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Last Update: March 10, 2015

Image formats for websites

The formats used are JPG (JPEG), PNG and Gif.

In general, JPGs are used for photos while Gifs are used for graphics such as logos; and animations. PNGs, which can also display images with transparency effects, can be used for both photos and transparent images.

Image sizes.

A digital image is a collection of pixels (dots) and each pixel is told what color and brightness to be to create the image - so more pixels equals more data and a bigger file size. An 8 megapixel camera will produce files of around 2mb, but the image will also be around 3000 pixels wide; around three times the width of a typical website.

The mistake many people make is uploading a full size picture to their website then changing the size in the article editor - the problem is, it's only when the full size picture arrives in the website visitors browser that the size is changed - the browser has had to download the full size image in order to make it smaller, which is a bad thing to do.

If the page has maybe one large image, it shouldn't be too noticeable - start to do the same with five, ten or more images and things are going to get very slow...

I hope this will be very useful to those who don't know about images for websites.

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uakoko Premium
http://www.webresizer.com does it for free.
ABar77 Premium
Good advice. I have been seeing a lot of this lately and was going to post something about this myself. Thanks for posting this.
jvranjes Premium
Good advises.
I use MS Office tool Picture Manager and resize them before uploading. From the beginning our WA member IMc advised me to keep it small so they are almost always below 200 kB (note kilo! here) and they are completely OK as you may see on my site on mountains. Jovo
lisa970 Premium
I needed to know this I had this problem last week .Thank you, be blessed
Strap Premium
This is great information and has opened my eyes to the potential problems with my site - thank you