How to Find Your Niche and More (Solutions Found)

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From the beginning when you first start as a Wealthy Affiliate member one of the first things you will learn is “What is a Niche”?

This will be what your website will be based on and also something you need to think about before creating your domain name.

For those starting out you can go to the training tab at the top menu and click on the OEC course level 1.

Or you can click the link below which will take you there.

Ok now you know where to find the training let’s talking about the benefits just created for all members here within Wealthy Affiliate based on finding your niche.

For some, especially newbies you may not have an idea not only what a niche is but also what to choose when you are about to create your new domain website which your niche will be based upon.

To help you out further also for other members thinking about creating a new website and not sure which niche to choose from.

Wealthy Affiliate has now added probably one of the best ideas to help their members out.

This is called Niche Finder which you now are able to see on your left hand side dashboard at the top of the other areas you have available.

Here you can simple type your passion, interest or even hobby you may have to get you started with an idea of what your new website will be based upon with the niche you have chosen.

Here is where to find the niche finder

Simply click the niche finder and a new window will pop up in the centre dashboard screen as below.

As you can see I have already started looking for some niche ideas at the moment, I have used up only 18 searches for now as I have 100 searches a month due to being a premium plus member.

However regardless, I found this has added benefits for you which I will explain and show some examples how it will benefit you in getting content ideas as well.

Once you type in your idea as explain above you will get 10 ideas for that specific search you are looking.

But it doesn’t stop there as a starter member I suggest you give it some serious thought on what you choose as you only have 10 searches a month and if you do it wisely you can get more ideas for content to write about.

So if you have a particular passion, interest or Hobby as suggested you can then use the next section to your advantage.

Finding Content Ideas from Your Niche Finder

I am sure many are still finding that the Niche Finder is there as it has only just been released and there will be other posts I am sure if not already talking about it.

Starter members get 10 niches searches per month

Premium get 50 per month while

Premium Plus members get 100 searches per month

Did you know that when searching ideas for a niche at the start you can also selected from the ten given to you to delve deeper in that particular niche you were looking form.

Not only will it help you to narrow down even further for a specific niche ( remember what a Niche is?).

If not go to the training and re read it again you already have the links at the top so no need to explain what Kyle as already taught you.

As I said not only can you hone down to find some specific niche ideas for your audience but it can also give you further ideas on what content you can create to that select group of people seeking an answer to their problem or issue they are seeking.

Lets look as some examples I have already done

As you can see I have done some research for certain ideas I am interest in along with some I already have a niche based on however this has given me some more ideas on creating content I can sole focus on for my readers for that particular subject or topic.

One the niche ideas I type was Nutrition and I got my ten niche ideas

As my website has been going on for years I have been able to slowly expand to other areas.

For beginners again I suggest you just focus on one areas at the start until you gain some more authority on your website.

Ok I selected Nutrition as the original very broad term to work on and got these ten results as per below.

This is where the Niche Finder here within Wealthy Affiliate takes it to another level for you and remember at no added cost to you either as part of your membership.

From here I thought I would check it out as see if my idea works so I then clicked the magnifying glass on the words Diabetes Nutrition as I have Diabetes type 2 so an area I have a personal interest in along with one for my website.

Now after clicking that I got another 10 options not only as I said for niche ideas but also for content ideas as well.

Now we are starting to cook here you can see some specific niche ideas you can start to focus on for that select group of people wanting some answers or solutions.

However for those already in the Diabetes niche this will give you more ideas you can write content on as your website expands along the way.

Form here I decided to check out it even more on a deeper level so I checked out diabetic nutrition for Children and bingo more ideas for a specific but for me more content ideas to write about.

By the way

When you first start looking for niches here what you have already typed in will be saved not sure if they will remain the follow month so will have to see about that.

Also if you have them show and you want to look at the results found already don’t type the work or select find my niches instead just look for the ones you already have and the search will show up for you as it has here for me.

Just wanted you to know as if you retype your niche term and click find me niches it will use up a search so that would just be a waste of time.

I also suggest then when you find the niches and even as show here for content ideas you start saving your searches on your computer or Google docs whatever you use.

I just create a word file and called it WA niche finder and have them saved there for now perhaps later I will work on creating a separate folder and sub directors as I find more results.

Ok back to diabetic for children

So now I have dug deeper for niche ideas to write about but for me content ideas that gives me more ideas to write about.

Guess what?

I went deeper with WA’s Niche Finder on this subject

Now I selected from the above image the term Type 1 Diabetes Nutrition for Children

Again more ideas for both reasons finding a niche and finding content ideas based upon that selective niche in this case Diabetes based upon children.

So again delved deeper and selected Healthy Snack Ideas for Type 1 diabetics now this can also cover adults and children as it is focused on type 1 diabetic but you can still related it to only children and perhaps later do another content for type 1 diabetics healthy snack ideas for adults as well so two posts already from one search term.

Now of course you can once again go deeper but I am sure you now know how to dig deeper to look for more specific ideas for finding a niche or finder what to write content about Diabetics in this example.

So take some important time to check out the Niche Finder and it will only take a few seconds for the search to come up.

Now I found a niche or content idea what now?

Research, research, research and them some mor for good measure to get you in the habit.

What you do now is to do some more research to help you not only what to write about but also rank in the search engines like Google.

Always remember to write original unique content that will help your readers find that answer or solution to a problem they are seeking.

This is where you can use Jaaxy Research Tool here within Wealthy Affiliate

You can go to some of Paratha’s blogs post to learn more on how to rank better by checking your search terms that may have sites like Quora, Reddit, forums, website with low DA authority 21 and under are best.

Go to Google and look for what people are asking with people also ask which is also covered in Partha’s posts.

Here are a few from Partha to get you started to learn and understand more how to get ranked higher with Google

Remember this:

Before you choose a niche the most important part of your new online world and one that will remain with you is research

Research is something you should be spending most of your time whether it is finding a niche, finding keywords, finding topics to write about for your selected niche.

Then when you are ready to get started to create your website domain again research this time for that specific niche you will be focusing on for your selected group of people.

From there you will be writing constantly content and keep doing so.

Followed but that is rinse and repeat.

So for newbies or soon to be newbies follow the training given to you.

Apply what is taught and work out what your niche will be about before you create your website now you have the niche finder here at Wealthy Affiliate along with learning how to delve deeper there is no reason

The most important part of your website is finding your niche first before you start or create a domain name.

New to Wealthy Affiliate or thinking about starting you opportunity online?

Now for those who have or want to join Wealthy Affiliate as a paid Premium member you get credits for 1 free dot com domain.

Should you take the Premium Plus paid option you get credits for 2 free dot com domains.

So before you create your new domain go through this new Niche Finder and start the ball rolling.

Wishing you all well and enjoy looking through the new Niche Finder that will help you further thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

To think all the above images cam from one niche idea in Nutrition but was able to go deeper and finding not only more niches ideas to work on but also content ideas once you have yourself already established down the track.

Hope this has helped you further in how to find your niche with Wealthy Affiliate’s Niche Finder along with other ways mentioned above.

Don't forget to click and like more important comment on what you have found and how you see this new awesome opportunity you now have here within Wealthy Affiliate


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Great post Andre. I just typed in the niche I am now in and the Niche Tool returned no results. That tells me that not all niches will work with this tool, or niches with very low competition will not show up.

To make sure the tool was working I typed in three common niches. Star Wars Collectibles, Vitamin Supplements and Hemp Products. All three returned results. Searched my niche again, no results again.

So I tried searching the more broader equivalent Medical Supplies, and that didn't return results either. Looks like not all niches are supported by this tool, but it's still a good tool for finding niche ideas.

Hi Robert thank you for that I did some well a bit more than some these are what I got also looking at two of your sites as well as the three you already mentioned.

I also did a combo of the star wars with the spelling difference between collectibles and collectibles and got so more results as well

Plus with the vitamins, you have a separate one for vitamins separate one for hemp and a combo of both

hope they all help and if your actual keyword in not here send me a PM and I can check some more

All are below

It must have been a glitch, because now using a new refreshed clean cache page, I am getting results for Medical Supplies.

Only my niche is returning no results, but I expect that, seeing how it is a very new and very low competition sub niche under Medical Supplies.

Send me a quick Pm on your niche and I can see if I can find more. I have two of your sites up if you want


Thanks for breaking down the new niche application. I have struggled with finding my niche right from the beginning.

If you choose the wrong niche, you will have less enthusiasm and motivation to write your blog posts.

I look forward to using this amazing tool for my subsequent niches.


You are most welcome Rachele and yes agree if your niche is too broad or not the right one for you the struggles can become a frustration.
The good thing this niche finder can may that niche better in finding content you can delve deeper in and give you some breath of fresh air to continue going forward.

So please test it out with your current niche and remember as you are a plus member you get 100 searched per month and trust me that is more than enough to keep you going.

have a great day and week ahead.


I stumbled across this new tool a little earlier Andre, and have had a quick play around with it...

I find it a fantastic addition to our armoury here!

Not only is great for when starting out, it seems extremely useful when searching for new content ideas for more established sites!

Appreciate the thorough run through here my friend and enjoy the rest of your week! :-)

Hey Nick and thank you.

Yes that is one of the first things I wanted to try with getting some content ideas and there are plenty to choose from even from the examples I gave which can go even deeper if I kept going.

have a great day and keep on enjoy this awesome tool,


There are certainly a lot of great ideas for content here Andre... thanks again my friend!

Most welcome Nick continue to enjoy your day


Thanks buddy, you too!

Thank I will

Hi Andre,

I have no idea how I missed this. Did it just pop up? Or is it just me, lol? It's probably just me. I sometimes get so focused on one thing to the exclusion of others.

Thank you for sharing this. It will get some use from me. It would have helped a great deal when I was just getting started, so I know the new members will benefit from it.

Have a wonderful day!

Hey Cathy yes it is a recent addition and certainly will be great for newbies looking for their niche but as I said in the post also a great way to get some further ideas for content so still of great benefit to all.

Do have a wonderful day and keep on smiling


Thanks, Andre. You too!

Cheers and goodnight from me 😴

Andre :)

Hi Andre,
Really a very informative post. I've chosen a niche and I'm not moving until I take it to the next level.

Best regards,
Slavka 👋

most welcome Slavka and great to hear. As i said in the post you can also use it to think of new ideas for a post based on your current niche along with added research for best results.

Have a great day and stay awesome.


Thanks Andre for the advice, let's move on, good work.

Slavka 👋

no probs and yes moving forward in the best possible of ways

Andre 😀

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