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Last Update: December 15, 2013

For our newer members or those of you that don't know, there is a free tool available for shortening any url link that you want to.

There's probably a few. Here's Google's -


If you are asked to sign in, then you need to create a Google account. Most of you will already have this.

So next time you see a URL link you want to share, that could fill up a book, simply open up the aforementioned free tool and copy/paste it in the box provided. Hit the blue Shorten URL button and you're done.

Too easy, but incredibly useful.


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Inspiration1 Premium
Thanks Annie. Nice tool!
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Annie - nice reminder - it's a very useful tool!

All the best, Mark
georama Premium
Wow incredible.
AnnieB Premium
A few months ago Vimal, I'd no idea what those weird looking links were that I saw every now and then on people's sites. We have them here at WA, if you click on the grey/white Affiliate Link button.
tommydillard Premium
great job
kws123 Premium
Hey I like that...thanks
AnnieB Premium
You're welcome Ken. It just makes it look a lot better if you want to add a link to your site as well.