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"I AM HOPEFUL"This is my newly-discovered mantra. Of all the things I desire and all the things I know are lined up for me, I had to make it a point to add hope into all of it. Why? Because I am believing for so much and for so many things, just the unfilled desire itself could lead to discouragement.I am a certified Law Of Attraction practitioner. I believe in the Law Of Attraction, that my thoughts are vibration, and that I am the creator of my universe. Certainly I could not be creating disc
July 04, 2020
I am getting better and better at coming back to WA! That may sound crazy, but I have progressed to not cancelling my membership during this last 8 month hiatus. Years ago, I joined WA - then cancelled WA. Each time I come back to WA, I find that I have learned more about myself than before I left WA. I think for many of us who are creative or have an entrepreneuriaal mindset, we find that we have to create either our passion, our way, or our life without any blueprint. Well that is how my sto
I have been with WA over a year. In the training, I learned how to pick a theme for my new site. When I would start customizing the site, it looked nothing like the theme I picked. Did Anyone else have the same experience? Hmmmm...I always chalked it up to me not having access to certain features because I had not purchased the Pro Version. For example, if the theme I picked had a banner prior to me installing the theme, then after I installed the theme, the banner would not be there and woul
I just earned another training badge. This training is taking me longer than I thought, but one thing I try to do is complete the training. So if the last task on a training is to create a blog post, if it takes me two weeks to create that blog post, then I will take those two weeks instead of just clicking the button.This last training has been the most difficult because I tested Amazon links, Google Adsense, and other affiliate marketing links. Some of them work. Some of them don't. When I se
OMG!! This stuff works! I am so excited about my first sale. How did it happen? It happened with the WA training. It has taken me some time to go through this training and I'm still only half-way there. But the point is that I am building a business here. And this training is so good...There is a bible scripture that reads "...line upon line, precept upon precept." Line upon line I studied the WA training and even went back to the training. Precept upon precept I followed the instructions I lea
I think I'm getting to the end of training and it goes on and on! I am not complaining. I just think it's funny that I keep forgetting there are 50 lessons - how did I think I could go a week without doing a lesson?? I have been at this over 6 months and I still have over 20 lessons left!I get eager and I want to jump ahead and do something fancy - and I stop going in circles because I think, "If I wait, I am sure this is covered in the training and I won't need to work so hard messing it up wi
I will keep this one short, but I hope this helps those who are on the brink of quitting WA or are trying to decide to upgrade. It is going to take some time for you to become comfortable with WA. There is soooo much to learn, that it is easy to feel like one is jumping all over the place. Be easy. Be chill. Be Base. One day, you will learn what to write, another day you will learn where to write it, and still on another day you will just focus on training.I am just getting comfortable with WA,
You know how you go through the motions and then get an "Aha" moment? That is what happened to me. This download came to me from The Universe and I felt a shift in my brain. Really, I did! For whatever reason, I struggled with making New Year Resolutions. Writing down something that made sense was such a chore. I just couldn't do it. I thought I would list some goals for my business and decided my thoughts were not broad enough. I tried using Jaxy and doing some keyword search and I felt like I
November 10, 2018
I am interested in and enjoy many different topics. For years I have dabbled in making money online. Don't let anyone fool you into taking part in any type of marketing initiative if you do not know how you are put together. Getting into online marketing is not the way to figure out what you want to do. At least it is not for me. I have started probably 12 different websites about different interests...and it seems they all have lead me back home...back to me.So I am going to focus on working
October 29, 2018
..rejoined WA. And I am reminded to keep at it. I think it makes sense to do a check-up and see where I am. 6 months I have been a member based on the popup when I logged in - and I'm still in training. I mean the training course. I am going to see this through though. This will be my second time signing up for WA - the first time I didn't stick with it. There are too many people, my fellow WA'ers who are doing right by Weathly Affiliate. I want to be a part of this.For many months I thought