Prince Death's Review. Illuminati Exposed.!

Last Update: May 04, 2016

Let me walked you down an old road in which Prince the king of Funk was introduced into my life. The day I discover Price’s music my life change in a complete 380 degrees…!

I was 19 years old when I was introduced to Prince and his music. To this day that experience alone was one of the greatest I can remember when it comes to discovering a new artist and a new genre of music which sounded out of this world, nothing I had ever hear prior to that particular day…!!!

At that time I was attending collage and I had an English tutor by the name of John, whom by the way was a brilliant writer to say the least as we work on a cold rainy day at the library on one of my projects John started talking about Prince and his music… Looking at my puzzle looked on my face, he soon realized that I had no idea who he was talking about lol.

To John’s surprised once I told him that I never heard of this singer… As he corrected me and explain that Prince was not just a singer. He was a brilliant musician, artist, singer and more way ahead of its time. A genius when it came to creating and writing music as well as being able to play all instruments because from what I heard from John… Prince never sample, he made true music... Earning him the title of a true artist living up to his name.

The way my tutor started speaking about This Prince character foreign to me. Yet, his face was completely animated and I could feel he spoke from the heart as he started mentioning the different titles of his songs… Which again were foreign to me, but John was so taken by his music that I could feel the passion behind his words and amazement of all the accomplishments Prince had reached up to that point.

In addition John then invited me to listen to Prince because he happened to have all his records he had release up till that point plus his movies, posters, memorabilia, recorded interviews, videos and magazine articles. Later on after we had watched the movie, he invited me over his place and I got a chance to meet his family which include his mother and father plus his twin sister.

Looking back, I was totally taken because I did not know that he was into the Gothic lifestyle. At least, I could not tell by just having him as my tutor. Yes, John wore black everyday but I just figure it was an easy uniform to keep up with when it came to his wardrobe. The more surprising part was that his whole family was involved heavily in the Gothic life style to the fullest which completely took me by surprised to say the least, and yes you guess it… I fell in love with the Gothic lifestyle, customs, seine and they were all super cool, heap and extremely intelligent.

After I got over the shock and was able to catch my breath, John proceeded to explain to his family that I knew nothing about Prince or his music. Before I knew it, his twin had asked me to sit in the middle of his huge bedroom as her parents along with my tutor John gather what they needed in a form of records, snacks and picture books of prior concerts they had attended.

The lights went off and the blue lights went on I realized that the whole room was full of posters of Prince but they were florescent which gave the room a particular feel to its cool atmosphere. I soon realized that I was being engulf in a new world which awaken my curiosity to the fullest at this point.

This was a world that I had never seen before kind of heard about it in High School but I was only familiar with the term Gothic Style with my non-English understanding lol. I soon found myself gasping in amazement full of wonder when all of the sudden the music starts playing.

“When The Doves Cry” at the time I had no idea what that meant… I remember getting a chill in my whole body as I struggle to understand the words because English at that time was a second language which I was in the process of learning that is why he was my tutor.

John’s twin spoke Spanish as her second language, she whisper the translation of the words as Prince sang. Meanwhile, John s poke French as a second language while both of this parents spoke German and English a little Spanish and French with that said John tried to explain the theme of the song as everyone sang along making me feel like if I was in an actual concert.

As a special touch, his parents shared their personal experience and story related to the Song that had just played… I felt like I was in a movie it was such a incredible experience its sad that Prince had to die in order for me to be able to retrieve this long, long lost memories of a once upon a time from so long ago I don’t think about now a days…!!!

Remembering is reliving in my opinion because I feel that moment in such a way as if I was back then all over again…!

With that said… You can only imagine my surprise when I was sitting at the hospital waiting to get a cat scan done. At first, conveniently my brain figure… Oh, that they were talking about the prince of Whales. I even told my husband… Hey one of the princes died babe, did you know that…? As we both redirect our attention to the television, all of the sudden who’s picture comes up… Prince the king of funk, shade and sex appeal…!!!

The artist who was beyond its time parting like it was 1999 in the late eighties ;) I believe lol. I never had come across an individual who wore make up and yet was so manly and sexual, that kept me confused pushing me to fallow his career as the new albums were released I manage to acquired them all.

Personally, I believe his death was a Illuminati sacrifice, his 18 year battle with Warner the record label who took his name, in hopes to loose his followers and his career in the same manner they treat many others, (another great example of this is Kat Williams)…!

Pushing him to come up with a sign as the representation of his name… very cleaver if you ask me. Plus writing SLAVE on the side of his face. Personally, I do not think the record company like that very much, even after he finally wins the battle, 2 year later to the month he dies in a mysterious way. Oh, in the elevator of his studio complex of a flue shot, drugs overdose, aids or other satanic lie they might feed the public.

As the media gives the same story they give out about every other artist who have died… Under the mysteries of the Illuminati normally the famous died of a drug overdose, like Bruce Lee, my personal favorite Mentor, Teacher and Coach on this physical journey of remaining Mobil, flexible and mind over matter as I regain control of my Body, Mind and Spirit, regardless of the odds.

Michael Jackson is another prime example whom, warned his fans by naming his last tour “This is it” and many other victims as soon as they all come in the open media openly speaking about the New World Order Hidden Agenda. Within weeks of their public statement. After expressing how the Illuminati’s New World Order Future Plans will affect the world publicly… Every famous, all of the sudden without warning these artist turn up conveniently dead lol ;)…!

Prince last statement on his social media account was “Just when you thought you were safe” being erase after his dead, that action alone make one suspicious. Some of us tend to wonder, while others set themselves in a path of research and discovery…!

These are My Personal Favorite Quotes From Prince “Why do we need to hear another cover of a song someone else did? Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what is already there” –Prince

“I don’t sample and anyone who tries to play me will play them selves in the process”-Prince

My Point, we all have that slave mentality when money, fame, success and other financial freedom goals are attained. We can all relate to that feeling for sure, when its all about Us… Me, Myself and I. At this point everything we do is for the benefit of the self which benefits no one but the self…!

Then, all of the sudden we are awaken by our inner soul reminding us of our responsibilities, purpose in life, future destiny, as well as, of our dreams, desires and inspirations… At this point, is all bout We, Ourselves and the Power that Be everything we do is to make the world a better place for our own benefit while benefiting others thru our journey creating a win, win situation for all involved…!

The hardest part is to walk away, give it all up and change for the right reasons, some already know exactly what I am talking about.

Arleen Wright

Smile ;)...!

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KatieMac Premium
Thank you for your wonderful insights I too was shocked at hearing of his death remember first time I heard one of his songs I was in cookery lesson at school, he was certainly a talented artist in many ways
ArleenWright Premium
Yes he totally was... In my life he change my look, attitude and point of view life itself LOL ;)...!

Arleen Wright
Smile ;)...!
JudeP Premium
Wow, food for thought there Arleen, thank you :)
ArleenWright Premium
I glad you enjoyed it my friend, those were great times LOL.
Arleen Wright
Smile ;)...!
theresroth Premium
Thanks so much, Arleen!
Many thoughts to consider.......
ArleenWright Premium
That is for sure theresroth, too many thought to consider. yet, the best part is my personal experience and the incredible impact it had in a 19-year-old from a foreign country. It transformed me for sure my friend...!

We might not be able to change anything in regards to the Illuminati, but we can definitely learn to be like Prince a SLAVE TO THE RIGHT PURPOSE (Doing what you Love) AND FOR THE RIGHT REASONS BENEFITING ALL INVOLVED... Very similar to Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus, being unique and original is the best lesson an individual can learn in this life, my friend ;)...!
halinphilly Premium
While I'm not sure where I stand on our theory about the Illumainti, as i'll admit I know very little about that stuff. From what I do know,I can see why people's minds would go there...

I think your recounting of your introduction to (and further discovery of) this amazing human being's muses, music and multimedia experience is an emotional roller coaster ride. Everyone I know who has ever met him has almost mythical stories about him. He was so much more than just a rock musician by the name of Prince. He was true royalty in every way.
Thank you so much for sharing your story, Arleen.
ArleenWright Premium
You are welcome halinphilly I wish I would had been able to insert the pic of before and after but I will eventually get there lol...!
My life did a complete 380, but only true muses with the gift to touch the soul of others thru his music, songs and artistry are an incredible power to will freely.
Let's remember that to those who been gifted with greatness is because they been entrusted with the responsibility of how to affect the world and even change it to an extent.
Is all about perception

Arleen Wright
Smile ;)...!
Auspiciously Premium
I really am admired that you would post that here!

Honestly I agree with this post and I love how you brought it full circle at the end there.

It seems everyone that stands up for what is right, Suspiciously ends up dead.

" Stan Meyers - Water Powered Car "

Is thee best example

. That's just the price we take to live to the fullest.

The only power " they" have is the power you give "them"

Keep building , loved reading this on here!
ArleenWright Premium
Thank you... This is part of my niche, telling my story. Prince changed my world I was trying to show some pic of before Prince and After and wow, looking back now... There was a major change, I changed dramatically lol.

Still learning how to insert images right side up lol...! wishing you success on all that you do.

Arleen Wright
Smile ;)...!