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When going to your favorite AI and asking for some content to write here are a few prompts you can use depending on what you are asking of.

I have separated some prompts for different purposes.

The first group is your standard type of prompt you can use if asking for content writing.

These are designed to ask AI to use simple, conversational type language to avoid their typical AI fluff and jargon, and to cut out the complex phrasing generally seen by the majority of AI programs out there.

Doing so by giving these prompts ensures the content they generate is clear, concise, and preferably to the point and is easily understandable for human readers.

Your first 10 standard prompts.

1: "Please write a [content type] of around [word count] on [topic] using simple, conversational language that avoids jargon or overly complex phrasing."

2: "Generate a [content type] targeted towards [audience] that focuses on [key points] in a straightforward, easy-to-understand style."

3: "Create a [content type] explaining [concept] using short sentences, common vocabulary, and real-world examples that a non-expert can easily follow."

4: "Write a [content type] on [topic] using an engaging, friendly tone while keeping the language clear, concise, and free from unnecessary fluff or filler words."

5: "Produce a [content type] discussing [subject] in plain language, as if you're explaining it to someone without any prior knowledge on the topic."

6: "Draft a [content type] about [topic] using active voice, simple sentence structures, and avoiding overly technical terminology or jargon."

7: "Generate a [content type] that breaks down [complex concept] into easy-to-digest points using everyday language and relatable analogies."

8: "Create a [content type] on [subject] written in a conversational, natural style that feels like you're discussing with a friend."

9: "Write a [content type] introducing [topic] to a general audience, using clear, straightforward language that doesn't assume any prior expertise."

10: "Produce a [content type] covering [key points] on [subject] using simple words, short paragraphs, and a friendly, approachable tone."

Explanation of words in brackets.

As you noticed there are words in brackets you will need to fill out. For some particular ly newbies may not fully understand what they may need to put in.

Others like word counts are obvious.

Here is a quick explanation of what they are.


This refers to a specific format or style of content that you want AI to generate for you.

Some examples are:

  • Article
  • Blog Post
  • Email
  • Social Media Post
  • Product Description
  • Landing Page copy
  • Video Script
Word Count:

No explanation is needed here that should be obvious, plus this may also depend on the AI you use as especially any free versions may not be able to give more as they a certain word count limit and for some may need to take the paid options each one has.

If you are using any free version then do it in sections especially if it is a long post that way you can get the full benefit of the free version used.

Sample questions for Content Type

Here is one example relating to content type to help you understand.

“The original question and the actuall question you would write based on the first prompt given.

“Please write a (content type) of around (word count) on (topic) using simple, conversational language that avoids jargon or overly complex phrasing”.

Actual prompt you would write using affiliate marketing as Topic

“ Please write a blog post of around 1000 words on affiliate marketing for beginners using simple, conversational language that avoids jargon or overly complex phrasing.

So here we replaced content type with blog post, word count with the amount of words you want it to be. Remember this may vary and I used affiliate marketing as the topic.

10 More Prompts for Other Topics

Here are 10 more prompts for other topics to get clear, concise, and a human-friendly content for the AI models you use.


"Write a short fictional story of around 500 words with an engaging plot, relatable characters, and vivid descriptions using everyday language."


"Create a list of 10 tips/ideas/suggestions for [topic] with brief explanations in simple, easy-to-understand terms."

How-To Guide

"Provide step-by-step instructions for [task] aimed at beginners, using plain language and avoiding technical jargon."

Product Review

"Write an honest, balanced review of [product] highlighting the key features, pros and cons in a conversational, easy-to-follow style."

E-mail Newsletters

"Create a friendly email newsletter providing updates on [topic] using clear, concise language and a warm, personable tone."

Creative Writing Exercise

"Write a short descriptive passage of around 200 words painting a vivid picture of [scene/place/character] without overly flowery or complex language."

Social Media Captions

"Draft a set of 5 engaging, conversational social media captions for posts related to [topic], avoiding marketing speak or overly promotional language.

These help you focus on specific content types that provide clear guidelines based on length and format.

This helps to let AI know to use simple language that isi tailored to a general, non-expert audience

Bonus prompts for affiliate marketers.

Product Comparison

"Write a blog post of around 1000 words comparing [Product A] and [Product B] for [target audience]. Highlight the key features, pros, and cons of each in simple terms."

Beginner's Guide

"Create a comprehensive beginner's guide of 1500-2000 words on [topic related to your niche] using easy-to-understand language and real-world examples."

Case Study

"Produce a case study style blog post detailing how [person/business] achieved [specific result] with [product/service] using a narrative, storytelling approach."

Roundup Post

"Write a roundup blog post listing and briefly describing the top [number] [products/tools/resources] for [specific use case], avoiding jargon or technical terminology."

Myth-Busting Post

"Create a blog post debunking [number] common myths about [topic in your niche] using facts, data, and clear explanations."

Problem-Solving Post

"Produce a blog post outlining [number] simple solutions for [common pain point] faced by [your audience], using straightforward, actionable advice."

Checklist Post

"Create a checklist-style blog post with [number] essential steps/tips for [achieving a specific goal related to your niche] explained in easy-to-follow language."

As you can see there are many types of Prompts one can use and this is by no means all.

You can search YouTube for prompts I can't remember the name of the video as that was a while ago so you need to look around.

Also, I do remember I think it was Kyle and Jay in some lessons or training where they gave some further prompt ideas.

Important points to note!

Regardless of which AI you use and regardless of what prompt you give, always check and re-check what you are given.

Make sure you actually read it and where you can get someone else to read it don’t just accept it as it and don’t quickly scan actually read it.

Many AI’s like ChatGPT are not up–to–date with information so you still need to do your due diligence to make sure what you are given is correct and gives what you asked for.

Make sure there is no added AI Fluff, as even with prompts I know ChatGPT still gives a few words not asked for so they need to be checked.

The most important one is:

Never just copy and paste directly to your website.

Always ensure it is written for humans to read, make it as if written by a human (in other words refer to the part of checking the content given) fix what needs to be fixed, and make it sound like it is fully coming from you. Put your own personal spin on it.

Do not write for SEO, always write for your readers, and where you can, use the word I or you within the content where needed and relevant.

Hope these prompts have helped you.


Do you have other prompts you use that you wish to share with the community?

Remember we are all here to help each other be the best we can be and like the old saying goes.

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In the meantime

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Thanks for this practical post. As I look over the prompts, I realize how useful they are. However, I also get concerned that I might get lazy in terms of research and rewriting to create the article I want. I am going to try some of these and see what happens. Thanks, again.

You are very welcome JIm. by all means try them out as see the results you get but as I said you still need to make sure the details you get are relevant and up to date as chatgpt for example are not up to current times and other Ai may be the same.

Wishing you well and have fun with the prompts.


This article is a great resource. Thank you for sharing it. You are among the few willing to share, as most believe their prompts are proprietary. To some degree, they are, but there is nothing wrong with sharing prompts that give users a basic idea. You don't have to provide a step-by-step for your artwork; give some basics.

I hate all the fluff AI delivers, and I never thought about writing it out in the prompt.


You are most welcome Nancy and yes I believe we all hate that AI fluff it tends to give as it becomes so fake.

As for sharing, that is part of what we should be about here in WA to help each other along the way.

Some may choose to keep certain things to themselves and they don't want to share for whatever reason then again that is their choice.

But this is supposed to be a family of like-minded members and part of that is help and support.

Enjoy your day and may your week ahead get better along the way.


This is great!! Lo!, Learning does not end. It is especially enjoyable here at WA community! Thank you very much for this great content.
Take care

You are welcome Joseph and yes learning never stops if we are to go forword in life.

Wishing you well


Great post! Thank you

Thank you Stefanos and most welcome.

Enjoy the rest of your day and week ahead.


Can we use these prompts in the AI article designer here in WA ? Sometimes when I use similar prompts it includes them in the article as instructions not as a writing style.

You can try I don't use the AI much here but worth testing or ask Kyle
Remember regardless of which one you use you still need to check and adjust to your personal style

Great post Andre...very informative and helpful.
Thanks and have a great day.

Thanks Chuck hope it helps when you need some ideas for prompts

Have a great day and week ahead.


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