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Let me walked you down an old road in which Prince the king of Funk was introduced into my life. The day I discover Price’s music my life change in a complete 380 degrees…! I was 19 years old when I was introduced to Prince and his music. To this day that experience alone was one of the greatest I can remember when it comes to discovering a new artist and a new genre of music which sounded out of this world, nothing I had ever hear prior to that particular day…!!!At th
Wealthy Affiliate has helped me create, my own blueprint based on my passion as it has empowered me to re-discover what I love to do...!!! Giving me the opportunity to create my cyber treasure map of the web info structure in which I intend to move forward and implement as my On-Line website business plan. This opportunity opens the doors for so many possibilities making this journey full of incredible experiences... Reminding me once more what it is like to feel that powerful adrenaline rush r
Personally, I believe that since I can remember I have always signed my letters notes, messages, e-mails, phone, text and posts with a wink happy face, three dots, and an exclamation mark ;)…!The constant use of the three periods and exclamation mark(s) have always been part of my writing since I can remember. This insignificant, yet powerful additions helped me feel much more comfortable and confident when I write for some reason, letting my imagination free in a wonderful state of crea
A few days ago I came across a website from a WA member, it was an incredible read, his honesty literary slap me around a few times…, kicked me…, beat me up…, spun me around…, pushed me against the wall…, b**** slap me…, and basically told me I was a punk in so many words lol ;)…!!!As a writer, He did what writers do best, expressing how he really felt about the individuals that want to start or run their own business working from home. Yet, thes
Obstacle #1… Finding a Domain Name, period…!!!Obstacle #2… Believing in yourself when in Doubt…!!!Obstacle #3… Writing Quality Content…!!!Obstacle #1 Finding a domain name has been a nightmare for me, here at wealthy affiliate, period…!Must keep in mind that just because one has lots of ideas and names to check out, does not mean they will be available. Even if they are available… Sometimes one might not be completely sold on the name to a
After all these years and with everything I been thru you will think that building an On-Line biz would have been forgotten just like I have forgotten lots of things I really wanted to do at one time. Yet, I have the certainty that the universe provided Wealthy Affiliate for me at this point in life because it seems that this information just picks off right where I left off 13 years ago lol…Granted it did take me 2 weeks to just look thru the information because the first time I went in
Once upon a time, life responsibilities were so much more taxing juggling family life, work, fun, excitement, our first baby and school, not leaving much room for research in deed…!Nevertheless, I was on the right track 13 years ago when it comes to the direction I was heading, building my On-Line biz at the time. Back in those days, every piece of information related to this subject manner was extremely costly, full of expensive webinars, instructional DVD’s, useless e-books, ECT.