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March 19, 2019
How do you put the toilet paper roll so it spools out over or under?This is a conversation topic that generates a lot of discussion and yet is a low-level controversial topic. Ann Landers in her advice blog said, “the orientation of toilet tissue was the biggest controversy on her blog. While there are topics are too sensitive to discuss, like child or spousal abuse. Whatever your reason for creating a blog you want to pick a low-level controversial topic which enlivens discussion.Add Hum
BackgroundIn April 2017 I began a program to loss weight. I had seen a picture of myself that projected an image I did not like. It was difficult for me to walk even short distances without becoming tired.I had retired on 2005 and life changed to where I was less active and I loved those good ole chocolate candy bars. As you can imagine, the weight did not show up suddenly, but when I saw the picture I felt like it was a sudden change.Part of the program involved exercise. As the numbers showin
March 03, 2019
Woke up this morning to big surprise. Opening my emails to start reading and responding. First email was regarding a new WA follower. As I opened the email, got a big surprise. When I shut down iPad last night my WA rank was at 202. What a shock to see it at 194 this morning. I am not concerned with getting a ranking here on WA as much as learning and sharing with others. I am somewhat selective about going out and gathering a big group of followers. To me it is not a matter of the numbers, but
My internet has been down for over thirteen hours when it finally came back on to stay. Would get a text massage from provider that they knew about outage in my area. Then a little while later would get message service was restored only to have it go out again before I could even get computer turn on and running. I am hoping it stays on this time long enough for me to at least get all my emails answered. Going to have to do a double shift of working on my website and adding posts tomorrow.Barry
February 23, 2019
Yesterday received notice that had crossed the 400 follower mark. Plus have continued to rank within the 200 - 250 range in the rankings. Just had to share my celebration
February 14, 2019
Goals Through the years certain catch-phrases have caught my attention and have caused me to consider their impact on my life. There are three in particular that a challenge is the challenge of New Year’s resolution (I prefer to use “goals” instead of resolutions. I can continue to strive for a goal even if I take one step back for every two I take forward. A resolution makes me feel like a failure the first time I break it, and results in my giving up.) No, I will not write a
January 24, 2019
Just a few moments ago got my 300th follower. Want to thank all the Wealthy Affiliate Family (Network) for your guidance, comments and support so far on my journey.I know I will overlook some that have been very special and helpful in the tags so if I did not tag you do not be offended. They only allow 5 tagsThanks to allBarry
January 14, 2019
This morning while watching the television sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah he pointed out that everything meaningful in Moses life happened after he turned 80.All I can say is bring it on. Later this year I will turn 80 and so I am looking forward some meaningful things happening from here on!Have been experiencing difficulties with my training and now after looking at what Moses experienced before turning 80. He was son of a Hebrew slave, rescued in childhood, raised as an Egyptian, was a murdere
Six Month ReportIt has now been six months since I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate program. I have got articles posted on my website, but since my niche is based on a topic that discussion on the WA Blog is not allowed have not posted any of them (Will I did post a couple before was informed NICELY about the rule).One of the great things that attracted me to WA is the fact that there is an open communication line amongst members. At the beginning of this journey into becoming a blogger hope to