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Well, it's been a very productive 3 months, since I have been back. Especially with Christmas in the middle. What have I gained or done so far? I have built 1 complete website that I am happy with.That allowed me to find a wordpress theme that I am happy with, that is responsive and also allows comments, is easy to work with, easy to learn, and easy to change. I have got the hang of the keywords and searching and Jaaxy. With all of that sort of mastered to a small degree, I have now started wo
Well, I have been back at WA for a couple of months now. Loving it and building websites, and getting lots and lots of keywords. However, it was only recently, like the last week, that I realized that when I type in my content, that I can do it in visual as well, not just text. I have been typing all my text and links and adding media to the text page. This has been working OK, and I am quite familiar with html and that sort of stuff, so thought that was normal. Except to check anything I
Here in Australia, we have already had new years eve, and 2015 has already begun. For many, they are happy to see the end of 2014. 2015 feels like it will be a wonderful year of change. Now, with WA, i feel like things are moving forward, there is hope, and a real opportunity to move forward and achieve success on the internet. However, wealth is nothing without health. Such a cliche, but so true. So take care of your body - its the only one you have. Everything in moderation. It is easy to
December 29, 2014
Yippee! I can't believe it! I got Ranked! OK, so not page 1 of Google yet, but hey give me a chance. I am coming. I am very excited and more inspired to keep going. I have only been back a few short weeks, and went round and round with the niche and keyword thing, well still am doing that, but the one thing I found that helped that was Jaaxy. Jaaxy has been unbelievably fantastic to help me focus and get the keywords that work. I did upgrade to pro with Jaaxy. And, no, I cannot afford it at
Hi Everyone First up I have to say this is my 2nd time around at WA. The first time, I got confused and overwhelmed, and gave up before I even gave myself and WA a chance. It's hard to admit it. But 2nd time around I am very aware of that "glitch" in my psyche. That's OK, because you can have second chances. This time, I am more determined to make it work! I followed the training, step by step, and still got confused and overwhelmed with the keywords and niches. You see, my problem was not be
let's face it, we all want to make money. Right? Otherwise you probably would't be here. And do you want to make money fast? Have you got debts that need clearing? Kids that need feeding? A day job that sucks? Holidays that need to be taken? Do you want to make a contribution to the world? The thing is, in order to do all that, to make the money, quit the day job, and have a sustainable income - without it being a scam, or get rich quick scheme, it is going to take some time! Time to do the tra
Well, I just wanted to share with you how to register your new domain name easily, save money and also how you can make money. 1.So, you have picked out a niche. Yes, just start with one. Master that and start earning money before you start any others, however you can purchase some domain names if they are really good, as you don't want to miss out on them. Spend some time pondering your niche, making sure you can write about it, engage with it, and be passionate about it. If you are not sure
This is my second time at WA and things are so much better 2nd time. By that I mean I am following things better. WA is still the same - awesome, well it has actually gotten better, if that is possible. But I have changed. You see, when you first start, there is so much information, and training, and chats and things to do, that it is easy to get distracted and unfocused. That is me. I call them following the bright shiny objects. Thats what I did the 1st time. The training is awesome, but you
December 01, 2014
I am back. As someone who starts lots of things, and learns very quickly, but never seems to finish things, I rejoined WA when the offer of the year came around. I had been thinking about rejoining, as it is so damned hard on my own, when you don't really know what you are doing. So, I am really going to give it my best shot for the next year. I love the concept, and I love the articles where new people are actually making sales on Amazon etc. That gives me hope and inspiration to continue. I