Last Update: August 09, 2016

Well, I recently posted on a facebook group about WA and one guy replies to my post "If I remember correctly, Wealthy Affiliate is a major scam!" I asked him if he even had visited the site and then explained my experience and what I thought about WA....(it was a long reply).

Then he comes back with "YES, I have checked them out extensively...
Pick a hoop... jump... hoop... jump... hoop... jump

Have you ever been in this situation? If so, what was your experience?

Curious to know how others have handled this kind of situation.

Thanks for listening!


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BBrandt Premium
Dear Rose, I feel your pain. When someone gets an idea in their mind, unless they are willing to challenge that idea, the best you can do is walk away. I read in a very old book, "do not cast your pearls to the swine".

Obviously, pearls and swine are metafores. I hope you understand.

Happensinact Premium
I believe "do not cast your pearls to the swine " is an excerpt Og Madinio, The greatest salesman .
BBrandt Premium
Possibly older than that.
brooksbode90 Premium
I think that sometimes we have to view a response like that as his freedom to choose, and perhaps if such person will listen, we inform them as best we can and move on. it's possible that that person could be convinced another day and convert to a WA defender; there goes human nature. Thanks for sharing, Rose.
lynnsam61 Premium
I haven't encountered this situation before but I think a lot of people have been scammed and are very suspicious of anything that sounds like it could be a scam. I was even skeptical at first even though the reviews had been positive. At the end of the day who cares what people think?
BarryJ Premium
I think different people have different views and opinions of what a scam really is. It could mean many things depending on how it's being looked at; from another's viewpoint. If you ask someone why he/she thinks it's a scam you may be able to answer their concerns more precisely.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Rose, it can be a challenging experience, I see this quite a bit on my travels. Usually, if you look into it a little bit it is someone that has either been here and became disenchanted because they didn't achieve some of the outcomes they expected to in the three weeks that they were a member or an opportunist who if you engage will be pushing a product, happens a lot.
I look it as an opportunity to engage within the group, commenting can be an art form. We can leverage negativity to our benefit if you handle the berating comment, others in the group will notice you. it will pay dividends. Believe in yourself.
GeoffGS Premium
This is spot on. One thing is for certain. Whenever there is conflict, other people are watching. It might be difficult to deal with for us, but for others it's extremely interesting. So you are right about the way one handles a situation. Good stuff my friend. :)
NathalieJG Premium
Hello Rose, thanks for your blog. I suppose some people are still confused with what WA is a about. They think that they sign in and the "program" will make them money! They don't realised that they have to make it work. It takes effort, hard work and dedication to build a business. Anyway, we don't have to justify ourselves with this type of negative people. There will always be people who doubt. We can't help it! Most importantly is what WE believe. We know that WA does work. That's it.
KenPe Premium
Hey Rose,
Thanks for the post. Now, I could be wrong but, it wouldn't be the
first or last thing I get wrong, so there. So, here goes -
1. I really pity the poor uninformed nay-saying FOOL!!
2. Agree with the great comments of other members.
3. Finally, as Steve commented about Net Worth and I would
really be interested to find out if HE (FOOL) was as happy
with what he earned by playing around on FB as the more
successful WA-ers earned.

Boy - That really makes me feel better. Thanks for listening.
KenPe Premium
thanks for the like.
Martstervt Premium
Hi Rose,
There are always the naysayers that are not motivated to do what it takes and want to bring everyone down to their level. I wouldn't waste my time with him but I may say something about my own experience because many of the other's that are reading the post will see through him. I call him a "schmuck in the mud".

T1967 Premium
Love it Marty :-))
Catwoman1459 Premium
If hes referring to learning as hoops than he sadly doesn't have a clue. He must be one of those people who think the money should just drop in his lap for doing nothing.I would just reply nicely by saying it's sad you feel that way, good luck and good bye.
T1967 Premium
stevecox Premium
Personally, I would take a baseball bat and wait........that was the old me.

I would send him flowers and a thank you note for being such a wise person............and then ask by the way........what is YOUR net worth.

Of course, option three is just to let is pass like a cloud in the sky and know that he is probably a miserable and unhappy person, and we should all feel sorry for him.

Or fourth - return to the baseball bat idea?

Just sayin - keep all options open

And I say all of this with love in my heart,

All the best, Steve
T1967 Premium
I like the old you :-)) LOL ROFL xoxo
snaaaz Premium
Lightened my heart Steve!

Loved your witty suggestions :D