Why Hate Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: April 03, 2014

I just read an interesting blog by a former WA member and I thought to myself how sad it was that this person just didn't give it time.

Why hate on wealthy affiliate for your own short comings? Well, that is the trend these days. "hey we aren't successful so let's blame the ones who are!"

I'm sick of it all.

To say that WA is an MLM and in the same company as Empower Network couldn't be further from the truth. If that's the case then ALL affiliate marketing programs are MLMs. What a blinded soul...I cry a small tear for these people...NOT!

So after reading all this crap on his blog about this great FREE program called Minute Made Millionaire I decided to check it out. Guess what I found? Wealthy Affiliate affiliate banners on their video training page which wasn't more than other people's youtube videos. There were only 5 videos on the page!!!! Seriously you are going to compare that to the robust training and tools that WA offers?

Oh, and he went on to say that you had to be a paying member for 3 months before you could access all the tools a WA.

Clearly this person didn't take the time to LEARN and connect with others.

So what can we learn from this? Anything good in life worth having takes time and patience to nurture and grow.

Before giving your opinion on something at least make sure it's an educated one.

Vent session #2...in the books!

Keep it Real,


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Blas-Antonio Premium
Update On the Minute Made Millionaire and the Affiliate Nation Blog...they are one in the same and Minute Made Millionaire IS the guy that was once a member here. Ah, no wonder the blog and the MMM site both looked horrible. Well, much luck to him and his venture. I hate it when people think that making money is EVIL. I fart in their general direction!
softwind Premium
Great post Blas! Patience is a virtue. All good things take time too! I've been here since January 15th of this year and have learned more and been more successful than anything I have attempted online in the last 10 years. I'm not where I want to be quite yet, however; let's have this talk in another year!! :-) Your post was an inspiration to those of us that have the tenacity to just keep plugging away . . . .
Tracy47 Premium
Love your writing style, it cracks me up because it is so on target!
nomda ploom Premium
Blas there you go again, right off the fence from the word go- love it! Andy
sherp Premium
get back in your corner Blas come out punching when you hear the bell , you are the steven segal of WA, its your pic man.
sherp Premium
where have you been Blas-Antonio, this guy looks like he did all his training here. I ignore them buddy kill em with success.
Blas-Antonio Premium
I've been busy running my martial arts school and applying the things I learn here to my marital arts school website. I'm back in full effect! I just need some better time management.