Writing Product Reviews

Last Update: May 25, 2014


Many people are writing product reviews for their sites. It can be quite a challenge to know how much you should write, or whether you should actually try and sell the product.

I've seen more than one write suggest that an effective product review will be about 1000 words in length - but that's a lot of words and not always appropriate.

What you do need to ensure is that you are offering 'value' to your readers giving them enough information to understand their buying options.

Style of Product Review

There are a lot of different ones available and I have included 3 in the infographic below - but these are only a guideline.

Writing Multiple Reviews

If you are writing lots of reviews for your site - then adopt a style and set of headings that you can use over and over again. Readers will come back to read other reviews if they know the type of information they will get.

Hope you find it useful :) Beverley

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Thanks for providing this information in an easy to understand way - your infographics are great.

Thanks for the compliment. Glad you like it.

Hit the nail on the head, thanks for sharing

My pleasure - thanks.

Excellent info Beverley! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Hi Beverley.

I love your infographs. They make something which could be really difficult, far more easy to understand. Already favourited :-)

All the best, Mark

Thanks Mark. Glad you like them.

Beverly, Thank You for this! You are one of the people here that give the WA the reputation it deserves. It takes a lot of time to help people and provide answers to newbies such as myself. Just letting you know it is much appreciated. Robert if you read this the same to you! Dennis

Thanks Dennis. That's really kind of you to say so. And you're right - Robert is great.

Bev . An excellent and riveting blog . Short, to the pont, and beautifully illustrated . I always enjoy reading your work .

Thanks Jerry - that's kind of you to say so.

Another wicked awesome blog :-) lol that is what we would say back home. Always great info, easy to understand and great infographics.. you are the best,thanks as always

Thanks my friend. Nice to see hear from you. Catch up soon.

I always love when the blueprint is given by a proven user. You have put it in a format that is useable. Thanks for your experience and advice.Will bookmark this Have a great day!!

Thanks for the compliment. Glad you like it. Hope you find it useful.

I can work with the simple product review template when the time comes to monetise my website...Thanks Beverley.

My pleasure. Hope you find it useful.

Thanks for the great information. Where do you find the infographics?

Thank you - glad you like it. I create the infographics myself.

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