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Last Update: April 14, 2020

Haha... this is funny...

So a very "popular blog training" on YouTube recently released a video and came to what they called a very 'surprising' revelation. I don't want to call them out by name, but let's just say that the name of the company rhymes with "Sincome Spool."

So let me give you a little background.

It is no secret that the trick to growing your blog is to find low-hanging fruit keywords using Jaaxy and writing blogs that are at least 1000 words or more. That is essentially what WA teaches....

Simple, no?

So this "Sincoe Spool" has something they call the 'content mix' where you write blog posts of varying lengths (1200 words = Response Post, 2500 words = Staple Post, and 3500 words = Pillar Post) depending on the competition of the keyword.

One of the cool things they have done recently is invite some of their more successful bloggers to their offices to pick their brains (similar to WA's Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference).

During that meet-up, all of the successful bloggers could agree on one thing.

The most important type of post that has grown their business the most has been Response posts or posts of around 1200 words.

Long story short, it was 'determined' that your time is better spent writing as many 1200 word posts as you can rather than spending tons of time writing 3500+ word posts. Both content types would rank very well in Google, but in terms of "page views" per "minute spent" writing, your time is better spent writing 1200+ word posts.

Of course, when they came to that realization, I immediately thought, "WOW... WA has been saying that for 15 years now..."

If anyone know's me personally, sometimes I like to stir the pot and just see what happens. So I left a comment on the video....

My comment was me pointing out that low competition, or "low-hanging fruit", keywords and 1000+ word posts can make anyone successful.

That said, there is no ONE specific way to earn a living online. Many people have different methods that all can work if you devote yourself to it and follow through.

BUT, it is funny to see reputable blog training platforms are 'discovering' something that we at WA have known for a LOOOONNNGGG TIME.

So Now What???

So the point of this post is not to put down any other trainings, but it is to compare the value you get with WA versus any other service on the internet.

WA is FREE to start, then $19. And if you continue on, $49 per month... or you can go yearly and save even more money.

Your WA membership includes training, community, hosting, SiteContent, Weekly Live webinars, SiteDomains, 24/7 support, keyword research tools, live chat, etc...

But other comparable trainings cost nearly $500 up front and will charge you $199 per year after that just to remain part of their message board. And no, this doesn't include the tons of things that WA just lays out ala cart.

True value is here at Weatlhy Affiliate and if you are a part of it, you are getting a steal and are YEARS in front of the competition.

If you have yet to go premium with your membership or have yet to go yearly to take advantage of the savings... DO IT NOW! It's the best investment you will EVER make.

Unless you bought some Tesla stock when it was at $50 a share.

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BobMargroff Premium Plus
Hey Chris, that’s funny how they just happen to come to that realization. So, they just now got it? Cracks me up. I’m glad I’m not with them. I would have wasted 1-1/2 years to learn that from them all of a sudden.

Especially considering I learned that since day 1 here at WA back in July 2018. LOL!

Take care of yourself and stay safe!

jlclayton1 Premium
When Tesla stock was sitting around $25 a share for a long time, I thought about buying it. By the time I pulled the trigger, it was a little above my price, didn't want to chase it and eventually bought another company that I thought had potential.

Didn't even think about it until about 2 years later when I checked the price--still kicking myself for not going for it!

That being said, I truly believe that my WA membership has the same potential and will give me the same return over the next few years.

Great post (even with a painful memory, lol!)

FKelso Premium Plus
Good one, Chris. We are indeed lucky to be here as we are given all the tools we need to build our business. Time is all we need.
Linda103 Premium
Love it Chris. WA is such an opportunity for those that are serious about building a business

I knew a week into the first month, ($19) that this was what I wanted to do. Worked out the maths and realised what a bargain the yearly membership was and went for that at the end of the month.
First I decided that I intended to be successful.
Then I decided that WA was the best way to become successful.
Then I invested in myself and the future and paid for the year.
Then Black Friday came along and I got an even better deal for the year, grandfathered in at that price for the forseeable future.

There is one complaint about WA though. There is just too much exciting training everywhere. Lol.
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing! Indeed, WA is awesome!