How to Find Success in Affiliate Marketing: Trust and Belief

Last Update: Jun 5, 2023

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Learning how to trust the process and to believe in yourself can help you find success in online or affiliate marketing.

If you want success in the world of online or affiliate marketing, two parts stand out.

Trust the process and believe in yourself and in all you do.

Here are some ways to help you further.

This is a great benefit for beginners and intermediates alike who are starting out.

Or some who may be struggling a bit more than you want or planned.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Inner Strength

Life can be tough at times and that is normal and part of life itself.

What isn't normal, is to worry about the worst things that could happen.

That is part of society's teaching to keep you at the lower end of the ladder while those at the top stay high.

Instead, enjoy what can and will happen for the greater good.

We spend too much time worrying about not making any money with our website.

We worry about what to write or did I select the right niche.

Instead of panicking and fearing the worst, trust the process and you have that here before you.

As you start to believe in yourself know that things will work out, even if they seem difficult right now.

You do have the ability to overcome any challenges and you will have challenges along the way.

Creating a Happy Place for Peace of Mind

Building a business online can take your mind all over the place if you allow it to.

The thought of having to write constant content over and over again can be stressful at times.

Some haven't written any type of article since their school days and for some of us that was a while ago.

This is why you need to find some peace and tranquility in life at times, regardless of what is going on in your life.

Remember you are building a long-term business that is yours to keep and one that will always be ongoing.

A website is never finished and always a work in progress regardless if you are a starter or a super affiliate.

If you want the success you are seeking then you do need to put in the work, effort, and have a positive mindset.

When things start to feel a bit tight, this is the time to find some peace and quiet.

Not to relax and work at your own leisure, but to give your mind a rest from overthinking.

Doing so allows you to better connect the dots when you need to.

So take a short break especially when you feel the pressure is building up.

If fact, your need to take regular breaks away from the computer, mobile, or whatever devices you are using.

You need that time to yourself and yourself alone.

This is aside from being with family you need your own personal space as well.

Find a quiet place, it can be in the garden or elsewhere.

Even going to the beach or a park but somewhere you can enjoy the view, atmosphere and some much-needed me time.

Some like to meditate for a bit whatever or wherever it is you need to relax and recharge your batteries.

Wherever you are apart from driving, of course, relax and close your eyes.

Deep Breathing

It is not about doing chanting and oms but you could if you know how.

Take some slow deep breaths, and visualize yourself in that calming place.

For those who aren't sure how to breathe deeply, here is one of many types of methods you can try out

This will help you to centre your mind and focus within yourself.

This technique can help you relax and find inner peace.

Doing so allows you to approach your online marketing journey with a clear and focused mind.

You can start by doing this for 5-10 mins if you are new.

For those that do meditate then do the normal length of time as you generally do for yourself.

Deep breathing is about helping you to relax and find that inner peace within your mind.

Your body also needs to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Plus it takes you away from the electrical energies around you.

How to Breathe Deeply and Visualize:

If you are at home have some soft and relaxing music.

That is music only, nothing over the top or music that has sudden changes in sound as this can disturb your mindset.

Simple relaxation music or if you are outdoors put some headphones on.

Headphones also help to filter out other noises around you and this way you can focus more on what you are doing now.

In this case, learn deep breathing first, later when you get used to it you can add some visualization.

For some, it may take a little longer to get used to learning deep breathing.

Too many people especially office workers, are used to breathing in at chest level.

This is really shallow breathing.

Deep breathing is breathing from below your stomach think of the belly button area for easy reference.

Each time you take a deep slow breath feel the breath going down to the belly button area first.

Sometimes it is helpful to place your hand in the area and feel it expands slowly.

Let it continue until it reaches your chest not the other way around.

Hold your breath for 5 seconds at first.

Then slowly release the breath hold for another 5 seconds before you take the next breath.

Then rinse and repeat for 5 - 10 minutes.

As you get used to this you will fill the lower area first then to the chest.

This will give your whole body which needs that so-called breath of fresh air.

Doing this helps to calm your mind and is also beneficial for your whole body and also healing.

Later, use your imagination and picture soothing images while taking slow deep breaths.

This could be a favorite place.

Even imagine beautiful scenery and imagine yourself there.

Deep breathing also helps to slow down your heart rate and reduce stress.

Another part you can do when you are used to it is with each intake of air feel the positive energy entering your body.

With each outtake of air, you can imagine or know that any negativity or tension leaves your body.

Doing this can help you feel more centered and ready to tackle any challenges that come your way.

Doing this on a daily basis you will find how much more work and thought in what you have to do online will benefit you.

Along with other areas of life.

The benefits of deep breathing cover more than you realize.

Believing in Your Journey and Skills

Banishing Self-Doubt through deep breathing or via affirmations

Once you are able to work on your deep breathing this part can then help you further.

In fact, at any time you take time away for yourself.

Affirmations are great to use and very powerful if you do it right.

When you do believe in what you say.

The best place to do and say affirmations is in front of the mirror.

This way you are enforcing the words to yourself while looking at yourself.

Plus will give you more confidence in talking and being around others.

Trust the process the mirror talk does work.

Doing both methods help overcome that negative thinking battle going on in your head.

The more positive you become the better you will understand that you are good enough to do what you set your mind to.

This can be affiliate marketing, creating those posts that you will be creating along the way.

Remember before you can help others you need to help yourself first.

Don't listen to the negative thinking of others.

How many times have you heard from friends and family when they find out you are wanting to build your own business online?

Things like:

  • What are you doing this for?
  • You can't compete with those experts.
  • You are wasting your time.
  • Why don't you just get a normal job like the rest of us?

Well if you are happy slaving for someone else and do nothing amazing in life then go for it.

Heard those before? Especially the part like the rest of us.

Well, you are not the common sheep that is in the field.

There is nothing wrong with being the black sheep of the flock.

In fact, as you apply yourself in all you do you will stand out more above the so-call normal pack of wannabes and most often those that give up quickly.

They blame everything except owning up to their own failures.

Overcome those negative thoughts they tell you that you're not good enough or that you'll fail.

One part is important to remember that everyone starts somewhere and that progress takes time.

Those not willing to take positive action to achieve their goals and wants in life will be that flock of sheep following each other in circles.

If you want to be a cut above the rest then these methods will help out it is up to you how much effort you put into this.

So rather than asking yourself: Am I good enough to do affiliate marketing?

Instead, you will know that " Yes I am good enough and more"

Self Criticism

Instead of criticizing yourself for things that didn't go your way, focus on the steps you've taken so far.

Enjoy the skills you've developed in your online marketing journey.

Continue with the lessons given.

Even go back and refresh on what you have already done.

At times we can't remember everything all at once.

Sometimes it is a great way to refresh your mind and even new thoughts and ideas can come from it.

Ask questions where or when you need to.

You know you have support around you here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Remind yourself of your accomplishments and the potential you have to achieve so far.

Even being able to build your first-ever website is a great achievement.

That first piece of content is an achievement.

That first $1 regardless of it may sound small is an achievement.

Why because you went forward in a positive way.

Don't stress if you made a post to a page or a page to a post.

There is an answer and solution to that which is simple and easy to fix.

No need to leave your post in draft mode for fear that your post is not good enough to be seen around the world.

There is no need to leave it in draft mode.

You can fix it as you go along whenever you what.

Most often after a year or so re-visit the post and bring it back up in the rankings where it belongs.

The only post or content people won't see is the one you hold back on and don't publish.

We all make errors in our writing.

It could be the choice of keyword or the structure of the post.

We learn and move forward that is what the training is for.

Remember your website and also yourself are always a work in progress just like your life is.

Mistakes will be made but they can also be fixed and there is no need to complicate it more with worry and stressing about it.

There is an answer to everything you only need to think outside the square more often.

That is part of the learning process be it in life or here for your website.

Embracing Progress and Personal Growth

Continuous Improvement:

Understand the importance of consistently working on yourself to achieve success.

Online marketing can be an amazing area to be part of.

but it is only as great as you make it to be and this requires constant learning and adaptation.

This is why there is a need to follow and apply all the training given.

it doesn't just apply to the core training, but applying and using all the tools and resources given to you.

This is regardless of what level of membership you have.

Start to embrace all the opportunities for growth.

Attend the live webinars when you can.

If you are in a different time zone or for whatever reason you can't see it live.

The live webinars are recorded for you to watch anytime and as much as you want whenever you need.

Take a look at all the additional blogs and training from other fellow members.

There is much more to Wealthy Affiliate than meets the eye you have so much to be thankful for such a lost cost.

All those actions can only enhance your skillset and learning.

When you invest in developing yourself, you'll become more confident in your abilities.

You then are better equipped to navigate the ever-changing online marketing world.

Embracing Opportunities and Self-Belief

Deserving the Best:

Know that you deserve the opportunities that come your way and that amazing things can and will happen when you believe in yourself.

Many successful online marketers have faced doubts and challenges.

Yet they persisted and believed in their potential.

Along with what they learned here in Wealthy Affiliate.

This leads to success as everyone who has found success online started at the beginning like you.

Give thanks for the opportunities that come your way.

Have more faith in your abilities to make the most of them.

Trust the process and know that your hard work and dedication will lead to positive outcomes.

Let Go of the Past Mistakes and Start Fresh

Whether you have tried online or affiliate marketing in the past and perhaps failed.

This is your moment in time to give yourself a fresh start and forget about past failures.

You can certainly learn from those failures but don't allow them to rule your thinking now.

Dwelling on past mistakes or failures only slows downs your progress.

As a result, it can prevent you from moving forward.

Acknowledge the failures and more importantly, learn from those experiences but don let them define your future.

Focus on the present moment that is today, this is where you have the power to shape your online marketing journey in a positive way.

There is no need to be worry of what lies ahead, that hasn't happened.

Instead, open yourself up to new possibilities.

You have that all here before you.

  • The core training.
  • The live webinars.
  • Other members' posts.
  • More training from fellow members.
  • If you are a new premium plus member added training from the super affiliates.
  • The tools of the trade in Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool included in your membership.
  • The new Niche finder tool.
  • Don't forget for those upgrading to premium or premium plus.
  • The extra Free credits when you upgrade.

For Premium, you get 30 Free Credits to buy your own dot com domain.

For Premium Plus you get 60 Free credits to buy 2 dot com domains that you will own.

So what are you waiting for?

You have everything needed here to take you that one step further in the world of online or affiliate marketing?

All you need to bring is to believe in yourself and Trust the Process.

I will leave you with a quote of mine with regard to breathing.

Shallow breathing leads to shallow thinking which can create negative thinking.

Don't forget to leave a like and comment if you found this useful for you.

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Great advice Andre. It reminds me of Lao Tzu and the art of letting go.
Knowing when to let go can lead to greater fulfillment and success. Most people have a fear of letting go and want to manage every aspect of their day. This can lead to massive anxiety for some. But by letting go we are giving the natural way of things happening a chance to happen. Most of us will have noticed a time in our life when we have just sat back and let the natural flow of things happen and it has ended in a better scenario than if we tried to force something. As you said, trust the process.

Thank you Steve and certainly we need to trust the process not just here but life itself. It is true we tend to hold onto things for that fear of letting go unfortunately most of the things we hold on to are not needed or continue to work in the opposite way.

Have a great week ahead.


Hey Andre, fantastic motivation and ideas! Thanks a lot for sharing this! So, you're saying with Premium Plus, you get training from the most successful WA members here sharing how they got there?

You are welcome Hein and yes as a plus member, you get added live training from some of the super affiliates who have actually earned money and are able to talk the walk not walk the talk as some pretend to do.

So this is a great advantage for plus members.

Also as a plus member, I already mentioned the 60 credits above and with Jaaxy you get the top-level enterprise version that Kyle uses in his training.
Certainly, something to give thought to.

Wishing you well and have a great day and week ahead.


Thanks for the reminder. I just don't understand why you need 60 credits for one domain. Does this mean you can also purchase other things with the credits?

The premium offers you 30 free credits to purchase 1 dot com domain while the 60 free credits are for the plus members to buy 2 dot com domains.

The free site rubix you have as a starter has limited abilities and having your own domain gives you added advantage not only because it is yours but also is the preferred choice to reach a larger and wider audience coming to your site.

The site rubix is more of a test drive and for starter members is only available for six months as it belongs to WA.

So by upgrading you get to purchase your own domain.

The dot com is the choice and any work you have already done on your free site can easily be transferred to your dot com domain quickly and easily.

Some great advice in this post, Apache.

Overthinking continues to be a stumbling block for me. The alternative is as you say, 'believing in yourself and trusting the process'.


Thank you Valerie yes overthinking does and can take it's toll which can lead to self-doubt and further progress. We have everything we need here that is why we need to trust the process and apply what we are given.

Enjoy your day and week ahead.


Thanks, Andre

You are very welcome Valerie and thank you for being here.

Andre :)

As I am reading your post I realize that I went exactly true a similar path. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Nadia and wonderful to hear you are on the right path in many ways.

You are welcome and have an awesome week ahead.


Thanks and same to you!

Thanks for sharing, Andre

You are welcome Kirk enjoy your day and week ahead.

Thank you


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