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I know! Where the heck have I been? Buried in physical ailments, hard-headed kid issues, attempting to keep up with my social networks, it's just a lot! I'm still working on this IPad and most days I just feel like I've gone nuts!!! My score here at WA is embarrassing to say the least, but when I do have access (to the internet that is) I have to earn money and try to keep my blog updated. Unfortunately, that puts WA way down on the to-do list.Yes! Most days this has been my stance. Onlookers p
October 26, 2016
Hello, all. I have been incognito for quite sometime. I still try to check in daily to see what you've all been up to, but I've been in serious pain since the beginning of this month! The pain was finally so bad I was forced to visit the ER yesterday.(Yeah....this was my stance for the last two plus weeks!)I tried to just champion through the pain because stubbornness is my guide. Lol. Anywho, I discovered I've been suffering from a pinched nerve. I thought it was a Kidney infection because the
While reviewing my emails yesterday, I ran across my 'Squirrly' report. The report says that a good score for your website is 80 or above!.......My score is 50!! Do I suck or what? Lol. The struggle is real! Even though it has already been 6 months since I started my blog, I am still having issues with traffic, Copyright meta tags, and several other areas that I need to tweak to improve. What to do? I know it could be worse, my score could have been 10 or 0! It's just frustrating when you think
August 09, 2016
I'm so convinced that I am eating more than I should've bitten off....because I can't chew it all!! I am a parent first, so my family takes precedent over everything else I have going on! I have joined so many networks to aid in advertising my blog and now I am buried in information! HELP!I just feel like I am Writing just to keep my blog alive, because my passion does not seem...well, as passionate! lol Aside from my children urging me to create ideas for them to be in business. Many of my clo
July 15, 2016
Hi, WA Fam! I am so excited! This will be a short one...promise..lolMy post I submitted just this morning "Paid To Share" is already indexed on page #1 of Google! If you search paid to share, you will see my photo...second or third from the top!I'm Sooo happy and excited to be here learning from ALL of you wonderful people!Big Thanks to Kyle and Carson for creating such an awesome community! Woot,woot!Thanks for listening, loves,Audra
July 08, 2016
Hi, fam! Am I the ONLY one receiving private message requests to join social networks? It's kinda irritating! A social network invite does not call for a private message! Smh,......when I receive private messages, I'm thinking the message is a bit more personal.There are RULES here!! Is there a block feature? It makes me not want to deal with people like's common Dadgum sense!!! Why disregard the upset people?And even after Kyle announced the issues with comments being fi
July 02, 2016
Hi, FAM! Didn't she already blog today? Yes! So you probably are seeing this a day behind! Lol I have a business idea and I don't share as many as people think...I just have literally tons of ideas! But with this specific one, I know I need professional high skill-level input. My compassion and love for mankind bring me here and I need help!What I want to do is take over distressed properties, refurbish them and move people in!! Of course the homes would not be totally FREE, but the cost would
I have seriously been trying to keep my spirits up and push forward with my business plans, but I swear daily there is something that happens with my website that could cause me to throw a brick ( had I had one) through my own window!!! Just to release this frustration. I'm seriously starting to feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew!! But how can that be when I still love it? Do you go nuts as a blogger? Is that the big secret? Smh...I can't receive comments because of some Java scri
June 25, 2016
Hello, WA family! I believe it's been too long since I've given an update on my progress thus far at WA! Through all of my frustration(s) I am still enjoying what I do! So here is a bit of what's been happening....1.) I have been a member (counting today) for 115 days.2.) I have acquired 577 followers.3.) My Google+ is off the chain! I started out with only 6 followers and now hopefully by the end of this month I will have over 700!! Woot, woot!4.) I've made 65 posts on my site so far.5.) I've
Hi, Fam! I just wanted to share a little tid bit I was made aware of this morning.I made a post the other day reviewing a neat little app I found for freelancers to make money.My first share is always to Facebook! Well, low and behold...look what happened...WeGoLook shared your photo.16 hrs · Thanks, Audra- great summary of WeGoLook and how we are making a difference for our Lookers!PCcurrency's photo .PCcurrencyJune 7 at 9:18am · We Go Look Review!