PROJECT KOLVEN: New Blog Starting 312020

Last Update: March 04, 2020

Like most people blogging... I struggle with being consistency.

There have been plenty of times that I have started a blog and then after 2 or 3 articles, i end up working on something else...

But one of the BEST ways that I have found to combat this and get things done is to create time in my schedule and to hold myself accountable.

So I will count on YOU.

I am starting yet another small niche blog (that hopefully will turn into an authority site), but I will hold myself accountable to work on it consisntently by giving you updates monthly on it.

I figure... why not just make another case study?

So I am calling this PROJECT KOLVEN. Reason for the code name is that I will refrain from mentioning the site or even the niche to avoid getting unnecessary and irrelevant traffic.

After I get the site to about 5k to 10k a month in traffic, I will reveal it. Maybe a little sooner depending how quickly my monetization strategy works out.

What I will include in these reports?

This is where I will depend on you. I don't really know what you would want to know about the site. I will include:

# of posts made that month



# of Email Subscribers

Perhaps info on a YouTube channel if I incorporate one with this blog.

ROI - Return On Investment is ENTIRELY important. I want to make very clear how much money it costs to get things started and how long until I am making more money than I am spending.

What else would you like to know?


I will consider this Month 0 of Project Kolven.

I have already purchased the domain, installed a theme, and setup the SEO on the site. I will NOT be using an SEO plugin, but still will hook it up to Google Analytics. I am using one of my favorite services for a logo because I'm terrible at graphic design (not required).

I am using WA's hosting with a favorite theme of mine.

I am sticking close to the WA training.

I may hire a writer, but I am thinking of bootstrapping this as much as possible and reinvesting once I start getting a return on investment.

I have identified a primary offer for the first phase of the blog and it includes recurring income which is exciting!

I will use Google Instant, Jaaxy, YouTube Auto-Suggest, Answer the Public, and maybe Ahrefs for keyword ideas and content gap opportunities. I am also going to sign up for Google Alerts for viral opportunities.

I will not be wasting a ton of time going for backlink opportunities (if any). Early on, adding content to Project Kolven is more important than anything.

Month 0

# of Posts This Month = 0

Traffic = 0

# of Email Subscribers = 0

Income = 0

YouTube Videos = 0

Net Income For Month = (123.92)

Net Income For Life of Site = (123.92)


So my goals for this site is to get it to $2,000 a month within a year.

60 Articles by June 1, 2020.

Then bounce the idea around of selling the site OR continue to build it into an authority and see if I can get it to $6k-$10k a month.

So let Project Kolven begin!

Take Control

Chris Myles AKA Benji's Dad


If you have questions for me, please feel free and shoot below! But I repeat, I will not be revealing the domain or niche until the traffic or income reaches the desired level.

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Adwestaw Premium Plus
Hello! Any updates on this? I'm interested!!
LenkaSophie Premium
This is a great idea, Chris! I will definitely be following it as I'm a strong believer of learning from the successful people.

I'd love to get the same goal as you've set for your new project. My site is 2 months old with 21 posts and $2,000 a month in one year would be awesome.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
All the best with KOLVEN. You are accountable to us.
wideman Premium
You forgot to say " This post will self-destruct in 5 seconds". LOL
Colorman Premium
Way to go Benji's dad.