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Are you continuing to improve your affiliate marketing efforts? Or are you settling in for that, it will-do attitude?

Here is a great quote from Maya Angelou,

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better,"

This can be a powerful reminder of how important continuous learning is and also for your growth online.

Much like the lessons you have here within Wealthy Affiliate that is always ongoing for your benefit.

As affiliate marketers, we are always faced with new challenges, changing algorithms, and more.

What worked yesterday may not be as effective today, and what's successful now may become obsolete tomorrow.

Reading Maya’s quote can help encourage you to change your mindset and know that continuous improvement is important if you want to go forward in life.

As you acquire new knowledge don’t be complacent but instead, always strive to do better than before.

When you're starting out in affiliate marketing, it's natural to have limited knowledge and experience.

However, Angelou's words remind us that the key is to do the best you can with the resources given to you and to understanding what you have is your stat to greater success online.

One Step at a Time

Don't allow yourself to be paralyzed by what you don't know. The knowledge you have here is all here just ask if you need. You have and awesome community of like minded members to give you a lending hand.

So ; instead, take action and learn as you go one step at a time.

As you gain more experience, and learn more from the training and other areas here, you'll inevitably know more and become better at what you do online.

With your newfound knowledge, you have gained and continue to gain will help inspire you to do more and continue to go forward.

There may be a need to refine your approach, regardless is it is your content or if you are doing campaigns.

Learn to optimize, and implement more effective tactics when need be..

Depending on your membership here within Wealthy Affiliate you have it all available to you to learn more.

Continuous improvement is not just about correcting mistakes; it's also about staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the way affiliate marketing can change in an instant. Just take a look at the way Google is handling things.

Regardless, you role is to create that positive and growth mindset and consistently seek to do better than before.

As you do you are better equipped to overcome challenges, seize new opportunities, and achieve long-term success regardless of the niche you choose to do.

Final Thoughts

Remember, affiliate marketing is a journey, not a destination. It also is not a race either.

Maya words may seem short and simple to read, but the wisdom contained within the words are far from simple.

As you commit yourself to continue learning and have the want to improve your skillset you will only boost your skills and strategies to do better than you did yesterday.

You will develop a great mindset and that will serve you well in any niche you wish to pursue.

So take time to absorb her quote and think a bit more on what it means to you and focus on being better as a result.

As Always

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There is no way I am settling for "that's good enough". I struggled through a couple of trainings today but by the end I had accomplished the things I had set out to do like creating the Gravatar, adding my persona to my sites instead of "admin" and even used a couple of things Eric Cantu had featured in his daily blog on WA. I was able to successfully take my name off the posts on a site that I do for a friend of mine. I didn't want the posts to look like I was writing them when the about me page was about her! LOL

Anyway, I am all in on this journey! It is in part thanks to you and other seasoned pros who constantly encourage me!

Thanks, Andre!


That is wonderful to hear Karin and I can you are no where near that's good enough part.
Well done and thank Eric is awesome with what he shares for us all
Continue to strive forward you are doing great and then some more

Such a great message, Andre.

Thank you.

Myra ♥️

Thank you Myra and most welcome
Andre 🙏👍

A great message, Andre,


Thank you Nancy enjoy your day
Andre 😎🙏

Your post brings to mind the child’s ryhme… “Good better best”

Thanks Jim forgot about that
Enjoy your day

Thanks for sharing Andre!


You are most welcome Mel
Enjoy your day and week ahead

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