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Hi, my name is Lee (Le Roy) and I am a real estate investor and also licensed as a Real Estate Broker in Florida (USA).
I am a lead generation coach in direct response marketing ,USP marketing strategies and online real estate lead generation.

I am originally from South Africa and my previous experience is in Forensic Investigation and Security Risk Management.
I enjoy Scuba diving, Extreme hiking, Golf, Angling (Rock and Surf) and Cycling.
And for those of you that know what it is, I also enjoy watching Rugby (my favorite team is the USA Sevens team) and soccer (my favorite team in Man U)
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slayton1s Premium
Hey Bef, writing up a course atm. Would be great to keep in touch. For article directories, I honestly don't use them much. I'm more into just contributing to my own site and leveraging social circles and communities revolving around my niche. Most just simply write for article directories without any real professional plan of action if you ask me.
davepr Premium
Hey thanks for the follow, you will love it here at WA
Befree Premium
Thanks I sure hope that this is of value for me.
splashduck Premium
Lee, thank you for following me :)

Befree, I like that, be free. After reading your profile comments I can see the connection to between you and your username. You are a man of action. With that sporty car you could have and may still yet have a part in a James Bond movie!

Well, I'm Robbie and I'm not an adventurous type of person like you. The things you do would probably scare me to death:) So is there any way I could be of assistance to you?

I love and have a passion for doing keyword research. If I was more brave I would love to go to the outback of Australia and be a gold prospector. Well, that's how I feel about using Jaaxy and prospecting for "keyword gold"

So, if you're really busy one day and could use the free services of a passionate keyword prospector I reckon I could help you out. Just give me a topic, an angle to the topic and I'll go to work for you for free. I'd be very happy to do that for you Lee, just ask me any time. Enjoy your day moment by moment.

Robbie :)
Befree Premium
Hi Robbie, thanks for the offer, I will definitely keep it in mind.
For my keyword research I use the Micro Niche Finder software and it works very well.
Unfortunately the car is not mine, it was a rental when I first visited Ft Myers.

Please keep in touch
Hi Lee, I see that we have both been here awhile. How is it going for you? Thank you for adding me and stay in touch.
Befree Premium
Hi I left WA about 3 years ago and just joined again. Will see how it works out.
Labman Premium Plus
Thanks for following me back. Let me know if I can help with anything else.
Befree Premium
Thanks for the offer I will keep that in mind. I recently rejoined and it looks completely different.