUGE shout out to Smartketeer! I used only two of the methods he has in his training in order
Though I was already pretty motivated, what I just saw boosted it ten-fold.I wrote an article on one of my keywords and published it just "6 days" ago. As soon as I published it I immediately fetched as google. Within 30 minutes it had been indexed. To me, getting indexed is not really a big cause for celebration though it is of course a stepping stone in the right direction. This post is the only one I planned on tracking because the quoted search results only reveals 9,320 pages and I figured
So, it has been about a week since my last WA blog post. I have been having a little brain pain due to all the knowledge I have been absorbing. In addition to all the general thoughts and ideas I have rolling around in my head I figured I would stop here to publish a little update and my 2 cents on a subject.Update.....1.) Since I have been strictly focusing on writing content instead of trying to figure out how to build an "Ace" website I no longer feel overwhelmed like I was in my last blog p
December 30, 2018
So, after spending some time away from the computer for the last couple weeks, due to work and ummmm.... a lot of procrastination I finally got back in front of the screen to do some catching up.Over the last couple days I did a little tweaking to my website and as of 10 minutes ago finish writing my WA review. I still have to plug in my links and add photos, but the hard part is over. Though I am not 100% satisfied with the review at this time it will be continuously expanded and revised throu
December 08, 2018
Getting FrustratedI am getting really aggravated with trying to build my site. I can't even decide on a theme and even if I could I just can't grasp how to build the site. Nothing is sinking into my numb little brain right now. I am getting articles written and that is something, but none of that matters if I can't piece my site together. I can imagine what I want the site to look like, but just can't make it happen. I feel like I am missing some very key training, but I have gone back through
December 03, 2018
Unfortunately......I will be losing a week of good progress. I got my call to go back offshore and with this particular job there will be limited or zero internet connection. So, what progress can I make?Well, about the only thing I can think of is to write some articles. As much as time will allow anyway. I will be working 16-18 our days so that may be minimal as well. Ahhhhhh!A little update on the direction of my website or should I say websites rather. Initially I was not going to do more t
December 01, 2018
Possibility"WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY, BRAIN?""THE SAME THING WE DO EVERYDAY, PINKY. TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"So, if you know what cartoon that came from you are my hero. I actually woke up this morning with this on my mind. The "world" being my current and future niches. My current niche is in the realm of artwork, primarily my own.I decided one day to give photography a shot due to a business idea I had way back when. The problem with that initial business plan was that there was way too muc
November 30, 2018
So, a temporary period of frustration has set in due to a Domain name transfer issue. In short, it shows "ready" under hosting, but "transfer in progress" under transfer domain. If someone can make sense of this without their brain exploding, please let me know. Why the frustration over something seemingly unimportant?Glad you asked. I already had my website launched with Shopify. I closed it down and went through the transfer process to WA. That domain name has absolutely everything I created
November 28, 2018
As I finished up lesson #9 in the online entrepreneur certification I became a lot more excited than I thought I would about keyword research and beginning to target said keywords by writing articles (YUCK!)I have never fancied myself a writer and run into writers block pretty easily. Sometimes I have to start at the end then plug in the beginning and plug in the middle last. Weird I know, but I tend to know where I want to go just not how to start it so that is my process.Anyway, keywords! I f
November 27, 2018
So, I was going to wait until I went through all of the free training before I went Premium, but I was a little impatient I guess. Not to say I would be impatient when it comes to putting in the time and effort in this venture. I know it will take time to get established and begin getting the traffic and sales I am looking for. I actually already have had traffic to my website prior to joining WA, with no sales, but traffic nonetheless. The sales will come once I revamp my site through what I l