Day 3 of a 7 Day Challenge

Last Update: September 19, 2016

Last Friday I opened my big mouth and layed out a challenge for a stretch goal for the week. So the challenge started on Saturday and will end this Saturday.

I said I would do the following

  • 2 Post this week to
  • Publish 1 Post to and have 3 more to be published on successive Tuesdays
  • Complete another set of courses.
  • Comment on 5 blogs per day with comments of substance.

SO ...... here is the update

  • I have made one post to
  • I have written 3 articles for and should have them ready for publishing tonight.
  • I have competed 3 of 10 lessons
  • I have commented on at least 5 blog posts a day. I have commented on more that 5 but I'm not counting the ones that are one sentence comments.

So all in all I am on target although the I will have to pick up the pace on the lessons.


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Sdaviscs1250 Premium
Looks like you are doing good to me...Sharon
GeoffGS Premium
Good productivity. :)
MPollock Premium
Nice challenge and goals. keep up the great work. and move forward with the lessons.
Thanks, and have a great day tomorrow. .
NancyHernand Premium
It's good to make goals and stick to them. So many times we set goals, and let life get in the way of fulfilling them. Good on you!
bigrog44 Premium
Good challenge.