Toilet Paper and Content

Last Update: March 19, 2019

How do you put the toilet paper roll so it spools out over or under?

This is a conversation topic that generates a lot of discussion and yet is a low-level controversial topic.

Ann Landers in her advice blog said, “the orientation of toilet tissue was the biggest controversy on her blog.

While there are topics are too sensitive to discuss, like child or spousal abuse.

Whatever your reason for creating a blog you want to pick a low-level controversial topic which enlivens discussion.

Add Humor

With a sensitive topic add a humorous anecdote from your personal experience.

Using humor to diffuse a situation evokes emotional responses while not putting reader on the defensive.

Beta Readers

If your content is controversial have someone else who is an unbiased look through the article before publishing. Selecting someone who does not ‘have a horse in this race’ can see if you need to back off and tone your post down.

You want to have your content accepted as you intended and not be offensive to anyone. Use several ‘beta reader’ to help find the right balance for your article.

Focus on Only One Issue

It is important to focus on only a single issue, the key topic and cover it as best you can.

When trying to cover several controversial concerns your post will came away as a rant and you will lose valuable credibility.

Keep your post a reasonable and organized discussion without meandering on side topics.

Stay with what you know; if you cannot support your arguments, you’ll anger readers.

Handle Comments With Care

Your aim is to spark discussion without making reader angry.

Remember to thank the readers for their contribution even when it's a negative comment.

Stay away from arguments in the comments, you want the audience to return.

How to Write With Sensitivity

When the topic is touchy, you must have the facts straight. If you support something known to have adverse effects, you stand a chance of loosing credibility. Topics such as violence against minors having only one side can be suicidal topic. Always stay away from controversial or atrocious acts which have a clear right and wrong side.

Take A Stand

Be bold and take a stand, tackle the topic with clarity and plenty of supporting data. Present both sides of the argument and state which side your opinion falls on, stating that it's your opinion. Ask your readers to share their opinions.

How NOT to Write With Sensitivity

Do not use a calamity or tragedy to promote a product or service. It is even worse to use tragic events to get likes on your Facebook page or other social media. There have been several well-known brands that tried to use tragedies to promote themselves and failed.

Here are a couple links to self-promotion examples in the midst of tragedy:

5 Corporations That Used A National Tragedy to Sell you something

19 Massive Corporate Social Media Horror Stories


You need to be careful when discussing controversial topics, it can backfire and destroy your credibility.

The goal is to intrigue readers enough to read your arguments or solution and then make their own judgment.

Using controversy can help you in become a stand out from others writing in your niche. By creating valuable discussion on a controversial topic along with supporting data to back up your comments your blog might go viral. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to see their blog go viral?

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Quite nicely done. Great post, of course we all know get's pulled out from the top and not from the bottom. I stand or sit strong on this subject. Thanks for sharing Barney
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Like the referance to intrigue, it's holding attention, getting the first paragraph so they click on the more link, then read your remaining text. So much in your discussion above that goes towards writing your blog. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi Barney, good advice and a great article, thank you.
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Barney, thank you for sharing this great information. You provided some things well worth thinking about. For example, I need to look at a review that I have in draft. I need to make sure that I've focused on one main point.

Yet, I'm disappointed. I still didn't find that seemingly elusive correct answer to which way the toilet paper is supposed to unroll.
Barney44 Premium
When you do find the correct answer please share...LOL.

My personal note on the matter women - roll under, men - roll over.

SheaSmith Premium
Here ya go! There is an answer :) I prefer over the top so I was entertained to see this article.
SondraM Premium
LOL I must say that I'm an over the top person also.
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I love your mountain money☺
Barney44 Premium
Mountain money???
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
It is a slang for tp
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New new learning thing for the day.

Thanks Becca was worrying that I had not learned something new and the day is almost over.

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