Auto pilot site make sale

Last Update: May 25, 2014


it is one site on the gaming strategy and did not make consistent sale. last month, the domain name about expired, but I think it took some efforts to build the site, SO I extend the domain one year with 10$.

Of course u cannot expect too much through the site, I do nothing on the site, fortunately , it has made 2 sales since domain extended.this amount has covered the domain cost.

It seems affiliate marketing is long term biz.

Recent Comments


Fantastic! Good thing you decided to extent the term of your domain name, good job.

Yes, unless you know some OTHER tricks we all would love to hear about...?

LOL< Do we not all wish it was that easy :)

Absolutely bluewell!

yes, it is a business, and it takes attention :)
Glad you did get some sales.

Success is success no matter how small or how large. It allows you to decide how big YOU want to make it. Sounds like its calling you to do some analysis and see how to make it bigger. I'm sure pulling for you buddy!!

Congrats on your passive income (I think that's what I would call it). Can't go wrong at $10/year. That's less than $1/month. Worth it!

Good to hear about that, it is already high ROI, so just keep renew it again, you never know it will change for better.

Return on investment, isn't it! Good decision to renew.

That's so true. Affiliate marketing is a long term business and we really have to put in the effort to get where we want.

good point, it is strange how things can happen- we never know what is coming next in this world!

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