What I have learned in 3 months

Last Update: February 18, 2015

Well, it's been a very productive 3 months, since I have been back. Especially with Christmas in the middle.

What have I gained or done so far?

I have built 1 complete website that I am happy with.That allowed me to find a wordpress theme that I am happy with, that is responsive and also allows comments, is easy to work with, easy to learn, and easy to change. I have got the hang of the keywords and searching and Jaaxy.

With all of that sort of mastered to a small degree, I have now started working on one of my favourite niches, and building that website. It is so much easier on the second one. The bright shiny objects have disappeared - to a large degree.

I still am yet to build a website for the affiliate bootcamp. I am sort of doing that at the same time. I am working on my second one for me. I built my first website, but realised that the niche was too small. Its still there but have left it for a while.

I have also discovered the training side of WA. I love that aspect. And I love sharing, so lots more trainings coming up.

Am I still enjoying WA?

Absolutely! Without a doubt. Definitely one of the best choices I have made. It is hard work, or time consuming work - but I love it. I love the creative side, I love giving feedback (hope to do more of that in the future), I love the community and support.

What valuable things can I pass on so far?

Well, I upgraded to Jaaxy. I think it is worth it. Quicker, better, more reliable, and for a business worth the expense. Keyword search is the key to traffic, and it can be very time consuming - so save time in this area. Also saved on the bright shiny objects problem.

Find 1 theme and get to know it well, and adapt it to all your websites. That way your website building will get quicker and easier.

Follow the training. Keep following the training. There is also so much more to learn.

Put 50% into website building, 25% into training, and 25% into social, interactive, community network building. Depending on what stage you are at. But have a goal or target and try to stick to it.

Keep adding content. And updating things. Helps with rankings.

have fun. Should be number 1.

I am sure there is way more, just can't think of them at the moment.

points to be aware of

Don't give up! There is so much information it is overwhelming. Just follow the training.

Just keep taking 1 step at a time. Don't judge yourself for how much you haven't done yet.

Try not to play stepping stones. Stick to 1 niche and complete that. Then build another website. Or stick to 1 theme and learn that. It can use a lot of time if you keep changing things and trying to get everything perfect from the start. It won't happen and you will get discouraged. Like my first niche and website. Too small, but its still there.

Give yourself time to make it work. Well all want to earn a million dollars next week. Most won't. But give yourself time to give it a chance. I am still not earning any money yet, but I know if I keep working at it, it will happen! I know that.

Last tip -Don't give up on your Dreams!

Enjoy your time here at WA. If you would like to share your goals or dreams below, I would love to hear them.

If you like my tips - also leave me a comment and I will reply. Hope that helps any newbies.

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bsmith1222 Premium
Thanks for sharing
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you are welcome
donmikel123 Premium
As i can see, if there could be any limit for you, it can only come from you but i do not envisage any yet. Keep riding on. That is the spirit.
BeYou Premium
Thanks, and yes I agree, the only limit comes from within
siamjerry Premium
You have done a good job and, rightly so, you are enthusiastic about it. Thanks for sharing this information.
BeYou Premium
I hope it can help someone else move forward
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Great work
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Thanks Ken
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All so very true!
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thanks David
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You're welcome!