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Why cant i access wa and jaaxy at home?

Why cant i access wa and jaaxy at home?

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WA Affiliate Program

I have 3 laptops and an imac at home and the only sites that will not load are WA and Jaaxy , I know this sounds crazy but I am quite computet and network saavy , no proxies, fl

maybe you can send them a support ticket.
hope this helps

What does not for commercial use mean?

What does not for commercial use mean?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Images that can be used (provided credit is given) but indicated as "Not For Commercial Use" - does this mean you can not use them in a blog article?

Yes, commercial use is anything for business or to make a profit from, the opposite being residential or personal use.

Hi. I would be cautious because typically we're monetizing our sites so that could be seen as commercial use. You should read carefully any Terms of Service from the image site you're on.

Does anyone use gocodes plugin?

Does anyone use gocodes plugin?

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Search Engine Optimization

Anyone use this to either hide or make more appealing affiliate links?

I wouldn't use this one. It hasn't been updated since December of last year. There have been major changes to Wordpress since then. It is only supported for 3.8.3 the revision is about to change to 4.0.

Pretty Links is good and fully supported.

It does look very good, looks like one has to buy pro to cloak links.