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Firstly, wanted to congratulate Kyle and Carson for bringing the new updates for its members which I believe is the best move forward in its 18-year history. Plus there is still more to come throughout the year.

There has never been a better time than to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate As a member you truly have all you need here and more plus the addition of AI-assisted benefits for its members.

Ok back to the blog.

Now that the change has finally arrived for starter members they now have 8 lessons instead of 5 which includes keyword research and creating content.

This is much needed for starters and great to see those lessons are back in the first level.

This will certainly help starters understand more about what they can do before they decide to upgrade.

For the premium and plus members, more training will be added very soon that will certainly help you further in your journey online.


Firstly, if you haven't already, watch Kyle's blog the link is below.

This is very important so you can learn how to create your hub for either new or existing websites, I won't explain more as Kyle states this in the blog post.


Just know that once your hubs are done you will see so much more given to you with the training that also has been updated along with the AI assistance given to you with many great benefits in content ideas.

Not to mention Jaaxy and other AI areas inclded within that same section to make it easier than clicking here and there as before

I am still going through as I am sure many others are as well plus don't forget the training has also been revamped and won't be the same as before so again it is important to take time and go through the lessons.

You will certainly gain some more insights than ever before.

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I Love the idea that now you can just focus on your writing without seeing chat bouncing up and down on the side as before.

This gives you the added benefit of being more focused on the task at hand, which is creating content for your website.

This is a great move as I have seen many ask how to shut chat to avoid the interruptions of seeing someone chat away.

Then again if you are creating content here you should be focusing on your tasks anyway just like putting the mobile aside and staying away from social media when writing content.

Updating posts

Now if you are promoting WA now is the time to start revamping your old posts and most likely changing some images you may have had before.

Images that I have seen on many sites of the original training mine included of the original training given it is still showing now but as Kyle stated this will be removed beginning of March.

How or what snapshots you take is up to you just make sure you also not only change your images but also what your content is about as there are new changes to the training.

Again you can also mention how AI is added within the training along with the many benefits it can have to help speed up your content creation.

Do note one thing, that Kyle mentioned in his blog, that it is AI-assisted not AI-created as you still need to do some research and make sure your post sounds like it is written by a human for Google's sake and certainly for yours if you want to rank properly.

As there is far too much to talk about the new changes, the best way is to take the following steps.

  1. First watch and read what Kyle has to say.
  2. Take time to create your hubs and get that sorted first before you continue.
  3. Take time to look around the new platform and get acquainted with the new changes.
  4. Once done get stuck into creating and also revamping your content on your website.

Remember it is always a great idea to revamp any old posts you have but also you are showing Google that your posts are being updated to modern times and not having old posts linger in the background with inaccurate and out-of-date content.

It is in your best interest to update especially if those old posts are not ranked as well and revamping them can bring them back to life along with added rankings on the search engines.

So, enjoy what you have now, go through and just look around with what is given and get used to the new look.

Then get started and be the best you can be and then some more.

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Pretty awesome stuff, Andre! Some exciting times ahead!


Time to embrace AI Jeff???

Not yet, Nick!

One day Jeff then you will realize how much it can help but only when you are ready for the right reasons not before.

Enjoy your day


Much appreciated, Andre!

I hope you have been enjoying your week!


Maybe not yet Jeff, but the day will arrive my friend!

Thanks Jeff week has been good and peaceful so far into the weekend when grandson comes over 😁

I know you will love that, Andre! 🐶

Yep relaxing and I get to do my work without interruptions, just at the moment the heat is not playing fair.
Expecting to get to 43 +C today Sunday but the air con is already on and currently, it is 30 C and it's only 10 am

Hang in there, Andre!



Yes. I agree with everything you wrote here. Thanks for sharing this. We should always follow Google’s helpful content and E.E.A.T to build trust with your targeted audience. People forget to do that. Always write for your target audience not for search engines. Have a great summer day. Im in my 🥶 winter.

Thanks Brenda and if you think about it WA has always taught about being helpful for your readers before the major Google helpful E.E.A.T guidelines that is why this place rocks and really is the best place to be if you want to learn the right way.

We are heading for some major heatvaves to hit most of our mainland had some small bits of 41c but more to come but that is usual around this time of the year.

Take care


Yes, all the updates are awesome! Thanks for sharing and explaining again.


Yes they all aree Shahila and you are most welcome.

The great part is there is more to come and more to benefit us all.
Enjoy your day and have a great time with all we have now in WA


You are very welcome take care and enjoy the rest of the week and more

Andre ;)

Hi Andre

I agree that the new WA Business Hub is an excellent way to move forward. 😎

Rock On! 🤘🎹
Frank 🎸

Hey Frank certainly is and one of the best moves forward for us all.

Now all we need to do is go though the training once more and learn all the added good stuff on offer.
Having the AI and Jaaxy included along with the many content ideas and more is a huge bonus.

Enjoy and have a great day and keep on rocking on.

Andre 🤘🎸🎹🙏

Thanks, Andre.

Have fun with all the new toys at WA and keep on Rockin! 🤘⚡️🎹🎶😎

Frank 🎸

Yes will do Frank some much to go throught was telling another member that is feels like being a starter going through the trainng again and you do pick up so much more ideas as well.

Enjoy your time as well

Andre 🎹🤘🎸😎🙏

Absolutely, Andre! 👍😎🎹

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

I know, it's very awesome stuff happening within' the platform, Andre!

Have a great rest of your week!

Myra 💜

Certainly is Myra all members will benefit more as a result of these updates in many ways.

Enjoy your week and day too.

Take care


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