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My outsourced content is jibbed?

My outsourced content is jibbed?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I recently hired an additional content writer for my site from the UpWork service.

He's now created 2 articles that I think are quality enough to keep.

Even thoug

How did the post get published? Does your writer have a WordPress login, so that they can publish on your behalf? Or did you copy and paste the article to WordPress? If you copy and pasted, what document/format did they supply the article in? And did you paste including formatting, or as plain text? I know Jay is going to take a look for you, but if you would like a 2nd pair of eyes, feel free to PM the link to the post as well.

I just copy and paste it straight from a word document I download from him. docx. I guess I should be viewing it as plain text then, I think that would solve the issue. How do I copy it without capturing all the formatting?

Copying from Word will capture all of the formatting, but when you paste the content into WordPress you can choose "Paste as Text" and this will remove the formatting. You can then go through the article and format the headings.

Thankyou, I will try this.

Maybe I'm being a bit naive and don't know enough about outsourcing yet but surely as you paid for it then you can do anything with it.

So why not , simply copy the English text and images into a new article and post from scratch and then delete the original. This would probably get rid of those quirks that you are talking about.

i take it you check it for duplicate content
and check the html to see if there are any spurious bits left
it may depend on how they created it, which may have left behind traces - like word does....
the main thing to do is to check for originality and that you are happy with it.
it does sound like there is some hidden html left in there
i hope jay can sort it for you

All i've done is ran the content through a plagiarism checker and it passes. Also, a lot of the words which a grammatically correct, have squiggly lines under a section of the word, which is strange.

Send me a PM with the deets and I'll have a look in the morning!

Hi, I believe should matter who is the freelancer and since you hired them, you can ask them directly as you own the work they've done for you.

And if they say no, it is within your right at upwork to withhold funds as work is unsatisfactory.

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Aeroplane counter did not lower?

Aeroplane counter did not lower?

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WA Affiliate Program

I had got a Premium Sale 24 hrs ago and I noticed that the aeroplane counter is still sitting at 298. Which I would think should drop to 297.

Maybe it is just a glitch

If all 3 are Premium possible it can be a system error maybe PM Kyle he will assist you. All the best!

Even though I had an email confirming the sale. I seen inside WA that it is in a pending state. So that's likely why it hasn't confirmed.

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Seeking info about resubscription sale?

Seeking info about resubscription sale?

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WA Affiliate Program

I'm using my smartphone so I will get straight to the point. A few weeks ago during this month I got an unusual Wealthy Affiliate sale of the amount $12.50


Hi Benjamin,

It's hard to know exactly what's going on there. My advice would be to contact Kyle and ask him. He will be able to sort this out for you.


Sadly I have noi idea, but You will get the answer for sure

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