A Fine Mess I've Gotten Myself Into!

Last Update: January 26, 2017

I know! Where the heck have I been? Buried in physical ailments, hard-headed kid issues, attempting to keep up with my social networks, it's just a lot! I'm still working on this IPad and most days I just feel like I've gone nuts!!! My score here at WA is embarrassing to say the least, but when I do have access (to the internet that is) I have to earn money and try to keep my blog updated. Unfortunately, that puts WA way down on the to-do list.

Yes! Most days this has been my stance. Onlookers probably think I'm the sleep in public, lady! Lol I know it is a combination of my age and the fact that I don't think I get more than 5-6 hours sleep each night, and it's usually interrupted. I've tried to take vitamins to no avail. Plus, I always feel like a junkie when I have to take many pills in one sitting. I just feel as if I've bitten off way more than I could chew!!

I'm on every social website (or it feels that way)

I'm a WA member

My kids and family aren't normal (lol)

I run a WAH website

I work at home on top of administering my blog

I've been thinking hard about obtaining my Master in Business Administration

I still feel unfulfilled

I haven't made any sales nor earned any commissions

I have new subscribers and I don't know what to do with them

I am not making money blogging

I am on Quora, Flipboard, Sweba, and others to gain an audience

It's a lot!! This is only a few things from the list of things I am involved in online and to help make money and-or help in advertising my website. I joined WA to learn more about Afilliate Marketing and I have, I'm just not making any money here. WA is no longer for me. I'm sure there are many here doing well, my experiences don't take away from that. Making money is a PRIORITY over everything else, and I'm just not accomplishing that here.

I know many of you follow me on my social sites and I appreciate it and hope that we can stay connected. I just don't see the benefit of paying for a service I can't seem to earn from. My membership (Premium) will be coming to an end probably NEXT month since I signed up in March of last year. Wishing you all much success!!


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MNorton Premium
Hi Audra,
I'm so sorry to see you go. I know you have a busy life, and time is limited. I do understand about the money aspect of it. I hope one day, if it's feasible, you will come back. I wish you all the best in your current endeavors.
Take care my friend, blessings always.
bidnesslady Premium
Thanks so much, Mary. I believe we're connected a few places!! Much success, my friend!! :)
lynnsam61 Premium
I've missed your posts which always make me smile and think. Hang in there! You are an amazing woman and you will get through this! Sending hugs and prayers, Erica
bidnesslady Premium
Thanks so much, love! I am going to miss everyone here. Especially people like you who give encouragement at my lowest points. MMUUAAH!! :)
KMeyer Premium Plus
Keep on keeping on!
MKearns Premium
Looks like you're on the way to a fine comeback Audra. You can't go wrong with all that fine healthy fruit in those bags!
VeronicasLuv Premium
There's a time for everything.....

May you have success in whatever endeavour you choose to pursue Audra.