LAS VEGAS 2020 - Super Affiliate Challenge COMPLETE! (& Ask Me Anything)

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So I was driving to Cape Cod with BenjisMom and upon arrival to our hotel room, a pleasant surprise came across when I logged into WA

So yeah, @JerryHuang beat me to it, lol, but I'm right on his heels... (Congrats bro)

I look forward to seeing the crew AND any new faces!

I know several you all that are part of Kyles Super Affiliate Challenge and all I can say is follow his instructions EXACTLY. Do not deviate.

He know's what he is talking about and how to generate 300 sales.

Since 2015, I have grown multiple successful blogs and a few cash flowing YouTube channels promoting a number of products (including my own products you can see on my profile page).

Word of Advice for Las Vegas Hopefuls

The only thing I can suggest that you do if you want to accomplish the Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC), is to follow the instructions, follow the training, and do not get distracted with extra training here and there. As you may know at this point, it is STUPID EASY to get off track.

Remember, everyone has their "own" way of making money. A lot of different ways work. But just choose one you know works and stick to it until you succeed.

I get CONSTANT messages from students saying that 'life' impeded them building their business. But once the money rolls in, you will devote more time to it.

Once you get the money flowing, you can use it to grow your business exponentially.

Google is so predictable that if you put content out there, Google WILL respond eventually.

It sounds simple; it sounds too easy, but honestly, what is EASY TO DO is also EASY NOT TO DO.

One key principle is to Blog.... blog... and blog some more.

Get the audience...

Get the traffic...

Traffic = Money

Forget how your website looks, stop worrying with the colors, just blog.

Don't worry with widgets... just blog

Stop worrying about making your content or site PERFECT... just blog.

Google can rank average content, Google can rank poor worded content, BUT one thing that Google will NOT rank is content that doesn't exist.

SO BLOG! STOP READING THIS AND BLOG! Did I stutter? Go and blog asap!

I wish you all the best! You can do it if you put in the work.

I owe a lot of this to YouTube as well... so if you are interested in how I did this, CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW ME ON WA and check out my sites at the bottom right.

If you have questions for me directly, ASK AWAY... We can even make this an AMA (or an Ask Me Anything) and I will try my best to answer any question.

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Awesome! I'm not sure where to begin at the moment, I was on a roll but then I wasn't getting results (not getting ranked for the jaaxy terms I targeted following the training, but getting ranked for pointless random terms that no one is searching), so that slowed down my progress. But when I read posts like yours you make me feel that somehow I CAN do it ... So I just keep working at it, trying to do things better. Thanks!

dont stop K. You rank for small words first, but they turn into big words. Many peole give up RIGHT BEFORE their site is getting ready to hit, so push through, there is light at the end of the tunnel

Great advice, thanks so much! You have a gift for inspiring people, and I'm grateful that you always take the time to help lift others.

sure thing K, anytime

Wow! That's so inspiring! Way to go! I needed the encouragement!

thanks Alisha! what part of texas are you from?

Congratulations! Chris for exceeding the expectation!! This is amazing!

Thanks for encouraging us by giving a vital advice that I may be overlooking.

I will continue to follow the lessons and take action.

Once again, congratulations!

Best regards


np, Smart. Glad to inspire!

You are awasome Ben. Thank you for for sharing, it is very motivating.

No problem.

How much does WA Pay for your trip to Las Vegas and how much do you pay yourself?
What is included in the 'All Expenses Paid' criteria?

Good question

They pay for EVERYTHING. Any expenses is paid for. Hotel, plane, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even $200 spending cash for whatever you want.

That's while you are there.
What about visas?
Airport Tax?
Getting To the Airport in your country?
At what point would we have to pay for any part of the trip?

Now that sounds GREAT

I'm In. lol


If you need visas or passport, that would likey fall on you. Good question though.

But people come from all around the world. Northern Europe, UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand.

You'd likely have to get your way to the airport itself , but Kyle is EXTREMELY flexible. So if you need a few bucks to and from the airport, then he may oblige I'd you ask him.

But as I said, he gives us $200 spending cash as well, so anything you may spend should be mostly made up with that cash.

Amazing, you’re so right.

I know right Tim?

That is awesome Chris. I love the bit when you said Benji's Mom.:)

I knew you would be back there again.
You are amazing.

I seriously need to get my head around YouTube lol. Thats my mission for next week.

Awesome. Say Hi to your Family. :)
Debs :)

It's a combination of both blogging and YouTube

Thank you for the encouragement post. I really appreciate reading this.


Anytime Ana. Glad I could help.

Way to go
And dont be surprised i might take u up on that LOL

Go right ahead! I dare you!

Awesome, your post is very motivating👍
My question is: Is it possible to get 300 referrals, without any video ads or YouTube channel? What's your views🙂
Anyways, many many congratulations🙂👍

No video ads. Just YouTube videos And blog.

And heck yeah. 300 is only about 25 a month.

Extremely doable.


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